Your Questions About Halloween Decorations Outside

Jenny asks…

When should I start putting decorations outside for Christmas?

I use to do it the day after Halloween but I think it’s too early, so when?


You can put your decs up any time you like! I usually put mine up on the first weekend in December but if you like putting them up early I would say mid November is earliest you should go!

David asks…

How to Make a Giant Paper Mache Zombie Hand?

I have to construct a 3-foot tall paper mache zombie hand for a Halloween decoration for work (I work at a bank but my boss is pretty free-spirited).

I’ll be using the image above for inspiration and I understand that I’ll have to use chicken wire or something similiar for added support and shape.

My question(s) is(are), which order would be easiest to construct it in? Would it be easier to make the fingers seperate, or make it all together and start from the wrist up?

Am I going to need to insert dowels or something along those lines to keep it rigid?

Also, any ideas of how to make it waterproof? It will be outside and Michigan is known to have crappy weather through October.

I’m really excited about this project, just having a little problem construction-wise.



For waterproofing, you should be able to use a spray sealant or water proofer. Use a sample smaller zombie hand for a test run to make sure what you use is going to work.
For your had, you will deffinatly want support inside of it. The palm and wrist will nee d the most to add a base support for the fingers. I would use a heavy wire for extra rigity on the fingers.
Intertwine strips from the palm and fingers to give the fingers a broader base of security.
Good luck

Charles asks…

How to deal with not celebrating Halloween?

Alright so today is halloween, my facebook newsfeed is flooded with halloween pics and I’m probably the only one out of my friends who are not celebrating it due to where I live (I live in an apartment so I can’t go trick or treating or put up decorations and nobody will come to my door asking for candy). This has happened for 3 years straight and I can’t do anything about it. I feel like absolute s**t. How do I deal with this?


No one comes to our home either….. We live way too far from town { 6 miles up the mountain} & there are no kids up here either. It’s also roughly 25 degrees outside today & rainy.
We’ll go into town and hand out candy as well as maybe find a neighborhood to just take a stroll in.
In town many still celebrate the holiday…. I love just admiring the decorations.

Just deal with it and find something to do. There are always haunted houses to go to on Halloween and malls are cool to frequent on said night as well.

Have a Happy Halloween or as I call it Samhain.

James asks…

How can I make a good Yuki Cross outfit for Halloween?

I want a Day Class unfirom and will be searching for a black shirt soon.

I don’t have a skirt though. Plus, it’s a bit cold though outside.

I have black tights and shoes like Yuki’s

But anyway, my question is how can I make the shirt look good? Such as a Day Class decorations and such.

I don’t have little roses but I can find some jewelery similar from the show and have a band (sweat brand, brand new) and can put the logo on it.



Joseph asks…

21st Birthday party ideas – looking for something a little different?

I’m turning 21 in the middle of July this year. I want to do something a little different and already we’ve changed the venue 3 times. I was going to have something formal, at a restaurant but now we’re going for an outdoors venue, about middle of the day.
We’re thinking botanical gardens or a rainforest (I’m in Sydney, Australia).The problem is, I’m not sure what kind of games or whatever we can do at the party. Any one have any ideas or suggestions?
Also, since its outside, do you think it would be a good idea to have a theme or not?
Just reading some of your answers i thought i should add, I dont drink anymore, neither do the majority of my friends, and since its going to be a day thing (again just for something different) I dont think they will drink either.


Themes are good. If you were in NYC I’d say go have your party @ the 21 Club !!! But since you’re down-under you’ll have to improvise. Pull up the club on the net, might give you some ideas. Have you ever heard of the game: TWISTER — it’s lots of fun outdoors. Look up party organizers on the net. There are some good ones here in USA & you could e-mail them, tell them you’re in Australia & in need of some ideas. I’m sure 1 or 2 would be glad to give you some ideas!!! Happy Birthday (my 21st was real bad as I was in bed for weeks with a uterine hemorrhage and almost died!) Best Wishes — I wish I could come ! I’ve been to N.Z. Twice, I so wanted to visit A. !!! But my friend never got around to taking me over there! P.S. — I found the following on the net under: PARTY THEMES !!! Hope this helps! Barbie SW FLA !

Mardi Gras
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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes Ideas

Sandra asks…

what are good group halloween costume ideas for women?

16 year old group of 7 girls in need of a really good group Halloween costume ideas!


You could be the Spice Girls. And whatever two girls are left over from the group could dress as actual spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc).

Robert asks…

What are some group Halloween costume ideas for teens?

I need some Halloween costume ideas for a group of teens, mostly girls but like one guy. The costumes have to be appropriate for school. But we would wear them for Halloween too. Please comment with some good ideas! Thanks:)


You can dress like zombies and he can be a shooter

Sharon asks…

Cute female teenage halloween costume ideas?

I know halloween isn’t for awhile now. But I need a sexy, cute, female halloween costume idea.
Pictures would be great !


Have you considered making your own costume? Look at these great websites below.

If you want to buy a costume, look at these online costume shops below.


(Don’t forget to check out ebay for great costume deals and professional quality
homemade costumes)

Carol asks…

What are some cool Halloween costume ideas?

