Your Questions About Halloween Food Ideas

Mary asks…

Halloween partay ideas???

ok, i am in 8th grade and i am throwing a mojor halloween party with like over 50 people, and i need some ideas.


Have foods that resemble halloween things….like for desert create a human body whose insides are coming out…make you can create a raspberry jello with fruits inside..that would be awesome…or you can make a skull cake and the inside would be a different color…so its like worms or something so use walnuts or white rice that is already steamed….lol

sorry I love parties..its fun. Make cupcakes and weird stuff on it….devils eggs and other stuff …check out krafts food site and they have cool easy to do stuff.. Make sure the costumes are exciting …and get a cool prize for the best costume at the party. Ugh my head hurts..i gotta figure other stuff out

Sandra asks…

Halloween party ideas?

im having a Halloween party of course on October 31st but i want to make sure everything is ready do you have any ideas for food or decorations





David asks…

Halloween recipe ideas?

I want to have a little mini halloween party and wanted to have halloween inspired treats. I was thinking I wanted to have 1 halloween inspired Main Dish, 2 or 3 halloween inspired appetizers/snack, and maybe 1 or 2 spooky desserts? Does anyone have any fun ideas?
Also what are some good websites where I could find halloween recipes?

answers: always has good recipes:

Mandy asks…

halloween dinner ideas?

does anyone have any food ideas or recipes for halloween, i am trying to think of things with a halloween theme. i would like it suitable for kids aged 1-14 as there will be some there in this age range!
i have thought about mash potatoes and adding a little food dye to change the colour slightly but wondered if that would make my kids hyper?

thanks for your help


Try http:// they have some really cute halloween dinner ideas. In the search box type in Halloween. I thought the week of halloween we would have a halloween themed dinner each night.

Carol asks…

Halloween Party ideas?

So I’ve always wanted to have a fun halloween party for my friends and i but never got around to it. So i need some good music ideas, decorations, food, anything. help please (:
ps this party is for like 13-14 year olds if that helps any lol.


- put you & your friends’ favorite dance/party music on your iPod (or burn a CD if you don’t have an iPod), & mix it up with some spooky music! You can buy spooky CD’s at Target or stores like that
- play a horror movie (preferably black & white) in the background w/ the sound turned off

- get some white balloons & draw ghost faces on them w/ black Sharpies
- tape black & orange crepe paper around the walls
- put those fake spiderwebs around the room
- make sure you have some jack-o-lanterns somewhere!
- scatter plastic spiders over the tables
- get some Halloween confetti (available at your local craft store) & sprinkle it over the tables
- a fog machine can be a bit expensive, but it really adds to the aura of the party! If you don’t want to spend that money, then you can get some dry ice at your grocery store & put it in a witch’s cauldron for the same effect. Just make sure you don’t touch the dry ice with your bare hands!
- buy some fake gravestones & put them in your yard
- get some cool Halloween lights & put them outside your house
- you can put black & orange or pumpkin Christmas-type lights around the walls for a cool effect
- hang homemade ghosts from the ceiling with “invisible” string- make them out of old white sheets w/ tennis balls in the heads w/ Sharpie faces drawn on

- if you’re not trick-or-treating, make sure you have lots of candy on hand! Candy corn is a must!

* Keep the room dimly-lit
* Get some Halloween disposable cups & plates
* Oriental Trading has some great, cheap decorations
* Have your friends wear their costumes to the party! Give out costume awards- Scariest, Cutest, Most Creative, etc.
* Get little Chinese takeout boxes w/ Halloween prints on them & fill them w/ candy & goodies to give to your friends before they leave

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Store

Donald asks…

How can i make a clown costume scary?

For halloween i was thinking of being a scary clown i was wondering how to make or where to by a clown suit and like mabey a knife…Best answer= 10 points!!!


Many people are already afraid of clowns, so the first answerer is right: you don’t need to do much. Any sort of clown makeup that is distorted will look creepy. Here are a few examples, YouTube has lots of great ideas:

This has a whole series, you can take bits and pieces:

A lot of people get “scary” clown costumes, but personally I think a twisted clown in a normal suit is way creepier. It plays more on the inherent scariness of clowns and relies less on cheesy, over-the-top outfits like these:

Still, that’s just a personal preference and you might like some of those. Any Halloween store or website will have tons of clown costumes, both scary and normal. I think it’s best to see them in person and try on before you buy, but you might not have that option in your area. There’s also the option of taking a normal costume and tweaking it. Maybe add a bit of blood spatter, some rips and tears, dirt…anything to help it look like you’re a nice clown who suddenly snapped. :)

A knife is definitely good, especially if you have blood, but not necessary. Since you probably won’t want to carry it around all night, be sure your costume still “works” without it. Really, I would just work on some creepy makeup and practice a few times before Halloween. The costume could be totally normal and as long as your face looks deranged, you’ll be scary. Just start practicing your psycho smile now so you can really sell it! Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Lizzie asks…

How do i make Fake spider bites for Halloween and what makeup do i need to buy in order to make them look real?

Im not looking for the piercings, im looking for realistic, gross, infected, days old looking bites.


You can buy prosthetic vampire bites at any Halloween store or party store. With a bit of makeup, creativity, and the right costume these could be easily transformed into a spider bite.

Ruth asks…

Who makes an inexpensive black cream makeup?

I know MAC makes something called a paint stick but it costs too much. I need ideas. Not the cheapo Halloween/party store kind please. I’m going to be the cheshire car for halloween and I need black for whiskers and the cats mouth.
I also thought of using a cream eyeshadow but most of them have glitter in them I need something matte…thanks.


NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean is one of my favourite. I use it for black bases since it’s very creamy.

George asks…

How long does it take to put fake wound on your face?

I went to the store and bout three gashes to put on my face for Halloween tonight.
I got all the makeup and stuff it said to buy.
So I got the whole set up.
How long will this take?
Also how long do you think they’ll last?


It should definately take less than an hour and last for maybe a day or two or less than if you dont pick at it, get it wet or anything.


Sandra asks…

Where can I find very pale makeup and loose powder for the goth look?

I am going to a halloween party and decided to dress goth. I thought about using ivory makeup and baby powder. I can’t find any really light makeup at the stores. I am dying my hair black, I have brown eyes, light olive complexion and I am looking for that pretty gothic burlesque look – not the white face etc.


More power to you for trying to do a lovely job instead of doing the cheesey thing like a lot of people with your idea might have done.

If you don’t want to deal with buying something online, you might try a sally beauty supply, if you have one. Mary Kay also has some LIGHT foundations, and they come out nice and translucent. Failing that, here are some places to order cosmetics from.


If you wind up shopping from this company- you might not want to stop at the powder. (scroll down for darker shades) They have some of the most lovely lip and eye shades I’ve ever seen. They also have sample sizes available if you just want it for the night.

Http:// Here’s one option from Manic Panic. I’ve had some good experiences with their products, but haven’t used this one. They’ve also got some light shades that aren’t WHITE exactly. Http://
I’d reccommend that for the more subtle look.

