Your Questions About Halloween Masks Runescape

David asks…

2008 runescape halloween event?

where to i get a costume?


If you have any clothing from a random event you can wear that

for example, the mime outfit is considered a costume.

A priest outfit is considered a costume

The camo outfit from the Drill random is a costume
The zombie outfit from the Graveyard random is a costume
The frog mask is a costume
the lederhosen outfit is a costume

you need to have 3 costume items on to do the trick or treat.

Susan asks…

runescape what happens to holiday items if i die ?


Hi there. If you are wearing holiday items such as any Party Hat, a Santa Hat, or a Halloween Mask, you WILL lose them if you die (if you are skulled), or if it isn’t one of your three most valueable items if you aren’t skulled, just like any other time you die. This is because these items are tradeable, and therefore, will be dropped when you die.

As for all of the other holiday items that they have released after they made holiday items untradeable, you either keep them, OR, if you don’t, you can probably go get another copy of the same holiday item from Diango, who is in Draynor Village Market.

Hope this helps :)

Lizzie asks…

Funniest/best moments on Runescape?

During your time playing runescape what have been the funniest, best moments you had??
funniest= Some lvl50 was saying “selling extremly rare bronze dagger 10k”
best= A random event during halloween a couple years back gave me a red halloween mask!! I still have it =)


Funniest= Maybe the fally masacre? Thats old but still. And the duping, lol, the duping. Also recently my friend who was the guy who interviewd zezima on youtube was like, why is he so famous? Lol.

Best= Of course 60 attack and defense. A long time ago but still. Getting my perfect outfit was awsome too.

Sharon asks…

i have been hacked on runescape?

when i logged on to my runescape user all my stuff was gone and all my friends were deleted and replaced by things saying you account has been hacked and stuff. and one of my friends has had the exact same thing happen. is it possible that it was somerandom hacker or does it have to be somebody i know (i have not given out my password) and is there any way i can get my stuff back.



Unfortunately, Jagex doesn’t give your stuff back if you’ve been hacked (too many people claiming they had a halloween mask and full Saradomin! :p). However, as the guy above me says, they might be able to trace the IP address of who did hack into your account. I know it seems like it’s someone you know if it happened to your friend too, but there are so many of these people on Runescape that it could’ve been just about anyone.

Good luck getting your account sorted anyway :)

William asks…

runescape?!!??!?!?!?!??! rare iteams?!?!?!?

will santa and h’ween mask go up as in x mas or in halloween???


No sorry it wont. With jagex and the Set prices, merchanting is close to impossible now a days.

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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes

Chris asks…

halloween costume!?!?

does anyone know where i can get really good halloween costumes?? me && my gf wanna get costumes that kinda match but we also want our costumes to match our daughters.


The best Halloween costumes are home made! Here are a bunch of ideas and how to make them. Only the space aliens one needs any sewing. The rest you put together from stuff you already have or that you can get really cheap. Have fun!

Easiest Costume Ever: Priest Movie 2011

‘Legally Blonde’

Cheap, Easy, and Fun! Says it’s for kids, but anyone can use these ideas.


Celtic Halloween Costume: Woad from ‘King Arthur’ Using Blue Hair Paint

Crazy Cat Lady Costume – and Tips for Making it at Least Mildly Cute

Short Girl Costumes that Are Original and Not Skanky

Space Alien Group Costume – sure to win any school or office contest

No Fangs on ‘Twilight’ Vampires! How to Put Together a ‘Twilight’ Vampire Costume (The next movie comes out November 18 and the previews will be on TV just before Halloween.)

Halloween Costumes Your Boyfriend Will Wear, Even If He Is Too Cool

Mandy asks…

What do u think of this HALLOWEEN COSTUME???

I’m thinking of dressing as a girl for halloween.

This halloween, I’m thinking of dressing up as a “female domintrax” character. It’s essentially a kinky female which is in command being dressed in all leather/pvc/latex clothing.

Here’s my costume:

black/purple latex mask

Purple gloves

black leather buckled corset

purple leather mini skirt

black 5 inch knee high boots


I feel that the outfit blends in with the black/purple mask.

I might dye my hair purple.

Any costume ideas for this female dominatrix costume?

What do u think of this halloween costume?


You halloween costume is fantastic! You wont find a single person wherever you go with the same costume! Which is awesome! However I believe your missing two things! Handcuffs…just for the effect…which should be attached to the corset and fishnet tights! Then your ready to go! Prepare yourself for Halloween by wearing the heels before hand…so if you do get blisters its not on Halloween….(thick socks and gel insoles should be very helpful) Other than that your costume is amazing! I hope you have a fun Halloween and be sure to post pictures!