What are some cool Halloween costume ideas? Ranging from normal to out of the box. Thank you!


Loofah Costume


Scooby Doo’s Velma Gets a 2013 Makeover

Helen asks…

What costume can I be with a pink zebra striped dress? Halloween costume idea help?

I’m trying to come up with a Halloween costume idea (I’m in college) using things I have with me so I don’t have to spend a ton of money. I have a tight pink and white zebra striped dress that I’ve never worn, and I’m trying to think of a costume in which I could wear this. OR if you have any ideas that are simple and inexpensive and not generic that would be great!!


With some shoes, bright makeup, and maybe a wig you may be able to go as a go-go dancer

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Your Questions About Halloween Fun House

Joseph asks…

Why do people leave a sign up on their porch on Halloween saying only take one referring to candy?

LOL, at my Halloween themed questions. Seriously though, it just tempts people to want to take a whole handful.

BQ: Would you only take one or a whole handful?


They can’t be bothered to answer the door. They don’t care how much you take, just don’t mess the house.

It’s fun to answer the door and meet the kids in the neighborhood.

Donna asks…

Where is the best haunted house in denver?

I am going to a haunted house with a few friends, but we are not really sure which one we want to go to yet. We are thinking the thirteenth floor. But does anyone have any suggestions? We would like it to be the scariest as possible.


Hi, the Nightmare Factory is rated one of the best in the state. I put a link below so you can check it out, drive by the Shreik Manor on your way, if it isn’t too far.

Have a fun and SPOOKY Halloween!

Helen asks…

How can I make my house scary without spending too much money?

I want to make the outside scary for halloween but I can’t think of anything! We have spider webs, caution tape, an outline of a dead figure, and a moving spider, yet it still isn’t scary! HELP!


This is going to sound really wild and kinda out there, but have you tried any of the following?

1. Hanging your least favorite neighbor from your tree in the front yard- not building gallows is a real money saver.

2. Have a wheel barrow in the driveway/front yard consisting of nothing but severed limbs- cemetaries are an ENDLESS source of these fun party favors.

3. Instead of wasting time and more money on the outside, throw a party for the adults in your neighborhood on Halloween. Seal all exits so no one gets out and BURN THAT MOTHER TO THE GROUND! Man that takes me back.

Oh, btw, all of these answers have been pre-approved and tested by The Black Water Corporation.

Sharon asks…

How can I make a halloween costume more interesting?

Colored and circle contact lenses are awesome for making heads turn, and they can complete a halloween costume with style and fun. But they cost twenty to thirty bucks, and I don’t wanna pay that much for personalizing a costume. So how can I make a costume unique without buying something that pricey?


My family and I fix our house up on the outside like crazy and make it very haunted looking. We’ve done so for about 5-7 years. If you want to make a costume look very nice, say it’s a horror movie character, it will be pricey, you can’t escape it. If you really want a head-turning, awesome looking, genuine costume, it will be kind of pricey. Even then, sometimes you don’t get the very realistic looking costume. Example: $150.00 Deluxe Pinhead (Hellraiser) Costume, barely looks anything like the real Pinhead in the movie. Unless you are very creative, it will be very hard to find something under $20-$30 to customize your costume. Try to broaden your price range by a little bit and you can find lots of stuff to customize your costume. Good Luck!

Linda asks…

Would you say Vegas is a particularly good place to go for Halloween?

I know it’s a ways off, but a few friends and I are considering doing something cool for Halloween. A couple other possibilites were New Orleans and Fantasy Fest in Key West.

For what it’s worth we are 3-4 straight guys in our late 20′s-early 30′s

Are there any particularly compelling reason to be in Vegas specifically for Halloween?
(ex. special parties, events, etc?)



Yes, Vegas is a fun place to be at Halloween. There are lots of Halloween activities along the Vegas strip. Here are a few of them.

1) Fright Dome at Circus Circus
2) Madame Tussauds After Dark
3) Oktober FrightFest at the Fremont Experience
4) Zombie Precinct Haunted House on the Brooklyn Bridge at New York New York

These are the places where you will have the greatest halloween fun. Also if you are into clubbing, most clubs have a costume contest.

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Your Questions About Halloween Food Ideas

Ken asks…

What are some creative (food) idea’s for a school Halloween party?

I am in charge of food and am usually very good at doing creative things for my daughter’s school parties, but she has most the same kids in her class year after year and I want something new and interesting! Thanks!
Sorry, this will be for 8-9 year olds.


I went to a Halloween party and saw some of the cutest things, like a Calderon filled with punch and dry ice ( for smoke effects). There were also spider cupcakes and the cake was a mummy. There is also many different candies shaped as eye balls and stuff. Have you ever seen the plastic clear gloves, try filling some with popcorn.

David asks…

what are some easy to make halloween decorations or foods?

i need some good and easy halloween decorations. they don’t have to be big they can be big small anything. also any halloween foods.
attach any links you have or type your ideas


You can make a simple cupcakes and buy orange and black icing and buy some fake spider rings and set them on top of the cupcakes

Lisa asks…

What’s your favorite food to bring to a potluck?