Everybody else is going to reccommend Hot Topic- I won’t. They’re more likely to carry the cheeseball greasepaint type makeup which it doesn’t sound like you want. They’ve got some nice eye products, though. This time of year they also have some decent costume jewelery.
Have fun and good luck!

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Your Questions About Halloween 2

William asks…

Catholics and Halloween 2?

Continuation from :;_ylt=AoZO1GElvt_8C5lm31vP4dHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20071010195606AAZhSJr

The main reason I stopped letting my kids go out on Halloween was because of what “line dancer” wrote on the last page and also because I have heard witches or Wicca’s use this day for strong spell casting and such. (I may be wrong I’m not a witch) I’ve heard all about it’s pagan roots and I don’t think you can put a bow on evil and make it something good.
I haven’t let my kids do for about 4 years now and I always feel guilty, but we spend the night watching movies and doing fun things together like make a cake for All Saints day. Then we celebrate All Saints day the next day. We have a good time, but at the same time I feel guilt for not letting them go out.
Is there any one who feels the same way? Or are you just suppose to erase what you know about it’s real true past and let your kids wander around on what I would consider not a holy night, but an evil night. Roots are roots, How did something evil be purified in to some thing good? And if it’s truly nothing at all then why waste good money on it?


Halloween is a major satanic ritual day. “It’s a religious holiday for the underworld, with satanists performing sacrifices and witches quietly celebrating with prayer circles or meals for the dead,” according to a USA Today article. It quoted Washington witch Bryan Jordan as saying, “[Christians] don’t realize it, but they’re celebrating our holiday with us. . . . We like it.”
Parents, do you want your children imitating these sinister rituals?

Mark asks…

I wanna Watch Halloween 2?

I am wondering if there is a website that does not require surveys and stuff. Just the good quality movie halloween 2 the new one online?? please help


Watch Halloween II 2009 for free

Betty asks…

Halloween ideas for 2?

me and my friend are going to a halloween party and want to do a pair of something.
something original and amazing,
any ideas are helpful :)
thank you.


Halloween is one of the best times of the year so try something like this:


Lisa asks…

Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2?

Is there going to be Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2? I loved the remake of the first one and am wondering if there will be a sequal to the remake.


…looks like it is INDEED going to happen; here is some information, which I provided a previous Yahoo Answers questioner, a little while back….

“…as of a recent report on ‘’, it appears that this is indeed happening…

…I must admit, I was really looking forward to his independently-produced “Tyrannosaurus Rex” project, which he has been speaking about, in the advent of his “Halloween” remake; I also recall, at a Fangoria horror film convention, a couple of years ago, that he had originally expressed unswerving disinterest in possibly doing a sequel to his “Halloween” remake….

…in expressing a change of mind, has the great Rob Zombie sold out to the commercial money-making wheels of the studio big-wigs, or might he actually have something new to add to the “Halloween” mythos??? I am very much hoping for the latter……”

Thomas asks…

Why aren’t there Halloween 2 & 3 movies??


There is Halloween 2 and 3.

Halloween 2 is set after the events in the 1st film.


Halloween 3 is something completely different

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Your Questions About Halloween Fun Facts For Kids

Chris asks…

Halloween age limit?

What do you think the oldest age should be for trick-or-treating? I think it should be 12/13. The last time I went out was grade 8. Now I’m in grade 12 and I still know girls who are going trick-or-treating. It really, really, bothers me. If you have a job you shouldn’t be trick-or-treating. What does everyone else think?


Well i agree with you on the fact the if you have a job you shouldnt be ditching out on your work for “trick or treating” and plus some people like my mother find it bothersome too see older kids out on Hallowen and would feel insecure to see High School Kids come to our house on Halloween. However to some might see it fine to go out even when in Highschool. Its all a matter of perspective, but i personally think that High School should be the cut off point, because given that your older you can go to get parties, you like graduated in a sense from doing trick or treating which has a connotation of being for “little kids” , however going to a Halloween Party is like well to me a sign of being older and your not totally sacrificing the fun of the holiday just enjoying it in a diffrent way.


Donna asks…

Are any Christians celebrating halloween tonight?


2 Timothy 3:1-5 comes to mind when it says) But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.
The Encyclopedia Americana says: “Elements of the customs connected with Halloween can be traced to a Druid ceremony in pre-Christian times. The Celts had festivals for two major gods—a sun god and a god of the dead (called Samhain), whose festival was held on November 1, the beginning of the Celtic New Year. The festival of the dead was gradually incorporated into Christian ritual.”—(1977), Vol. 13, p. 725.
The book The Worship of the Dead points to this origin: “The mythologies of all the ancient nations are interwoven with the events of the Deluge . . . The force of this argument is illustrated by the fact of the observance of a great festival of the dead in commemoration of the event, not only by nations more or less in communication with each other, but by others widely separated, both by the ocean and by centuries of time. This festival is, moreover, held by all on or about the very day on which, according to the Mosaic account, the Deluge took place, viz., the seventeenth day of the second month—the month nearly corresponding with our November.” (London, 1904, Colonel J. Garnier, p. 4) Thus these celebrations actually began with an honoring of people whom God had destroyed because of their badness in Noah’s day.—Gen. 6:5-7; 7:11.
Such holidays honoring “spirits of the dead” as if they were alive in another realm are contrary to the Bible’s description of death as a state of complete unconsciousness.—Eccl. 9:5, 10; Ps. 146:4
When the truth about Halloween is exposed to “so called Christians(the last part of verse 4 & all of verse 5)” They make the excuse that they don’t put any religious significance to it it is all for the kids and just for fun(2 Tim 4:3-4).
If it is just for fun and for the kids why is it the worst night throughout the entire year that law enforcement dreads because of the wickedness that is done in the name of fun?
The God of this world (1 John 5:19), Satan the devil loves it because it’s all about worshiping him and his demons so those that call themselves Christian and partake or celebrate are just white washing a demonic festival and not admonishing what the scriptures say, “Do not touch the UNCLEAN thing!

Mandy asks…

Halloween treats?

I am curious, and would like some feedback about an idea I have for Halloween treats this year. I would like to make some playdough and give it out in small clear containers to the trick or treaters. I am the type of person who would still love to be able to give out candied apples and such, but for obvious reasons won’t. I have tried to place my mind in todays parents, and think of all the reasons they may not want their kids to play with the homemade playdough …. but can not come up with anything. Do you think this is a good idea, and is there something this Grandma is missing about the fear out there concerning Halloween treats? thanks in advance!
footnote: I live in a very small town, so the big city stigma is not there, but I just moved here several years ago and am not well known.