Joseph asks…

What should be my Halloween costume?

im 11 years old and i want to look really pretty for halloween but it has to be a costume from party city



Paul asks…

Your Halloween Costume!!?

Whats is your halloween costume this year?
What were cool ones you had in the past?
And what is the coolest costume youve ever seen?


My Halloween my costume this year is like one of those 50′s dresses accept it has a poodle made of bones off to the side and it’s black and white. I’m going to spike my hair up with some major hair gel and have a lot of Halloween accessories. I was usually a witch in the past and my favorite costume I’ve ever seen was this gypsy pharoh that had some cool stuff included in the costume.

Lizzie asks…

Trying to get ideas for a Halloween costume?

I’m a teenage girl trying to find a good Halloween costume, I want something that’s semi-sexy any ideas?


Halloween Costume Inspiration:

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Your Questions About Halloween Decorations For Sale

Betty asks…

Any Good places for very cheap Halloween costumes?

hey guys, i was just wondering if there were any good websites or stores where i can find a good variety of cheap halloween costumes for a teenage boy, any help would help, thanks :)


Well, you really need to check out Craigslist or other classified sites. You know, lots of people are selling and buying stuff on these sites and they always have almost everything we need.

I just searched Halloween costumes on and found a lot of cheap options.
1- HALLOWEEN costumes for sale! Jack skellington & Sally (Ingleside)
It is 20 dollars per piece. But if you’d like to get two costumes together, it will be only 35 dollars for two pieces.


2- Halloween costumes and decorations Sale October 8 (4137 W Melrose)
Well, the poster just wants to give away a lot of Halloween costumes, both for male and female. These costumes can be really cheap.

You can send the poster an email to get more detailed info about the price. Or you can directly visit him. He will be only available on Saturday, October 8th, 10am to 2 pm.
4137 W Melrose, 60641

See this page for more other affordable Halloween costumes.


if these costumes are not what you want, try to post a free ad on Craigslist to see if there are anybody have some better options.


Good luck!

Sharon asks…

what kinda of decorations can you make or buy for my Halloween sixteenth birthday party?

Well basically I want some ideas for something scary, and that is that expensive. and always ideas for food. Thanks : )


If you’re looking for something really scary then how about a Giant Creepy Cloth Spider? I’ve seen it on sale under $20. It’s over 4 feet long and can be hung anywhere! If that fits in with your budget then check out the url below for more info. As for the food if you go on and search for “halloween” then you’ll get tons of Halloween party recipe. I hope this helps!

Lisa asks…

Halloween Party!!!! (REALLY SCARY) ?

ok me and my friend are throwing a halloween party. the last question i had came up with NO good answers. i want it to be really scary but not too scary.
well i guess really scary…..
and its a party for JH/HS kids
and its in my garage/yard
I want ideas for it


Make like a haunted house!!! (In the garage)

-Purple Light bulbs (Replace all the ones you have with those)
-Cobwebs (Put those around chandeliers and lamps)
-Skull Heads (Place them all over)
-Put like black card board to divide the garage (Like a maze)
-Coffins (Cardbord- you can get them at local Halloween USA’s and all that)
- Do a “Dip your hand in thing” like…
– Cold Spaghetti- (Brains)
– Grapes- (Eyes)

-fog machines
-Spoke lights

Anything scay you can think of… You can buy plates and cups at the dallor store too!


-Set you food tables, maybe do a pinata and put in some cool candy eyes and all that

-play lots of gothic rock music

- – Halloween props (I think their having a sale)

Email me if you have any more Q’s…

(Go on my Y!A page)

P.S -Do like a graveyard thing too… Get a lot of gravestones at the dollar store and wal-mart

Mandy asks…

Where Can I Buy Black Candles?

They do not sell them anywhere, and I need to use them for… Satanic Purposes.


Anyplace that specializes in occult supplies will usually have them. And this time of year — around Halloween — you can often get them at any drug store. A lot of occultists I know stock up for the whole year once the Halloween decorations go on sale in November from places like Walmart and Big Lots.

Steven asks…

what are some good halloween stores online?

does anyone know where a good halloween store is to buy outside props and stuff online ? i am setting up my yard this year its gonna be big plz help


Here is an excellent source and everything is on sale .
Good Luck & Happy Shopping

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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes For Women

Donna asks…

What is a creative group Halloween costume for 3 women?

Two of my friends and I want to do a group themed costume for Halloween. We are in our mid 20s and want something creative and fun. Doesn’t have to be a famous trio but something that we could do as a group, preferably not actually physically attached to each other. If it something we don’t have to get an actual store bought costume that is even better!