Our singing group, the Beanus Breakers are having a kickoff party and dinner here at my place on Halloween. Thoughts, ideas for food??
I should have explained better. We’re kicking off our world tour.


Well, sign me up for my famous asparagus dip with toasted flat bread and pear cobbler and ice cream.

Mark asks…

2nd annual Kids Halloween party! We had 1 last year and it was typical but turned out great. How to top it?

Last year was great, about 30 some little kids (ages 3 to 8 or so) we had tons of normal food and halloween food, fog machine, fog bubble machine, scary dj music, tons of halloween decorations, we have a trampoline, prize bucket, and a few easy games. So how do we one up it this year? These are little kids… What about mazes and stuff like that? Any ideas?



Lizzie asks…

What are some spooky Halloween ideas for a party?

We are having food and drinks, a Halloween dress up party, Any ideas how we can make it even more ghoulish?
Excuse me, I am not a Christian, and certainly didn’t ask for a lecture on what Halloween is!! Go preach to someone else!


Hmmm, costume parties are always fun. Buy a few caldrons at a halloween store or party shop and some dry ice. Just put the caldrons around the house with the dry ice in it. That would be pretty cool to have that smoky effect. The link below has some really good suggestions. I hope your party is a blast!

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Your Questions About Halloween Lights

James asks…

How can me and my girlfriend me corey and topanga from boy meets world for halloween?

I want to be corey and topanga from boy meets world for halloween. But i look notinh like him and my girlfriend doesnt look like topanga…any ideas on how we can look like them?

we might just be jessica simpson and tony romo…

any other creative couple ideas?


Ur girlfriend needs a long light brown/auburn colored wig, and a tight stretchy 90′s girls dress… And a pair of like doc martin boots to wear with it, and white tights

you need to wear a white t-shirt with a sweater vest and a pair of lee regular jeans and a pair of like old pumas or somethin… You won’t be obvious but it might be fun to go to thrift stores and look for this stuff… You could always wear name tags that say corey and tapanga on them or put like “[name of their high school] reunion 08″ or something like that… Get creative! I think it’s a great idea – - i always wanted to be tapanga when i was younger, i think i even tried to convince my mom to change my name to tapanaga!! Haha good luck :o)

Donna asks…

Where can I buy christmas lights that run on battery?

I’m looking for a set of preferably multi-colored christmas lights that don’t need to be plugged into an outlet or anything. Is there anywhere I can get some, besides online?


Almost anywhere that sells Christmas decorations. It’s not even Halloween, and I’ve already seen Christmas lights at Target, Lowes, and K-Mart. As soon as Halloween is over, you can expect all the Wal-marts to put out all their stuff too. Look for LED lights, many of which run on simple battery packs. If you can’t find any there, you can find tiny miniature sets of LEDs in the “Christmas Village” accessories.

Sharon asks…

How do you dress like barbie for Halloween?

I want to be barbie but not like the slutty kind .
Im gonna wear a pink dress or a different color
But is there anything else i could like make my outfit the BEST on halloween night with my group ?
I want it to be really good this year you know?
Any more suggestions ?


-Barbie wig
-light pink lipstick
-pink nail polish (glitters are better)

Paul asks…

How is Halloween an occultic synthesis and what ancient superstitions of the holiday survive today?

How did the apple become the other symbol for Halloween besides the pumpkin? and why do we dress our kids in demonic costumes and put masks on them that are evil and scary looking,
isn’t the devil posed to enjoy this holiday??
this question was posted


Halloween has only become associated with pagan religions in the last couple of hundred years as a result of wishfull thinking by Victorian and other writers with an overly active imagination and a romantic view of the Celtic past.

The holiday is originally Christian. Its name, “Hallowe’en”, comes from Hallow, old english for holy or saint, and e’ev meaning eve or evening before. Short for All Hallows Eve – the eve of All Saints Day. All Saints Day started over a 1000 years ago in Rome (so nothing to do with Celts) as a festival commemorating the dedication of a church to the memory of all the saints who had no specific feast day. It became very popular as it allowed peopel to celebrate local saints and also to remember all those people they rememebred as being holy – in some countries it is still a day to remember you deceased family – a day of the dead.

Being a popoular feast day, people started having general feasting and celebration around the day, particularly the evening before. Lights were lit to welcome the spirits of the saints and to scare away bad spirits – represented by people dressed up in silly costumes.

During the reformation (16th/17th century), some protestant leaders objected to these celebrations as they did not believe in having saints. They condemned them as popish – even pagan – practices. The religious nature of the festival therefore became less significant in some places, though the customs which had developed around it carried on.

The reason for the apples is not known but it may simply be a matter of the time of year. End of the apple harvest,

If the devil enjoys the holiday, it is because many people have forgotten its original significance. Regain that, and he’ll hate it.

Susan asks…

Halloween costume help-What can I be with a purple dress?

I have this purple dress that I love and I’ve only gotten to wear it once so I thought maybe I can wear it for halloween. It is a lavender/light purple tube top about knee-shin length. I though of maybe buying fairy wings but that seems too boring just a dress and wings and shoes I guess. Aside from a fairy, how else can I turn my dress in to a costume? Thanks!