Hmmm – you were a perfect candidate to give out homemade playdough to neighbor kids until you stated that you are not well known. No parent is going to take anything homemade for their kids from someone they do not know – that’s pretty much a fact these days, even in small towns. So sorry – because I would like to be the kind who could hand out popcorn balls & stuff too!!!
My suggestion – decorate your yard well in advance of Halloween night & make an effort to get to know your neighbors with children. Be sure to invite them to stop by for treats & goodies on Halloween night, let them know you’ll be home. On Halloween night, set out lots of jack o’lanterns & sit out in a lawn chair to hand out your candy. Keep the containers of playdough set aside – then tell the parents what it is, explain that you made it & what type of ingredients is in it – then ask each parent if you can give their child the playdough. This will show consideration for their children & should allay any fears they may have at accepting something homemade. But make an effort to get to know your neighbors – you live in a small town now, there’s no excuse not to!!!!! Have fun & enjoy all of the season!!!

Paul asks…

What do you think of Halloween????

concidering the fact that its in like 3 days are you for it or against it?? what will u do halloween night???


It is fun for all ages {litterally} {grown ups go w the kids but they seem to eat the candy while the kids do ALL THE WORK!

William asks…

should i dress up for halloween and go trick r treating?

im 13 year old girl


I already answered a question like this so I’m just going to copy and paste my response:

No, you’re never too young for Halloween C:
in fact I’m in 9th grade and I LOVE Halloween
it’s my favorite holiday
Free candy, dressing up, scaring little kids, having fun, why not?
What’s not to love about that?
People won’t think you’re weird xD
Actually they would probably think you’re a fun person

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Your Questions About Halloween Food Ideas

James asks…

Halloween party ideas?

I might start to plan a halloween party soon. but what do people normally do at a halloween party? i know we’re going trick or treating but what else? id like them to come before trick or treating so we can do some stuff together. maybe pizza? and what else? oh and by the way i’m 13 years old. is there any fun activities or anything to do? i also thought about manhunt. any ideas? thanks!


Well, Halloween parties are usually just like any other party with being a social gathering n all, except you make it Halloween style theme. Games like charades & apple bobbing can be lots of fun with the right crowd. Here’s a list of halloween games:

Have music,dancing,make pastries like apple pies,carve pumpkins and or have a Jack-O-Lantern carving contest,watch movies,go bowling,go to a corn maze,or on a hay ride at night. Make sure you decorate the house and whatever you choose to do please do make sure you have lots of good,delectable treats and food along. Because I hate going to parties when they don’t have anything good to eat! -_- lol i’m kidding…

List of ideas:



Ken asks…

Vampire halloween food and drink ideas?

Ok so i am having a halloween party and its vampire themed. R there any recipes and or ideas for food and drinks i want it to look scaryish and realish. please post recipe and pic if u can or tell me some good ideas please


Makes cookies with vampire faces and scatter them on a plate with ‘teeth’ lollies…
-You can ave hot food and draw pictures with tomato sauce..make it out to be blood…
-Have red punch (either alcohaloc or non alcoholic)
-Get a real pumpkin and cut out inside to make a bowl then fill it with lollies or chips..
Hope you like these ideas!

Jenny asks…

finger food ideas?

My husband cut a part of his finger off last week. We want to throw a “party” (monday night football) for our friends who supported us during that time, so I want to serve nothing but finger foods!! any ideas?


Love it, first let me tell you, I am in Halloween mode , some of this may be sick or in poor taste, I am sorry first for your husbands finger and if you find any of theses ideas gross.

Couple ideas, Mini Hamburgers, Mini Tacos, mini-pizzas, Buffalo wings, potato skins a couple of recipes & Web sites in the bottoms,

You can take the mini cocktail sauges cook them, dip one end into ketchup and stick a Frito in to other end as the finger nail.

This is for Carrot Fingers,


2 c. Flour
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 (8 oz.) can almond paste, cut in sm. Pieces
1/2 c. Plus 1 tbsp. Butter, divided
1/2 c. Brown sugar
1 egg
1/2 c. Chocolate pieces

In small bowl mix flour with salt, set aside. In bowl cream paste with 1/2 cup butter until fluffy. Gradually beat in sugar and egg until blended. Gradually add flour mix, blend well. Shape level tablespoons of dough into 2 inch long fingers. Bake at 325 degrees on ungreased sheet for 20 to 25 minutes. Melt chocolate and 1 tablespoon butter in saucepan. Dip fork in chocolate. Make the lines cross cookies with dripping chocolate. 48 cookies.

For drinks if you will be serving alcohol:

Dirty Rollie Fingers recipe
A delicious recipe for Dirty Rollie Fingers, with vodka, pickle brine and Tabasco® sauce. Also lists similar drink recipes.
1 oz vodka
1 oz pickle brine
1 dash Tabasco® sauce

Add the vodka and pickle brine (preferably from a pickled egg jar) to a shot glass. Add Tabasco sauce, and garnish with an optional slice of pickled jalapeno.
Serve in: Shot Glass

Yellow Fingers
1 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
1 oz vodka
1/2 oz Galliano® herbal liqueur
1 oz orange juice
2 oz lemonade
1/2 oz egg white
10 Blue Curacao liqueur

Yellow Fingers Direction Shake all but the curacao and lemonade very well and strain into a double-cocktail glass. Add lemonade, and garnish with a slice of orange and a cherry. Using a thin straw, place drops of blue curacao in neat rows across the frothy white surface, and serve immediately

Well good luck and have lots of fun.

David asks…


I am having a halloween party next friday, and i need some really good ideas for games, food, decorations and stuff. please answer this one! :]


Use the scene setter things that you can get at walmart or partycity. You can pin those on the walls for instant decorations that are also scary. Though your party is probably inside, always remember that people pay attention to the outside too! You can buy flying ghouls and stuff for your doorstep and partycity or walmart again for around 9$. For food, buy or make, everyone loves a good cake! Cookies are fun too! YOu can go to a grocery store like ralphs or vons and buy spider and ghost shaped plain sugar cookies and then have out frosting and halloween colored sprinkles so people can decorate their own cookies. Always have good halloween music playing. Sound effects to go with the decorations are always a hit at my halloween parties. Rent some horror films if it is just some close friends and you. For games, I did this really cool mystery game at my halloween party 2 yrs ago. You have to leave clues and then solve the murder mystery. Watch that one lizzie mcguire episode for that one! Lol I love those! Have fun! You can also do an indoor or backyard haunted house. Chocolate fountains and punch are good and cheap!

George asks…

halloween party ideas?

me and som friends r thrown a halloween party and we need ideas th@ r gr8 cause we r havn like the whole skool com and we hav tons of ppl i need links if posable and other ideas 4 this party we hav tons of space um its gona b an indoor outdor party and its got 2 b gr8 plz plz plz help thanx so0o0o0o0o much


Heres some ideas

Grabbing up the perfect mood is the trick behind every successful party.
Monster Footprints
With a magic marker, draw a footprint in a big sponge. Cut out the footprint. Pour washable paint in an 1/8 inch aluminum pan. Press the sponge in the paint and sponge footsteps up your sidewalk to your front door for trick-or-treaters to follow, or around the side of your dark, spooky house. Flip the sponge upside down to stamp the other foot

Crumple up a piece of tissue paper into a ball. Place it into the center of a flat piece of tissue paper. Pick up the corners of the flat tissue and twist it around the ball. Tie a twist tie or a piece of string around the ghosts’s neck. Draw a face with a felt pen. You can hang them up all over the house! You can also glue on yarn, and make a black hat and cape from colored paper to make a witch!