Online Halloween store Sewing patterns below for 3 women. You can get the fabric from Joann’s Fabric.

Michael asks…

How to shrink a “dress” one size down?

I got my Halloween costume in the mail today and it is a large. It’s the women version of Alex from A Clockwork Orange. It is a tad big and I was wondering what the best way to shrink something like that is. It is 65% polyester and 35% cotton and I would like to shrink it to about a medium so it fits a little tighter. I don’t want to return it and get a medium and have it been TOO tight plus I don’t want to go through the trouble.



Turn it inside out & make a stitch to the required size along the line of the stitch already in place all the way down that is if you can sew. That will reduce the overall size. I hope you’ve got it?

Nancy asks…


I have a halloween costume party to go to next friday, and wanted help with some ideas for an outfit that is different and i can pretty much make up myself?
I am 20, 5″5, blonde, curvy and rather ‘young’ face – big brown eyes, small nose and mouth.
I was thinking about dead female celebrities but don’t want the cliche marilyn monroe and obv cannot do moriticia adams for example (without getting a wig). Help?? Open to crazy suggestion!

I have many different black dresses and a top hat, and was hoping to complete the rest of an outfit with makeup and minimal props. thanks!!


Cute and Easy DIY Train Engineer Costume

Construction Worker

Little Red Riding Hood / The Wolf Costume

Lisa asks…

Good halloween costumes for women?

I want something funny/punny/witty. Nothing vulgar or with too much skin showing (I live in a cold country). I’m a young adult so just anything that would suit a practical joke or something like that, and simple. Cause I’m broke so I want to be able to put it together with what I’ve got in my closet.

One of my ideas was to go as a Hollister shop-worker. So I’d wear Hollister clothing and flip flops and just put a whole lot of body spray on myself and walk around going Hey What’s Up? and etc. but I want something everyone will get.


Funny DIY Halloween Costume Idea: Nightmarish Purple People Eater on the Prowl

Last-Minute Prize Winning Costume that Cost Nothing: Funny DIY Jelly Belly Costume

Coolest Wind Blown Lady Costume

George asks…

Women’s halloween costumes?

I’m a straight guy and i think woman’s halloween costumes are really sexy and i am thinking about wearing one for halloween


Http:// has many Women’s halloween costumes

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Your Questions About Halloween Fundraiser

Donna asks…

I am president of the dance committee, and I was wondering what are some mature, exotic dance themes?

By exoctic I dont mean weird. I mean a theme that would look beautiful, be fun, and hasn’t been over done. I was think fairytale or olympus or masqeurade but I could really use help!


Neverland (think fairy lights and treasure chests)
Winter Wonderland
Destination-France, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Carribean, etc.
Under the Sea (bubble makers, sand, etc)
Retro (pick a decade)
Costume-famous people, super heros, athletes, rockstars, etc. Halloween is just around the corner
Tight and Bright (all neon, all spandex, all awesome!)
Colour themes-black and white, all metallic, pink, etc.
Fundraiser – pink dance for breast cancer, proceeds to cancer research, etc.
Fairy tales, “Heaven”, masquerade, Neverland, and under the sea can all be made up to be very pretty if you’re putting on something big like prom.
Get creative and have fun.

John asks…

I want to holds a children talent show on Halloween?

Planning to book a venue on Halloween to host a American Idol show for children. However, should i do this at night or in the day? Want to do in the restaurant that holds 600 people with foods or should i rent a theatre? With restaurant they can eat and enjoy the music and dance and pay for $25 or in theatre just sit and enjoy and pay for $15? I’m fundraising to help children and don’t know exactly what is best for the public to enjoy. Any idea out there would help, thanks


I think this will be a challenge to produce well.

You’ve got a month and a half to plan, organize and most importantly advertise for participants and audience. What are your costs for the restaurant vs the theater? Can you make that back if only half of your anticipated attendees show up? Will you have to rent sound and lighting equipment? Advertising needs to get out to magazines and newspapers NOW, can you afford the cost?

If I was a kid I’d rather be trick-or-treating. And as an adult, I’d rather be doing adult things, like drinking. Do the entrants pay a fee? Does this fee cover one parent attending and the other parent (if there is one) pays full ticket price? What’s the prize?

I just don’t think you’ve given yourself enough time and, for a fundraiser, haven’t thought out the various costs and potential revenues.

David asks…

Any good fundraising ideas for my freshmen class?

I’m president of my freshmen class and we need some cool fundraising ideas to raise money.
Does anyone have any good/interesting ideas?