Add a tiara and a sash and be miss america or a prom queen or miss”whatever town you’re from”

or mess up your hair, put fake wounds and blood on your face arms and legs, and make yourself pale, and be a zombie

or depending on how the dress looks add bangles scarves belts leg warmers headbands and a side pony tail and be someone from the 80′s
like pat benatar or something

hope i helped!

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Effects

Robert asks…

what is the best way to start a small home based business?

I really enjoy doing Halloween like special effects make-up. i would love to do this as a job. Maybe by doing cool face painting at parties, zombie walks, Halloween events. anything along that sorts. I have no formal training..since no school in my area offers any. Just wondering the best ways to get my name and talent out there. also do you think that the fact that most effects makeup is done with latex, that that would effect my business?


I would recommend starting small on a part time basis & building up your business. You can hang flier, get business cards from Vista Print, put ads in local papers, and work @ craft fairs/festival. The best way to increase business is word of mouth. Personally as far as the latex goes, just have a sign stating that the makeup contains latex, and if possible offer some latex free products. I personally would be more likely to go to someone I hear is really good, or who’s work I’ve seen than worry about their formal training.

Donna asks…

What makeup and hair products should I use to get a “vampire” look for Halloween?

I’m going to be a classic vampire for Halloween (not Twilight kind) and I don’t know what makeup products to get for it. I also can’t dye my hair black because I have blonde highlights and wigs are itchy. Are there any alternatives for my hair?


Deffinatly dark eye makeup, maybe black on your lids blend out into a really dark purple.
Or do a dark smokey eye. Make sure you get some thick black faux lashes to really drag attention to your eyes!
You could also (depending on money) get some contacts, maybe black, grey or red. Maybe white!!!

For your hair, if you want it straight, you should defiantly sprey it and add some messy texture, maybe a bit of teasing at the roots of your hair for a bigger more out there look.
If you curl your hair make sure you brush out the curls after, and tease in random places for a messy look.

When doing your facial makeup, get a slightly lighter foundation then your skin tone, it will give you a more dead-like face and will drag more attention to your features, maybe do some highlighting and contouring on your temples and cheekbones to make your face look really thin and make your structure stand out more.

Use black or red lipstick (maybe even purple) for a dark lip effect, maybe you could mix it up from your casual vampire and have a light skin coloured lipstick.

Add lip liner if you wan your lips to stay like this, but without lip liner the makeup can bleed and make it look really freaky which could work because at the end of the day it is halloween:) good luck!

Mary asks…

How do I make my own zombie costume?

Well i’ve decided I want to be a sexy zombie for Halloween hahaha.
Thing is
I can’t find any costumes that are already made
so if anybody knows where i can buy a zombie costume thats kind of cute or sexy i would love to know

if not i’m going to have to try tomake my own
so uh
how do i do that? :p
Thank youuuuuu!


The best costumes are those you make or put together yourself. A zombie is easy because they look like the rest of us.. As part of a recent gathering, I recently dressed up as a zombie.. Here’s what I did.

I picked up the outfit at a thrift store. Being a guy, I picked up a Ralph Lauren jacket, White button-down shirt (it was kinda yellowing, but thats okay!), and pants. I took an actual knife and shredded parts of the jacket and pants. Try to think of “claw” tears as you cut the clothing. I then took blood-colored paint and covered the material around the holes/clawmarks… A bit heavier towards the bottoms and let some “drip” down.

I splotched the blood on the white shirt in areas that would show (where the holes in the jacket were and along the front. I cut some holes in the pants and “frayed” the ends of the sleeves and pants so they looked floppy and torn.

I used mostly Mehron theatrical cream-makeup, but you can use the cheap stuff they sell in Halloween Stores/Wal-Mart/Target/etc.. I started with a base of white makeup all over my exposed skin. Lightly apply black makeup to darken cheeks and around your eyes. I used a dark purple/red to make bruises. Apply just a bit to a circular area, then apply more and more as you go towards the center of the circle. Then a “dot” of black or near black in the center makes a convincing bruise.

I didn’t use any latex pieces, but you can get some great effects at Halloween stores including protruding objects or just torn up/peeling skin. Some people use Rubber Cement, Apply it to their skin, then cut or peel it like “hanging peeling skin” and apply makeup over it to make it look like actual skin. If you try this, keep in mind some people are allergic to Latex or the Rubber Cement. Try a small bit on your underarm to see if you have any reactions to the stuff.

Props are always fun too. Body parts or brains are available at Halloween/Costume shops. Cardboard signs with “BRAINS” or “Will Work For Brains” written in drippy red blood [paint].. Dress as a character and carry the appropriate.. (Pajamas and Headless Teddy-bear, Dominatrix and Whip, Doctor and Stethescope, Athlete and Bat or Football, etc…). Some people even use colored contact lenses (all white, all black, mis-matched or even “cats eyes”) to look freaky.

I’ll provide some links to images in the sources box below. Check our facebook page at or search for ZombieNYC on for full sets of pictures of our crawls (it currently fowards to our facebook page) and I’ll link some “sexy” or just cool ideas to help you along.