Wicked, wicked witch
1.Cut the top off of a cardboard milk carton and discard.
2.Cover the carton with black construction paper and tape at the back.
3.Cut a strip of white paper 3 inches wide and tape around the top over the black paper.
4.Draw a scary witch’s face on the white paper. Glue on some yarn for the hair.
5.Make a cone-shaped witch’s hat with black paper and glue to the top.
6.Cut out arms and hands from white paper. Cut out feet from black paper. Tape them to the witch.
7.Glue a popsickle stick to one of the witch’s hands.
8.Cut out two small pieces of yellow paper and cut a fringe on the bottom. Glue one on each side of
the end of the popsickle stick for the broom.
9.You can give these to your friends if you are having a Halloween party!

Icky Cobwebs
Cut some string into 4 foot lengths and tape them to the ceiling. You should have a very dim room for this. Just before the victim arrives you can hold a bowl of water up to the string and get it wet. When people walk in the wet, slimy string will brush across their foreheads and scare them!

Body Parts
This is a good decoration for a dimly lit room at party time. Have several bowls of body parts displayed to horrify your friends. Cut up a bunch of hot dogs lenghwise for severed fingers.Cook some spaghetti noodles and add some red and blue food coloring for veins. A bunch of cocktail onions rolling around in a bowl looks like eyeballs. Fill a red balloon with warm water and spread it with strawberry jam. Invite your guests to touch your brain!

Sound Effects
You can record several scary sounds and play it back during the festivities. A very large sheet of poster board or sheet metal makes great thunder. Uncooked rice poured onto a cookie sheet sounds like rain. Crinkle a handful of cellophane for a roaring fire. To get a good scream you can, well — scream. Snap carrots in half for the sound of breaking bones. Flap a plastic bag in front of the microphone for the
sound of bats. Slowly blow bubbles with a straw into a bowl for that bog sound. Hunt around your house and the garden to find a squeaky hinge somewhere and tape it before someone gets to it with a can of oil.

When you have everything so dimly lit it’s a good idea to have some reflective tape over the Exits. A black light bulb is always a good effect, especially if you are dressed as a skeleton!

The invitation card may be shaped like a spread winged bat, a goblin, or a phantom’s mask or in the shape of a skull. It may feature any character from any of the ghost movies.

You could paint the face like the face of a famous celeb – dead, or use masks of a skull, a witch or a fanged red eyed vampire. Or you could use an all white robe and white long gloves. Ask your guests to come dressed in creepy characters according to their choice.
Sling spooky masks from the walls. You could also fill your party room with elegant china and silver, candle bras, trays filled with fake pearls and jewels, drapes of fancy fabric from the fabric store. Use candles and soft lights, or shaded lamps in a way that creates longer than usual shadows. The party will indeed be creepy with the use of colored lightings, potted plants covered with dark colored robes. You can also use candles for a creepier ambience. Ask your guests to talk in a very soft or whispering voice for the first ten minutes or so. You could also use a creepy music as a final touch.
Serve food in trays and on tables that match with the party mood. And arrange for some competition like story telling, the spooky ones of course, and award the scariest one. Or a separate ‘ghost-as-you-like’ costume contest. Finally make sure that everyone leaves the place content with a fun filled heart

Graveyard Cake

1. Bake a chocolate cake; cool.
2. Top with softened chocolate wafer cookies to look like finely ground dirt and sprinkle over ice-cream.
3. Stick lolly snakes into the cake, half-in and half-out.
4. Stick oval cookies into the cake to make gravestones. Write funny names on the “graves” with piping bags.
5. Refreeze before serving so the ice cream doesn’t melt.

Set up a Mad Scientist Laboratory. Have someone dress as a Frankenstein monster and lie on a table among bubbling concoctions (use dry ice and colored water in clear bowls). Add kitchen utensils, such as tongs, basters and a garlic press, to serve as bizarre scientific instruments.

Make a Witches Cauldron. Dress the witches in long, grey wigs and black dresses, color their fingernails black, black out a tooth or two and have them stir a cauldron with a broom. Inside the cauldron place wet noodles or jelly.

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup

Carol asks…

Halloween vampire makeup ideas?

I’m going as a vampire for halloween and this is what I was thinking of wearing:

*White-based foundation (to make my tan skin look pale)
*Black mascara on top and bottom lashes
*Black eyeliner on waterline and tightline
*Grey eyeshadow on eyelids and bottom outer third corners
*Red lipstick (with a dripline on the chin to resemble blood)
*Fake vamp teeth (not makeup but still wanted to give you all a better idea)

How does this sound? Any suggestions? Thanks!
green tea lover I saw her tutorial a while ago and it was amazing I’m thinking about taking a few of her tips, but don’t want to wear too much. ;)


Doing dead (or undead) makeup can be fun and challenging because it is a different color pallet then you are used to dealing with. Here are some pics of a grey scale makeup that i did

Also I wish I had taken these pictures before the evening instead of after but here is some good shading to use. Http://
For a costume like this you would want to shade under the cheek bones to hollow them out (probably not around the eyes like I did on this one though because vampire is more sophisticated than zombie) and then you would want to add dark shading in the places on your neck between the tendons and the bones running down the front of your throat, some on the top of your collar bones, and some in the hollow of your collar bone. This does a lot to bring the look out. Also I would recommend throwing a bit of turquoise or purple into the color scheme because I think that you have will wash you out a little too much (If you want to be a little adventurous you can use those colors for the shadings I was talking about :) ) Best of luck!

Mandy asks…

Cute Halloween Makeup?

I would really like my eyes to stand out. What makeup should I do? This is my costume:


LOL, my friend was JUST IMing me about her costume, and it’s the almost the exact same one (just without fishnets). And anything gold, black, or smoky eyes will look good for the makeup.

Thomas asks…

Devil halloween makeup?

Im 14, and im dressing up as a devil for my halloween party. I was wondering how id do my makeup??
And i dont want it to be too scary and unnatural looking! Thankyou xox


Just dark eye makeup, maybe with some red eyeshadow or something, and red lips xx

Jenny asks…

Cheerleader halloween costume makeup? :)?

i think i am being a cheerleader for halloween but since its kind of a simple outfit what kind of makeup should i do? :)


Awh that sounds cute. You could like straighten your hair and maybe put it in a high pony taill with a red ribbon! And for makeup you should make your eyelashes reaally big and pretty, you could either apply like 3 coats of mascara and then curl them or use the fake ones. And then use a really pretty pink color for your cheeks. You don’t wanna over due it. Trust me, it’s either eyes and cheeks or lips and face. Well for me. Hahahahha<3

James asks…

Oompa Loompa Orange – Halloween Costume Makeup?

What is the best product for getting a good Oompa Loompa orange that won’t stain your skin?



Go to a halloween store and look for special makeup. Though, fake tan could work just as well. It’ll just last a few days.. Or a week.