Thanks for your help! :)


Fundraising Ideas for the fresman class

50/50 Raffle
Perhaps the simplest of all fundraisers is the 50/50 raffle. Many organizations that rely on fundraising efforts offer a 50/50 raffle at every meeting.

All Saints Day Cleanup
Little ghosts and goblins can wreak havoc on yards and pumpkins during Halloween. Have an all saints day cleanup for your next fundraiser.

All You Can Eat Potato Bar
Tired of the same old spaghetti dinner fundraisers? Try having an all you can eat potato bar for your group’s next dinner fundraiser. People will enjoy the change and there is a minimal cost.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction
Calling all eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Help raise funds for your group and meet some new people while doing so. Host a Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction. This fundraiser is appropriate for adult groups

Bagger for a Day
Sometimes it seems that your local grocery store can be too busy and that you always end up bagging your own groceries. This quick and easy fundraising idea lets you provide a nice service.

Bake Sale
This is an easy fundraiser to run as part of a larger event, such as a holiday craft sale, or sporting event.

Bakeoff Bake Sale
Appeal to the community’s competitive spirit and love of sweets and hold a bakeoff bake sale! You can set parameters like participants can only bake cookies or cakes, or just let everyone do their own

Ballroom Dancing Lessons
Put on your dancing shoes and start practicing your spins and dips! Ballroom dancing made quite a comeback through reality television. Other than it being fun and entertaining, it’s also great exercise.

Barbecue Contest
Fire up the grills and break out your best barbecue recipes! Everyone loves a barbecue. Anything cooked on a grill is delicious—even vegetables—and it’s a great venue for socializing and getting to know members of … More

Beach Cleanup
A great way to raise money during the summer is with a beach cleanup day. When the weather is at its hottest, people spend a lot more time at the beach.

More on the website. Good luck

Ken asks…

could you start a cheerleading squad at a high school?

i used to be a cheerleader, and still have several friends who are. the reason i no longer cheer is that none of my high school’s cheerleading teams compete, which was my favorite part of cheering. most of the cheerleaders i know wish that they could compete too. so when i was at my younger sister’s cheerleading competition this morning, i had an idea. could i start a competition cheerleading squad at my school?


Sure you could! My daughter’s high school has a competitive team, in addition to their regular cheer squads. Here’s how it works:

The competition team is made up of school cheerleaders, but it’s optional. Anyone from the Freshman, JV or Varsity squads can try out for it. Tryouts for the competiton team happen in the summer, after cheer camp. It’s basically just a week or two of open workouts – whoever wants to be on the team comes in and works on tumbling, jumps, and stunting, and the coaches put together a team based on what they see and what they think will work best.

The competition team members still go to all their regular school practices and games, but they have additional practices twice a week to prepare for competition. They go to 3 or 4 compeitions throughout the fall, ending with NCA High School Nationals in December. (Our team won this year! Yay!)

If you want to start something like that at your school, here are some steps to take:

First, find out how many of the cheerleaders would be interested – you’ll need enough people to make a team! Next, ask the cheer coaches if they’d be willing to do it. It would obviously mean extra work for them; if they aren’t willing to do it, you could look for someone else who would. Depending on your school’s rules, it may have to be a school employee. Perhaps there’s a teacher who used to cheer, and might be interested?

One question that everyone will ask is: how much will it cost, and how will we raise the money? So it will help if you can do some research ahead of time and be ready to answer those questions. Find out which competitions are held in your area, and what the entry fees are. Your sister’s cheer coach can probably help you with that. Another cost is uniforms; if the team is made up of girls from different squads, they won’t all have matching uniforms – so you’ll probably have to buy some for the team.

Another possible cost: our competition team held their practices at a local cheer gym, where professional coaches ran the practices and choreographed the routine. The cost for that was $100 a month for each team member (Aug-Dec) plus $3000 for the music & choreography. Of course, you don’t have to do that. If your school’s cheer coaches have the knowledge & experience, they could do all that right there at school, for no extra cost.

To pay for all that, we held several fundraisers that only the competition team members participated in. (No fair making all the cheerleaders do it, if they’re not all on the comp. Team). Be prepared to suggest some fundraisers when you present your idea. Our team held a cheer clinic for elementary school students; sponsored a school Halloween dance; and held some “spirit nights” at local restaraunts, where we served the customers and got a portion of the evening’s profits, plus tips.

I hope this gives you a good head start for forming a competitive team at your school! Good luck with it! =)

Mark asks…

What foods to sell at a haunted house?

We have been having a haunted house for over 15 years. We normally always have someone else do consessions. But the thing is, we don’t make money off that. So I’m wanting to do the whole consessions on my own this year. (last year we didn’t have any consessions)

It’s normally a big event. We are open about 6 days in October. And run about 2,000-3,000 people all together. What are some good ideas to sell and the prices I should sell them at. Also where to buy it in bulk. Thanks.