Be creative.. As for sexy, I’ve seen school-girls, sluts, dominatrix, and even a girl wearing a full-body Spider-Web-Thong outfit (dunno. Best way to describe it!) I’ll link some pics below.

James asks…

What will good with a long black trench coat?

My husband wants to wear his long black trench coat for halloween this year. What will go good with his black trench coat?
here is a photo fo what it kind of look likes:

A list of things he will need for his outfit will be great.
Thank you all who help out with this one.


I think you can do two things with a trench coat. Be a vampire, or a cowboy.

If he goes for vampire, you’ll need:

white face makeup (to look pale)
fake blood (for effect)
dark clothing (i.e. Black button up shirt, black pants)

If he goes for a cowboy:

white button up shirt
bandana to tie around neck
gun holster
gun (fake of course)
cowboy hat
toothpick (optional :))

Joseph asks…

How can i do zombie makeup without any fancy latex or jelly?

I have a class project that needs a zombie but i don’t have access to any jellies
does anyone know how to make realistic looking zombie makeup without them?
yes i have seen zombies, i guess i should have been a bit more specifac
i need to know how to ake zombie wounds


I was a zombie for halloween but i didn’t have any latex or fake blood either. Here’s what I did:
1. Apply my foundation as a base
2. I used an sticky acne cream as a “glue” to apply layers of ripped up Kleenex and applied it all over my face in rough, wrinkled patches.
3. I applied 3 layers of tissue and let it dry for about 30 minutes, and then applied a really pale foundation shade over that.
4. I used concealer on my lips to made them look dead, and applied dark blue/purple/black eyeshadow all inside of my eye socket. I also lined my eyes with a red lip liner.
5. Using vaseline, a red lip gloss, and a little bit of black eyeshadow to deepen the color, I was able to make a mixture which resembled blood.
6. Using tweezers, I picked open “sores” all over my face through the layers of tissue and applied thick coats of fake blood inside of these sores. I also put some of the blood coming from my nose and around my mouth.
7. After applying the blood, I touched up the foundation and applied a greenish brown color over my face for a decaying effect.
8. I also used a black color in the hollows of my cheeks to take away the roundness of my face.

I hope this helps.

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Your Questions About Halloween Masks Pictures

William asks…

Can someone please find me an adult size mortal kombat halloween costume?

Yeah I know, it’s a sick idea, and you’re mad at yourself for not thinking of it first. Unfortunately I’ve done quite a bit of searching on google and have only found a few kids costumes. Please help.


Look at the picture below. I think you could make it. Get black stretch pants, black turtleneck. Purple fabric and sew or glue it on. Then buy an adult size mask or helmet, or kids toys as accessories.

Carol asks…

What do sadists and massochists wear?

I want to dress up as sadist and massochist duo for Halloween. Does anyone know a web site or something with good pictures of the types of outfits we should wear?


Most of the time we wear the same stuff as everyone else. But I assume you are talking about fetishwear. There are lots of sites with hoods and masks and bondage suits. I’d keep it simple. The submissive (masochist) should wear as little as possible (stay within legal and workplace or school limits though) but add a blindfold and a gag. The sub’s makeup should have gray or bluish undertones and the hair should be simple and messy looking. The dominant (sadist) should wear all black (leather is best) with boots, high heeled are best but butch can work well too. The dom can carry a whip or paddle. The dom’s makeup should be bold with high contrasts with precisely styled hair and long nails for a woman.

I wouldn’t bother much with the BDSM sites because most of the clothes they show are inappropriate for wearing in public.

The main way to communicate the relationship is by acting, not the costume so if you aren’t up for acting the part, these are the wrong roles for you. Make sure to always refer to each other as Master (or Mistress) and slave. The sub should never look the dom in the eye but should grovel and ask permission for everything. The dom should never look at the sub without expressing scorn and should find fault constantly.

Lizzie asks…

How to make a superhero halloween costume?

I am 12 years old an a volunteer at the local Childrens Museum. They are having a BOO at the Museum next week and all the volunteers have to be superheros. I want to be Dancing Damsel, but how can i make a costume?


Can you include a picture? Never heard of that superhero. Batwomen is a fun, easy one. Buy a batman costume with the cape and face mask and wear black tight pants and a black long sleeve shirt…… And you could always glitter BAT WOMEN on the front. Fun! :)

Joseph asks…

How could I decorate a room like the Nightmare Before Christmas during the holidays?

I’d like to go all out for my BEDROOM. Right now it’s a pirate theme, but I’d love to dress it up like the Haunted Mansion Holiday (when Jack Skellington takes over). I’d like to know just some accesories and such I could use that would really spruce it up. Keep the price reasonable, but be creative!

To give you a start, this is what I did last year. Last year I had a man-eating wreath and a cob-web-covered Christmas tree. But I’d like to go all out so I’m open to suggestions!

My room is large with a small hallway that leads up to the main area. the walls are vertical for about 4 feet then are angled 45 degrees to about 35 degrees.

Alright! Have fun thinking up ideas, and thanks in advance!


I love the ideas that you said you used last year, first of all! Tell me how you made that sometime..

First, you can make homemade ornaments from the movie. Find pictures or movie stills from the Internet and place them onto a strong surface. Then, laminate them or keep them plain, hang them on a string, and then hang up!