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Your Questions About Halloween Horror Nights

James asks…

How scary is Halloween Horror Nights?

My friends and I have been discussing going to HHN this year. I am not easily scared, but some things can startle me. I live in Florida and I wanted to know what it is like. I went the first time when I was 13, and I want to know if it’s changed that much. I haven’t gone in three years. Do people chase after you, are there too many people to even see, etc. Thanks! Bye guys! <3 <3 <3


You’re age on this matter really doesn’t matter. I have gone many times over the years and I have seen people that have to personally be escorted out of the haunted houses because they are really terrified and refuse to keep going on in the haunted house.However at halloween horror nights, most people do scream at least once whether it be someone jumping out at you in a haunted house,a chainsaw person chasing you, or the scareactors on the street(scaring you). In all my years of going to this event(14 to be exact) I have never scene anything that looks as well played out as this years. This year they are focusing on urban legends and your psyche so I’m sure with that new experiences will come along. I suggest going to halloween horror nights because like you I too had the problem of being affected by horror movie, but hhn(halloween horror nights) is an adreneline rush that you could either love or be terrified by.My suggestion for you is that you go,you wont regret it but just to be sure why don’t you check the website and judge for yourself:

Donald asks…

Do you think Halloween horror nights is scary?

plz tell me wat they had there. im thinking about going there! plz tell your opinion!!!!!! 10 points best answer!!!!yay


I went to halloween horror nights last year and it was awsome. I had fun. They have a lot of mazes’. My favorite was the texas chainsaw massacre maze (I will warn you though the lines were loooooong) maybe it was just that it was towards the last days closer to halloween but there was a lot of people. In the end WORTH it. That maze was great scared the **** out of people. There’s always the monsters walking around in their costumes trying to scare the —- out of people but it makes it more fun and they scare you more if you try to hide, text, or scream. I laugh and they leave me alone. This year i know they are making a maze with chucky/dolls and i might be going. Its fun but make sure you pick carefully which mazes you really want to go to and make line there first because if you wait then you might get a longer line. Check how long the lines are too they can be deceiving so look at where it ends. Have Fun…

Thomas asks…

Halloween horror nights??

Tomorrow my family and I are going to universal half a day and islands of adventure the rest of the day. I just read that halloween horror nights starts tomorrow and I want to know what time it starts and do u have to pay extra for the tickets??
Also I heard that they have a haunted hotel there but im not sure if that is true if so what is it called??



Islands of Adventure access is from 4pm – 7pm on most event nights. Exception is October 11th from 3pm – 6pm
When you purchase any Florida Resident Halloween Horror Nights ticket online, you can get into Universal’s Islands of Adventure** for just $10 when purchased online vs. $15 at the front gate.Plus, you’ll get to skip the front gates at Halloween Horror Nights with direct access from Islands of Adventure into Universal Studios®.
September 28-29, October 4-7, 11-14, 18-21, 24-28, 31, November 1-3

6:30pm – 2am:
Oct. 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27

6:30pm – 12am:
All other nights

David asks…

Can I handle Halloween horror nights?

Ok I have a very big fear of haunted houses! Im 20 years old and. Want to go to HHN really bad but I don’t know if I can take it! My husband and four other really close relatives are going to be there with me! I really want to go and I keep telling myself the people are laughing when they scare you and it’s all actors and makeup! But does anyone have any suggestions other than what I said? I’m scared that I’m going to have a heart attack or pass out! Please someone help because Its all for fun on both sides and I just want to be sure I can handle it!
Yes that helped a lot!! Now will they touch me and follow me inside the haunted houses? I’m going to go :) your a big help thank you so much but I’m going to cry my eyes out:) they won’t hurt mr?


Hey I’m a scare-actor for Halloween Horror Nights and all I can tell you is this event is awesome ! Yes, there will be moments where you are very afraid, however you are around other people as well so you’ll be fine. One thing you can do to lessen your fears is go on YouTube and search up the mazes. It will make you familiar with some of the things inside it which may help you feel better, but also may make you more anxious- depending on how you are.

Your 20 years old, you won’t get a heart attack. You may freak out, and then end up laughing afterwards. Trust me, 6 years ago I went to HHN for the first time and ever since I’ve been a huge fan. I’m an 18 year old guy now and every year I went I would get scared, but I would have a blast with all my friends, and you’ll have a lot of fun too. =)

If you have any more questions, let me know. Hope that helps.

John asks…

POLL: Knotts Scary Farm VS. Halloween Horror Nights?

BQ: rebecca black or fried chicken


Halloween horror nights… Went to knotts once i can honestly say got scared just once… And theres way to many mazes so it feels like each one doesnt have that much effort or detail into them… As for universal they may not have as many but they really get into it i been going to horror nights for 4 years this will be my 5th year opening weekend =D

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Your Questions About Halloween Fundraiser

Betty asks…

What are some funny column ideas?

I’m a high school journalist who has been assigned to do a monthly column, but I am fresh out of ideas! My first column is due in about two weeks :( Anyone have any ideas? I would prefer them to be humorous or at least related to the high school age group. Any advice is much appreciated!


Our paper has several columns.
We have a movie review column with a review on one of the cool new movies out. In that same area, we have a similiar column for new video games and one for songs/bands/CDS.
We have a ‘Did You Know . . . ?” column with random facts relating to the time. We had Halloween facts in October, Christmas ones in December, etc.
We have a Clubs column, with information on new clubs and what clubs are doing special things or fundraisers.
We have an opinion column for world issues too, such as the treatment of women in the Middle East, rising gas prices, or a big sporting event going on at the time. You could take a humorous spin on something of that nature.
You could also do something in school. Locker rooms are great places to get infections, like Staph. What does your school do to keep them clean? Could you get photos of nasty showers or drains or something? You could make that funny.
What about a sport that some don’t think are sports? You could compare football to something like cheerleading or flag line or marching band. That could be humorous.
Students might also be interested in articles about new grading policies, new restrictions or rules, or stereotypes teachers have. What about stricter bathroom pass policies or exam exemption policies or retakes? Maybe expecting the Asians to be smart or punk-looking kids to be stupid?
There are issues everywhere! Listen to what people are talking about. What do your friends gossip about? What do you hear snipits about in the halls?
Humorous spins can be put on anything. Just be creative. And find the issues. Hope that helped. Good luck, from one journalist to another!

Richard asks…

how to start a dance studio?

I’m thinking of opening a dance studio for young children, ages 6 to 13. Any advice on where to start??


1. Find A Studio
*Should Have Nice Wood FLoors
* If you find a Nice building but doesnt have wood
floors you can always put them in.
* You can Do the Work Yourself or Hire Someone.
* No Cracks in the wood..
* You should Plan On Buying Instead of renting if you want to have the studio for awhile
* Decorate it with fun colors that make children want to be there.