Try ordering from the Disney catalogue, or look at the Disney stores. The Disney catalogue has many Nightmare Before Christmas items, all for great prices! They also have snow globes, wreaths, and more! The coolest stuff is there around Halloween or Christmastime.

Create some items based on characters in the movie! You can get some great fabrics and ideas at Joann’s or Micheal’s, or any other craft store. Photocopy or carefully draw the characters face onto the fabric. Make the fabric into the shape of a doll. Then add clothes and details, dew them up, and you have the whole cast of characters as dolls that you can hang under your Christmas tree, on a shelve, or on a wreath!

Make some fun masks. Masks are a cheap and easy way to celebrate. Get a copy of a characters picture, put it onto foam or construction paper, and VOILA, you have a mask of an awesome movie!

Make some holiday themed plates! Go to a local pottery-painting store (such as As You Wish) and pick out a plate. Then, piuck out the colors of a character from the movie and paint their face onto the plate! You can say something Christmas-y too!

Good luck, and tell me how it works out! I’m going to Disneyland this week, so I’ll see if I can get some inspiration there. Good luck again and hope this has helped!

-Science Tigger

Nancy asks…

What would be the perfect sleepover for my 11 year old sister?

Its indoors and we are gonna put a giant tent in the living room and do other stuff. and shes turning 11.


Things 2 do;

01)Hide & seek in the dark
02)Freeze tag in the dark w/glow sticks
03)Next top model
06)Head-2-toe makeovers
07)Who could stay up the lastest
08)Prank the first one asleep
09)Truth or Dare
10)Kiss the poster
12)Gutiar Hero
13)American Idol
14)Talent Show
15)Freeze Dance
16)Pillow Fight
17)Foil Make Over
18)Song Maker Game
20)Bobbing 4 apples
21)water baloons
22)can’t talk with the letter “S”
23)Scavenger Hunt
24)Musical Chairs
25)Monster Chase
26)Prank wars
27)light as a feather stiff as a board
28)Make a music video
29)Scary stories
30)Normal Freeze Tag
31)Dress up
33)Blind fold makeovers
34)Late night swim ;]
35)Cards(go fish,war ect.)
36)Finsh that lyric
37)Pillow forts=]
38)Take Pictures
39)Draw/Drawing contest
40)Dress up your animals..=]
41)Take pictures of people sleeping
42)Make someone laugh w/water in their mouth
43)Hide an object and then the other person has to find it
44)Get really hyper!!
45)See who can go the longest without goingto the bathroom{drink lots of soda!}
46)Gossip talk about boys school…other things that come up=]
47)Play house[[No its not babish]]
48)Play school
49)Pass notes[[I.e like ur in school]]
50)Hold lots of contests w/prizes…
52)Spinning contest
53)Look at magizines
54)Draw on the sidewalk[[or backyard]]With chalk
55)Zombie chase

Decorations Ideas;

01)Balloons & Streamers
03)Christmas Twinkle lights on the ceiling
04)Cut-out creasant moons and star 2 hang from ceiling w/wireing
05)Keep night light in kichen and bathroom 4 late nite trips
06)(2)Black light(s)
07)Storbe light(2)
08)Noise makers
09)Party hats
11)silly string
12)Party poppers
13)Posters of hot guys
14)Disco lights
15)Caution-GIRLS GONE WILD! Tape
16)Bright neon fringe curtains.
17)Glow-in-the-dark wall paper
18)Glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars
19)Extra pillows laying around
20)Light lots of big candles


01]Take Control-DJ SPALSH
02]Krazy-Pitbull & lil jon
03]Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley
04]Get the Party Started – Pink
05]We Will Rock You – Queen
06]Macarena – Los del Rio
07]Fergalicious – Fergie
08]Hot in Here – Nelly
09]Wannabe – Spice Girls
10]Just Dance – Lady Gaga
11]Candyshop – 50 cent
12]Cha cha Slide – Mr.C
13]Shake it – Metro station
14]Sexi can I -
15]Lollipop – lil wayne
16]Hot’n'Cold – Katy Perry
17]I kissed a girl – Katy Perry
18]Good Good – Ashanti
19]Our Song – Taylor Swift
20]When I grow up – PCD
21]Don’t Cha – PCD
22]Diva – Beyonze
23]Girlfirend Remis – Avirl L. Lil Mama
24]Barbie Girl – Aqua
25]Party in your bedroom – CASH CASH
26]Bottle pop – Pcd
27]Kiss me thru the phone – Soulja boy
28]I’m just a kid – simple plan
29]The best damn thing – Avil L.
30]Girfriend Japanese Version – Avril L.
31]Low – Flo’ rida
32]Untouched – The Veronicas
33]So what – P!nk
34]Mad – neyo

Movies to watch;