2. Find Expert Dance Teachers.
*Should Have 5-10 Or More Yrs. Dance Experience From
Highly trained schools or studios.
3. Find A Secratary to keep track of records and such unless you are able to that yourself.
4. Check out Dance Mirrors And Bars.
*mirrors SHould Be High Quality And Not THe Cheap Ones That Arent Real Glass And Are Hard To look at. HAHA
5. Get it Advertised BIG
* Tons And Tons Of Flyers
* Hold An Open House to celebrate that grand opening and have music and just have fun dancing while the students and parents who may want to think about coming to your studio can casualy meet you and the other teachers.

6. Have A Competition Try-Out Team for those students that are more gifted than others. And A Recreational team for students who just wanna learn basic dance and are not that serious.

7. Buy Leotard, TIghts, Hot/Bum Shorts, Ballet shoes, JazZ Shoes etc. So Students can buy them Right from you.

8.Hire SOmeone to clean the studio Once a week Or You Can do it. Just make sure someone does cause no one likes a messy studio.

9. Do A fundraiser 2 times a year for those students that want to dance but cant find the money.

10. HAVE FUN!!!!!!
* hold A Everybody Birthday party Once a Year.
* each girl Brings a 1-2 Dollar gift to trade with another girl.
* Christmas Partys, halloween partys. Etc.
11. Have Pass Of Charts.
*Each Student has to pass of 10 things or so every two months ANd WHen They Pass of all ten things they get a prize for that.
* pass of Spils, Leg Holds, c-Jumps, Positions etc.
* sometimes have things in there dance they need to pass of.

Hope That helps need any more adive let me know.

GOOD LUCK! I wish the best!

Sandy asks…

what are some really good fundraisers to have?

im in flag and we have NO money in our account. so we need some really good/ unique ideas. its for this school year. mind you there’s only four of us on the team (small school) so please help!!!!

Thanks so much….
we’re doing a car wash and a bake sale soon, so anyother ideas would be great!! thanks.


Car wash, bake sales, ice cream day, snow cone day, raffles,candy sales, lollipop sales, jamaican pattie sales, face painting (I know it sounds childish but beleive me there will be some takers), candy grams for halloween, christmas, and valentines day, and yea thats all I can really think of if anything else comes to mind I will be sure to post it. Hope this helps. :)

Linda asks…

What is a good idea 4 a high school fundraiser? best answer 10 pnts!!!?

a good idea that will bring in money
perfect for high schoolers
and not expensive to organize


+ Free dress day
+ crazy hair day = it’s actually REALLLYYY fun!! :D
+ dress up day : oldschool, punk, celebrity, halloween themed, famous heroines and heros, superhero
+ to write love on her arms day! { get heart shape tattoos and sell them, then write LOVE on their arms to raise money AND support teenage suicidal issues}

Maria asks…

Ideas for high school seniors for spirit week?

What are some things for seniors to do during spirit week. Give me some idea, or just what you did as seniors. We are probably going to hang a senior banner accross the entire high school, but we wanted some more ideas.


•Whether you’re organizing spirit week activities for an elementary school, junior high or high school, devise a different theme for each day to keep the students involved and engaged. Choose ideas that give the kids an opportunity to dress up, hold contests and participate in class competitions to show their camaraderie and school spirit.

Pajama Day
•Invite the students to roll out of bed and remain in their pajamas throughout the school day. Design spirit week posters that feature the school name or words to school cheers painted on 22-by-28-inch white poster board cut with scissors into fluffy cloud shapes. Organize a baby photo game that requires students to match the teachers with their baby photos posted on the cafeteria, gymnasium or library wall.

Spring Fling
•Center the day’s activities around a floral theme if spirit week falls in the spring. Encourage the students to dress up in flower-covered shirts, pants and accessories such as floral hats and jewelry. Organize a spirit week fundraiser by selling fresh carnations to students so they can present the blooms to friends, teachers or secret crushes. Hold a campus improvement activity by inviting students to decorate inexpensive plastic pots with paints, glitter glue or stickers in school colors. Place flowers in the pots to brighten the look of the school library or classrooms.

Backwards Day
•Shake up the day by letting the kids wear their clothing backwards. Instruct the school cafeteria to sell breakfast foods for lunch or invite the kids to eat their desserts first. Switch the order of daily activities, such as reading morning announcements at the end of the day. Adventurous teachers can give the class a backwards assignment that allows the kids to teach a lesson and give the teacher a homework assignment.

Costume Party
•Let the students celebrate Halloween early by dressing up as characters from favorite books to show how much they’ve learned in reading or English literature class. Organize a costume parade at lunch to let the kids show off their literary outfits and present prizes such as bookstore gift cards or homework passes to the students with the best outfits. Set up class competitions such as a book relay race that requires the kids to walk across the blacktop and back while balancing two to three textbooks on their heads before handing the books off to the next teammate in line.

Mascot Day
•Encourage the students to show school spirit on the last day of the week by wearing school colors and bringing toys or stuffed animals that represent the school mascot. Award a prize such as a pizza party to the classroom or grade level that has the most students wearing the colors and award a certificate to one student from each grade level with the most imaginative use of colors. Hold competitions to determine which classroom or grade can shout a school cheer the loudest or paint the most creative poster featuring the school or mascot name

** My fav is mascot day… Good luck and have fun xx

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Your Questions About Halloween Food Menu

James asks…

halloween party!!!!!!!!!?

hey ok im having a halloween partyu and i dont’t know who to invite help me plz????!!!!! and if u have any ideas plz tell me


Invite your closest friends or every girl or boy in your class, so that there are no hurt feelings. You might want to have a fee for your party like everyone that comes has to pay 5 dollars at the door. (It will help you with your budget)

~For the party~
Most ppl like to have it outside because its spookyyy. Buy a CD that has scary noises playing. They have them at Wal-Mart, party city, ect. Invest in a fog machine, ppl LOVE thoes. Have a bunch of scary decorations for example= a plastic knife in the yard that has blood on it, legs and arms scattered about.

So this is the year you’ve finally decided to host the big neighborhood Halloween party. You want everything to be perfect for your guests, both young and old. Then my advice is to put your greatest time and effort into your Halloween decorations and create the mood for a really scary party. This is the one night each year when we look forward to creepy things. And with all the candy that will be eaten that night, gourmet food will not be everyone’s highest priority, especially for the trick-or-treaters! Instead, think of your menu as part of the Halloween decorations.

~Things You Can Do~

Pay a lot of attention to your lighting. Turn your lights very low, or even turn them off, using only candles to create a spooky Halloween glow. Of course, be careful where you place the candles for the sake of safety. And if you have a lot of young children at the party, skip the candles except in out of reach places, and replace your regular light bulbs with dark colored bulbs.

Fill your home with spooky wisps of smoke and fog made from dry ice.

Make a few ghastly head centerpieces for your buffet. Beware! With these ghouls looking over your food, there may be lots of leftovers!

Place shrunken apple heads in the least expected places such as on dining room or kitchen chairs, in your guests’ coat pockets, or at the bottom of a snack bowl. Get busy now – these little babies take a couple of weeks to reach perfection.

Play spooky Halloween music inside and outside your house. We’ve had speakers outside our home for years, and the trick-or-treaters always love the scary sounds as they come up our driveway.

Welcome your guests with spooky jack-o-lanterns lining your walkway.

Create creepy spiders to scatter everywhere including your buffet table, chairs, ceilings and anyplace else your guests might be surprised.

Spread cobwebs in choice corners of your home (available at most party stores) and selectively place miniature spiders in each web.

Cover your furniture with white sheets to simulate a deserted haunted house. Scatter talcum powder over the sheets to create a dust cloud when your guests sit.

Make bat, witch or black cat silhouettes to hide in corners or on your windows.

Things You Can Serve

Bake a Goofy Spooks Cake with this easy recipe and decorations that involve turning marshmallows into spooky eyes.
Make some disgusting Halloween food such as a kitty litter cake and boogers on a stick.
What would a Halloween buffet be without a few edible eyeballs staring at your guests, waiting to be devoured?
For the heartier appetites you might want to dish up a few Brains on the Half Skull.
Stir up a batch of Swamp Slime Surprise and encourage the adults to drink it – if they dare!

~Things You Can Buy~

Buy your own Fog Machine.

Shop at Pumpkin Masters for a wonderful selection of pumpkin carving tools and instructions.

Plum, one of the hippest party supply sites online, has a fun selection of decorations ranging from votive bags to inedible floating eyeballs.

William asks…

Requesting ideas for a small Halloween wedding . . .?

I am looking for suggestions for a Halloween wedding, i.e., food, dress, decorations, etc. Keep in mind this is a very small wedding, 25 people at most. Thank you all for your input :)! I am open to all ideas, dark, not so dark, black roses, gothic theme, vampire theme, etc.


You could have the groom dress as Frankinstein and you be the bride of Frankinstein. Can you get married outdoors as the sun sets? If so, then you can have one or two big cauldrons filled with dry ice and then the 2 of you make your entrance through the fog that is caused by the dry ice. You can have someone who is certified to do weddings marry you and this way you can get them to dress up in something fun and goulish too. Have all guest come in a Halloween costume. Decorations should of course be in black and orange. Your bouguet can be black and white roses. Have the cake look like a small wedding cake with black and white roses on orange frosting and maybe have a graveyard with a bride and groom standing in the middle of it on the top. Float plastic spiders in punch. Just look online for some great Halloween party menu suggestions and have a blast! You can make your wedding dance for the two of you be “The Monster Mash”….Have plastic bugs and bloodied fingers frozen into ice-cubes to put in the punch (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic punch)…just have fun with it. Congratulations!

Sharon asks…

Halloween Lunch For Preschoolers…I need ideas, Please?

I am planning my day care menu for next week and seeing that next Friday is Halloween I want to do something special for their lunch. Could any of you help me out on this one?


I also have a Daycare and am on the State food program so I have to go with nutrition. So an idea, I have a ghost cookie cutter and making ghost pancakes with raisins for eyes and mouth. Then for lunch spaghetti and eyeballs. Small meatballs with a bit of olive for the eye. Hope this helps.

Susan asks…

Halloween Coastumes!?!?!?

I am looking for halloween coastume ideas! Me and my BFF want to go as something the same or alike. We will probubly buy them but maybe make them! We don’t want to go as something to cute…. we were thinking about inflatable coastumes…. But we couldn’t find any…. Last year we went as two crayons! (pink and purple!) If you have the websites were you got theys ideas please tell me!!! Thank you!


Here are some ideas :)

Bubble Bath

white sweatsuit
small white balloons
shower cap
bath scrubby (with rope to hang from wrist)
rubber ducky

Pin small white balloons all over shirt. Put on shower cap, hang bath scrubby from wrist and carry a rubber ducky or glue him to the shoulder of the shirt. -

Table for One

red checkerboard table cloth
play dishes
play food
silk flowers
plastic headband

Cut cardboard into a circle, cut out a hold for your head. Put head into hole and rest on your shoulders. Cover with a red checkerboard tablecloth. Make your head into a centerpiece by gluing silk flowers to the headband. Glue play dishes and play food onto the table, add accessories (salt and pepper shakers, napkins, menu, etc.).

I knwo its not really for two, but for the bubble bath, make it for two, and instead of a table fro one, a table for two.

Or you could both go out a ipods.

Nancy asks…

Good halloween party ideas?

Does anyone have any good halloween party ideas? Anything will do eg.Food, things to buy, even how to earn the money. I will choose best answer for the person who gives me the most ideas or the most usefull! Thanks!


There is no need to worry about planning Halloween, it is very easy. There are a lots of free guide books these day which can give you detailed ideas that will help you more about planning. You can find the exact selection of best themes, party invitations and to what eerie food and decoration ideas easy to make. You can also get some ideas about fun and scary games. Carry out and don’t make any hassle doing your Halloween planning. It means that, this will going to be much fun to you and to your Hallow guests.

How Do I Plan a Halloween Party?

How simply is it to say, how we are going to plan Halloween party. It is very important that you will think about the basic of planning Halloween celebrations. We need to estimate people you are going to invite in the celebration? Where is the place you want to have it and all of the guests must be fit well?

It is also need to have a theme for the celebration. Halloween is precisely accurate with masks and costumes, horror movie and some fortune stories. You can ask also to everybody about games in the whole night.

Party Invitations

Having a Halloween invitations, you can make on your own or buy that one. If you want to make on your own then just simply have a black paper, stickers, glue and any piece of light papers. Simply fold the black paper in a half and cut it, place some Halloween stickers on it and glue some light papers for your party details and you have made your own simple party invitation. If you want to buy then it must possibly coincide with party supplies and to the point of some info. In this way you can purchase them on shop or online process. This will help you much easier but then you must spend much of your money. After all distribute you invitations to all of your invited guests.

Decorating Ideas

One of the most interesting parts of planning Halloween celebration is the decorations. I am searching an online information and windows site shops for the Halloween supplies and catalogs. With a lost of variety information then it is easy for you to pick the things you like, costumes, masks and decoration tips. You can also find more interesting Halloween supplies in the authorization sections of the sites. You can pick your most preferred stuff like maybe you like some pumpkin, witches, fairy, bloody and scariest decoration designs. In addition you can also get some plates, cups, and some decorations that you want to match with your Halloween design. Select your best choice, get what you need.

Spooky, Fun Food Ideas

In your Halloween celebration now is the time to plan with a set of choice (menu) for the party. It’s either you will decide to something like setting up a scary table for the food. There are lots of bloodstained and a complete Halloween decorations for food ideas. You can also prepare like Devil Egg, it is look like human eyeballs or something like cemetery made of cake design. There are also molds designs to make some broke up hands or brain with the use of Jelly. Have some raisins and put it to your ice cube container so that it will look like there is a bug on it. Unpleasant things but it will make an enjoyment Halloween.