03]Scream 2
04]Scream 3
05]The ring
06]The Ring 2
07]Blades of gloray
08]Prom night
09]Childs Play 2
10]Seed of Chucky
11]Ace Ventura Pet Detactive 1
12]Ace Ventura Pet Detactive 2
14]The Notebook
17]Big Mommas House
18]Hot Chicks
19]John Tucker Must die
20]P.s ily
23]Shes the man
24]House of wax
25]Nightmare on elm street (all)
26]Freddy vs. Jason
27]Friday the 13th
28]Halloween (all)
29]The hichter
30]Scary Movie
31]Scary Movie 2
32]Scary Movie 3
33]Scary Movie 4
34]The Date Movie
35]Talladega Nights:the ballad of Ricky Bobby
37]Snakes on a plane
38]Epic movie
39]White Chicks
40]Resident Evil[[All]]
41]The simpsons movie
42]The messagers
43]House of wax
44]I know what you did last summer

Homemade Spa Treatments;

Spa Banana Avocado Mask
Nourishing and moisturizing homemade facial mask for dry skin

1/2 overripe banana, mashed
1/2 overripe avocado, mashed
2 tbsp plain yogurt (not nonfat)
1 tsp olive oil

Combine ingredients and mix well. Apply to clean face and neck. Leave on for 20 to 30 min. Rinse with plenty of warm water.


Yogurt Cucumber Parsley Facial Mask
Homemade Spa recipe for a creamy facial mask that leaves your skin soft and refreshed.

1 Tbsp. Plain yogurt
1 Tbsp. Cucumber
1 Tbsp. Parsley

Puree the cucumber and parsley finely and mix with the yogurt until smooth. Clean your face with a gentle Cleanser.
Cover your face with this creamy mask. This will rejuvenate your skin as it moistens. Leave the mask on for
approximately 15-20 minutes for best results.
Rinse with water. Follow with your favorite Moisturizer.


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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes

Charles asks…

Can the plastic bags that halloween costumes come in be recycled?

You know those thick plastic bags (with handles/hangars on top) that Halloween costumes get sold in at practically any retail store around Halloween? I was wondering if those can be recycled or not.



Betty asks…

How do I become a Halloween costume model?

I am 16 and 90 lbs. and wanted to model Halloween costumes, for example, the models on the costume bags in Spirit, but I’ve tried looking online and no sites seem to help me. Is there a website just for modeling costumes, or is there another way to contact them? I will give points for Best Answer, so please help! Thanks!


Go to Google && type in “Halloween Models Needed” && then like, go to sites til you find the one you wanna go for(:

Thomas asks…

What are funny, borderline offensive halloween costumes?

What are funny, borderline offensive halloween costumes? Like i was thinking of going as a mexican, a hooker, or like a native, what else can i be? I need ideas?


Peace be with you,

People are so obsessed with Halloween but they don’t even know about it’s origination or where it actually belongs to. Check this link out to know what Halloween really is, specially for so called “Christians”:

Linda asks…

What are some creative Halloween Costumes for teens?

My friends and I wanted to make our own halloween costumes but we don’t know what yet. We are 14 and there are four of us. Last year we were all various soda cans we were thinking of highlighters if we couldn’t come up with anything else. Thanks!


My friends and I once dressed up as barbies. We all had the same wig but different colors and we all had certain colors we dressed up in, head to toe. Then fake nails and huge fake eye lashes! It was a blast!

Laura asks…

Where is the best place to get Halloween costumes for a good price?

I am trying to find four Halloween costumes for my family… 1 Wolverine, 1 Emma Frost, 1 Storm, and 1 Professor X or 1 Beast. Thanks.


Checkout, you will find more than 10,00 halloween costumes and accessories

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Your Questions About Halloween Decorations Store

Mary asks…

What is with this particular Halloween decoration for sale?

Every store I have been in today and yesterday has a skeleton with a wedding dress on and a skeleton with a tux on. Is this from a scary story?


There was a scene like that in the move Beetlejuice.

Linda asks…

When do you start decorating for Christmas?

I was planning to put up my tree the day after Halloween, what about you? I used to only the day after Thanksgiving but I am so in the mood mostly because of all the Christmas decorations already up in the stores!


It’s your home it’s really up to you! However, i wouldn’t put them up so early, because the if the decorations were up too soon, it might just feel like Christmas is dragging and not as special. I put mine up on the 1st of December because before that, it gives me something excited about doing!

David asks…

Is anyone else a bit annoyed that some stores already have Christmas decorations out?

My brother hasn’t even decided what he wants to be for Halloween yet, lol.


Not at all…Okay I admit I am one of those people who shop for Christmas year round…hey it makes it less burdensome financially and when I see something that I just know someone will like I have to get it,and that can happen at any given time,ya know?I’ve got half my shopping done right now,so it makes the Holiday shopping less stressful when everyone else is out there fighting the crowds for items they want or need…>=)
Oh and Happy Halloween too..

Daniel asks…

How do I get rid of that old halloween decoration smell?

they’ve been used, 5, 6 times, and they smell like dust, and just gross, how do I get rid of it?


Well not sure what to do about this year, but for next year, when I store my decorations, I throw in a couple FRIDGE IT activated carbon odor absorbers and that’s it. Really helps keep things smelling less musty when I open up the boxes the following year. I buy them on line at from the manufacturer.

Betty asks…

Does anyone know ways to make your own halloween decorations and still make them look scary?

I no that is a really daft question but all help would be appreciated btw – have a really small budget so I am trying to keep cost to a minimum.