Wear Some Costumes

One of the most interesting and funny moment during Halloween is to have a costume party. You can plan for simple prizes to hand out to your guests that are wearing costumes or disguise. You can setup a category such as best in costume, the most funny costume, biggest costume, smallest costume or scariest costume. It is also important to have music for the celebration and you can name the party Demon Crush! Have some Horror Movie and some Trivia; give some blooded popcorn for fun. The blooded popcorn is filled with melted butter in a red food coloring. The most common theme for Halloween is Vampires. Those movies with a part of having Vampires, you can use them for your Halloween theme like The Twilight, Vampire Diaries and The True Blood.

However, what theme you are going to use, you are going to enjoy the Halloween celebration. All of that stuff is just terribly fun for everybody.

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Effects

Mandy asks…

Are false eyelashes damaging? If so what alternative method could i use daily to get longer fuller eyelashes?

I wore false eyelashes on Halloween night and fell in love with them! I would like to continue to wear them on special occasions…my eyelashes are average size neither long nor short..i use a good mascara every day….but would like to wear fake eyelashes occasionally as i was wowed by their effects! Also i have never used a eyelash curler before but would u recomend it, or are dey damaging also?


False eye lashes aren’t damaging unless you sleep with them on or just pull them off without using eye makeup remover.

Mary asks…

How should I make a rock, paper, scissor’s costume?

My friends and I want to be rock, paper, scissor’s for halloween, but we’re not sure how to make them?
ideas pleaseee and thank you.


Rock: Oversized grey sweatshirt, stuffed to round it out. Grey toque, grey pants or leggings. Smudge dirt on costume for effect. Smudge brown makeup on face to look like dirt.

Paper: white turtleneck, white pants or leggings, two pieces of white bristol board. One piece of bristol board in front, one in back, staple them together leaving space for arms and head.

Scissors: silver pants (either find silver pants somewhere or spray paint some pants/leggings silver) or grey could work too. Solid coloured long-sleaved shirt. Glue a black triangle (wide end up at the neck, narrow end at the waist) to the front and back of the shirt. When you stand with your hands on your hips you will be a pair of scissors.

Jenny asks…

How to make fake fingers for a school project?

We have to make fake fingers for a school and we need ideas of how to make 3D fingers.We only have basic materials and not much time. Really need advice so thank you to anyone who comments :)


The first is a list of ways to make the fakes. Some show how long the video runs.


Past month.Search resultsHow to Make a Fake Finger: 7 steps (with pictures) – wikiHow
How to Make a Fake Finger. You never know when you might need a fake finger. Lucky for you, they’re easy to make with just a few supplies.
Http:// – Cached

More results from »
How to Make a Fake Finger |
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Halloween is all about the Tricks and Treats, and nothing is more fun than eating candy, except for fooling your friends and family on this fun holiday. There are …
Http://​finger-halloween… – Cached

.How to make a fake finger! – YouTube
Uploaded by yum2177 on Apr 17, 2009 Materials- Fabric Tape Scissors(knife) Category: Howto & Style Tags: how to make fake finger License: Standard YouTube …
Http:// – Cached

More results from »
How To Make Fake Fingers – YouTube
In this tutorial ill show you how to make your own severed fingers for your next film. Make sure to watch part two for the test film. Thanks for watching …
Http:// – Cached

How to Make a Fake Finger for Filmmaking Effects: 5 steps
How to Make a Fake Finger for Filmmaking Effects. Does your movie has a scene where a severed finger appears? Or do you just want to creep out your friends and family?
Http://​Filmmaking-Effects – Cached

Fake finger – Wonder How To » How To Videos & How-To Articles
Fake finger |► Watch how to videos & articles tagged “fake finger” on Wonder How To, like Make a realistic fake severed finger prop, Fake a severed finger with …
Http:// – Cached

Fake a Cut off Finger
[Apr 20, 2008] I show you how to make a fake realistic finger cut off with a piece of bubble gum and some makeupyou need:-skin tone makeup-piece of soft bubble gum-b… ~ by loup226 ( 53 comments )​Finger – Cached.

More results from »How do you make a fake finger cast?
[Oct 25, 2008] Best Answer: I would take some Elmer’s glue and dilute it with water. Then I would soak a lot of gauze in it and wrap my finger in it. It would be messy … ~ by KrYs TaL ( 3 comments )​index?qid=20081025115251AATgam1 – Cached.More results from »How to fake a severed finger with bubble gum | Video .
Here is an easy and cheap way to fake a realistic finger partially cut off. Just need bubble gum and makeup. Very good tip to scare your friends or just make an evil …

Thomas asks…

How can you trick someone that your a vampire?

My evil little cousin is soooo mean! I wanna get her back. She belives in vampires and is this big horror-lover.


You know those little bottles that are candy? They’ve got some sorta soda in them, and the bottles are made of wax. You bite off the top of them to drink the contenst, and they’re REALLY small!
You can find them at Cracker Barrel.

Get one of those, and bite off two chuncks of it. Flatten them out, and fold them so it makes a round cone shapped thing. It’ll take a couple tries to get the right size btw. Fortunatly the candy bottle things cost next to nothing.

Do this carefully! Put the wax on a tooth pick and use a lighter to melt the wax together. If you do not feel safe doing this, it’s posible to get them to stick using your fingers.
You’ll need two of them

and then put them over your teeth- press them around your real teeth- it’ll stay on really well!
I wouldn’t think eating wht them would work.

If you have some spare cloths, you can mix some chocolate surup with red food die. It looks a lot like blood- but will stain skin and cloths.

You can get some really cheep fake blood at wallmart, it looks pretty real acually. Not sure if you can get it when it’s not halloween though :(

I’ve not tried this, but maybe chocolate surup and ketchup. Then the ketchup doesn’t look unnaturally red. That wouldn’t stain and you could put it around your mouth.

Acrilic pain, wattered down, looks really realistic too. Only put that on cloths you don’t mind ruining, it’ll sain also.

Dark eye makeup, a cat’s eye effect would look nice. And smoked out. You can find many, many tutorials on a smokey eye on youtube.
Also look for “vampire makeup” on youtube, you can find some helpfull stuff. ^_^

John asks…

Do you like old horror movies or new horror movies?

I personally like the older ones better because to me makeup is a lot more scarier than special effects and the plot lines are much better. Now, horror movies are all about the special effects with barely any plot line. Plot lines really make a movie scary. However, this is just my opinion. Which do you prefer?


I agree.

Horror films were at their best throughout 1920s – 1980s in my opinion. I like some new horror movies, but to much of them are relying on blood and jump-scares. Sure Paranormal Activity came out, but it’s to cliched for me, which makes it boring.

I love the classics and indie ones the most. The ones that are the scariest, are the ones that have a good strategy. For example, “Nosferatu” uses silence (it’s a silent movie, but it has music) to scare you; as if Count Orlok isn’t scary enough! And with the lights off, the house quiet, at midnight, Nosferatu one of the most creepiest experiences you’ll ever have.

Then, theres the slasher flicks like Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc. Very few of them are scary, but they’re mostly just for fun to watch with friends. Some of the are gory too, like Hatchet (2006) which is actually a very well done slasher flick.

And, it’s nice to have a movie with good special effects, but I always thought stop motion and do-it-yourself effects looked scarier!

So, I like new and old, but older ones are best!

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