Depending on how messy you want to get, (and what color walls you have), you can draw with chalk on your walls (like, creepy faces) and it comes off with just water. You can use leaves or hay if it’s clean enough. You can get a really old sheet (like a cheap dollarstore or used one if you want) and cut it up and put red food coloring on it (dilute with water first) or paint (dollarstore) and rub it in dirt a bit and shred it and hang it in a doorway or on a wall. Use a dry-erase marker to write creepy sayings on your mirrors (or with chalk on the walls) like “i know what you did last summer” or “i’m watching you while you sleep”. Make red jello (with a little extra water so it’s not tooo solid) and stir it several times while it’s setting (like, right on the edge of liqurd and solid) so it’s all lumpy, and pour it in a big clear bowl and drip some red food coloring in with it and put in like, fake eyeballs or any creepy things like that you have… Even spaghetti (worms) work well. You can also cook up some noodles with green food coloring and then add some blue/red when they’re done (just a few drips) and it looks crazy.

I personally spent about 20 dollars, went to the dollar store and got
- Red gelletain hands that stick to your window (look like bloody hand prints) $1
-Police caution/danger tape – $1 for 50 feet… Put it on the walls and mirrors.
-Orange and black birthday streamers, 200 feet (100 of each) and twisted them togehter and hung them across the ceilings and dangled them from doors and the ceiling fan and stuff like that – $1 for all 200 feet and we have tons left
- A big black fake spiderweb $1.
- Orange and black fuzzy tinsel string stuff.. Like the kind for xmas… Twisted it together around the stair rail… About $2 for 25 feet or so.
- Classic white spider webs that come in that bag that you stretch out… $1.. Pain in the ass but cheap, plan to put them around the chandelier and our personall things like dvds and cd player and lamps and stuff.
-A bag of fake spiders, $1.. Put them in bowls and candle holders and stuff like that
- A spider web banner – Really cute and hard to explain – $1
- A pack of orange votives – $1 for 6 i think

And a few other little things like a candle holder and stuff I splurged on.. And I think I might do the mirror/chalk thing when I get home, and the jello thing for actual haloween (now that I’ve given myself the idea). Just be inventive! You can also make little ghosts out of tissue. Two tissues, lay them flat, put another tissue or a small sock in the middle and twist the tissues around the ball. Then tie a string lightly and dot on eyes.. Cute!
You can do the same with towels, Lay it flat and put soimeting in the middle to form the head and secure it with string.. Draw on eyes or tape black paper eyes on.

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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes For Couples

Jenny asks…

What are some matching Halloween Costumes?

I’ve been trying to find some halloween costumes for me and my friend (Were both girls…) to be for halloween. I’ve heard caveman and cavewoman, frankenstein and his wife, etc… But I don’t think those will work since were both girls… Any suggestions?



These are some good costume ideas, but most of them are couples costumes. You could be a washer and dryer by cutting holes in big boxes and wearing them and drawing the buttons and stuff. You could be Thing 1 and Thing 2 by wearing all red clothes and then pinning red paper circles that say thing 1 and thing 2. Another idea is buying a 2-person camel costume, or you could be each other. Search in google if none of these appeal to you. Hope this helps!! <3

Paul asks…

What is a creative and different haloween costume for a couple. (not to bulky or ugly)?

Me and my boyfriend are doing a couple halloween costume this year. I want something new and creative. I still want to look somewhat pretty.haha And I just don’t want to be too bulky to where I’m sweating under a mask or something. Please help me out, I cant think of any ideas!!):
I’ll answer back any that I can!


Pirates (your BF would love that) Put eye liner on him too!
50′s clothes
Pacific Islanders native costumes

Carol asks…

Cute homemade halloween costume ideas for skinny fourteen year old girl?

I’m kind of short (5’2-5’3) and I’m skinny. I want to make my halloween costume this year. Can you give me suggestions and how-to’s?

Little girl?


Im a little older than you and me and a couple of friends are going as guys…
We got boxers and really big sweat pants… So we are planning on being kinda like ganster people…
We also are going to either pull our hair up and wear a bandanna.. Or we might get guy wigs.. We all have long hair..
And maybe like my one friend wants to wear her neon pink skinny jeans so she is being”gay”… Hope this helps!!!!

Sandy asks…

What are some clever and cute halloween costumes for couples?

I want me and my boyfriend to have a couple costume thing going on this year :p I think it’s cute.
I have blonde hair and he has brown and he’s tall and i’m short! Haha.
I’ve thought about peterpan and tinkerbell so far.
Do you have any ideas? :)


Batman & catwoman/batgirl (which ever you prefer)

adam & eve

disney prince and princess

mickey and minnie mouse

I can’t think of anything else but hope i helped (:

Richard asks…

What are some really weird or funny halloween costumes for a couple?

i know its kinda early but i like to be somewhat prepared. We are kinda just a weird couple and dont want to do a costume that most couples would do. We just want to do something weird, fun, funny, and unique. any suggestions??


Fred and Wilma
John Lennon and Yoko Ono
John Smith and Pocahontas
Homer and Marge
Popeye and Olive
also the website below gave some really great idea:)

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