Halloween cookies: Ghosts, Pumpkins, etc.
Halloween punch: Bloody fruit punch, monster guts slime ade (it’s a combo or sherbet and 7-Up or Sprite), Witches brew with assorted fruit (grapes for eyes)
Sandwiches: Different kinds. Be creative. Pinwheels made from multicolored wraps are very festive.
Pasta dishes: Antipesto pasta.
Canned Soda
Hot dogs
French Fries or Curly Fries. Those were a hit at a fundraiser I did 2 years ago.
Mini Taco salads?

That’s all I can think of. I usually get bulk items from Sams Club or Costco.

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Your Questions About Halloween Food Games

Nancy asks…

How do I get people to come to my Halloween Party?

I invited 100 of my closest friends and so far, I only know of 8 that are comming. It is BYOB. Do you think that is scaring them away? I promised them it’ll be fun and ask their opinion on food and party games. What would lure them in more?


Yeah I’m actually dealing with the same issue.
I sent out an Evite (which I customized-Scary Look), setup polls for answers to my questions, and said on the Evite “Win a prize for Scariest costume!” Having “RSVP ASAP, space is limited” on your invite may help too!
Good Luck!! :0) Happy Halloween!

Susan asks…

How much does a full Halloween Party cost?

its 10 guys, 10 girls. all 13-14. I want to have a halloween party that will live on forever. How much do u think it would cost? take into consideration food. drinks. decorations. games. prizes.


Lets see:

Food for 20 at say about $10 per person (Chips, dip, cookies, soda, juice) = $200
Lighting and decor – $200, that will get you some table misters, tabletop gravestones, flame or other spooky lighting, lenticulars, and all your paper products for eating off ofetc. Add more if you want to set up outside, or want some animated props.

Games / Prizes – $50 – $100

So about $500 for a spectacular party.

Mandy asks…

What to do at a teenage Halloween sleepover?

My 17th Birthday is on Halloween and four of my best friends are sleeping over in my house.I would like for it to be Halloween themed.The room we are having it in is small considering there is going to be five people in all.What kind of games,food,movies etc would be good ?


Good movies to watch
scary: paranormal activity
funny:scary movie (keeping in mind this one it rude)
games to play:the maltesser game you have one and have to to put at the top of your forehead and roll it onto your mouth.. Truth and dare is a great one to do.
Food just snacks- crisps,chocolate fizzy drinks etc.
But the scary movies are probs the best thing to do. Have fun ;)

Carol asks…

How did halloween start, and is it evil?

My mum won’t let me go trick or treating tonight because she thinks that Halloween is evil.
Is it?


It is true that Halloween is largely a recycled pagan celebration (I don’t see any reason to hide it)—just look up “Halloween” in any Encyclopedia.

For instance, the Encarta Encyclopedia says: “Many of the ancient peoples of Europe marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter by celebrating a holiday in late autumn. The most important of these holidays to influence later Halloween customs was Samhain [actually pronounced more like sah-win or sah-veen; it means “Summer’s end”] a holiday observed by the ancient Celts, a tribal people who inhabited most of Western and Central Europe in the first millennium BC . . . Samhain began at sundown on October 31 and extended into the following day. According to the Celtic pagan religion, known as Druidism, the spirits of those who had died in the preceding year roamed the earth on Samhain evening. The Celts sought to ward off these spirits with offerings of food and drink. The Celts also built bonfires at sacred hilltop sites and performed rituals, often involving human and animal sacrifices, to honor Druid deities.”

And so, we find that the ancient Celtic culture believed that on the evening of October 31, the barriers between the human and supernatural realms were weakened, and it was thought to be the most favorable time for divinations and fortune telling (for the Druids to make predictions about the future). I read that during the celebration, they wore costumes, typically consisting of animal heads and skins, and this seems to be where the tradition of dressing up for Halloween came from.

Well, I like history, so let me just give you a bit more. By A.D. 43, the Romans had conquered the majority of Celtic territory. The Romans then blended local Samhain customs with their own pagan harvest festival honoring Pomona, goddess of fruit trees. Some scholars have suggested that the game of bobbing for apples derives from this. Some believe bobbing for apples was originally a form of divination (fortune telling) to learn of future marriages—the first person to bite an apple was predicted to be the first to marry in the coming year. And there are other ideas about bobbing for apples regarding its pagan origin.

And then the Catholic church got a hold of the holiday. As the Encarta Encyclopedia further says: “The Roman Catholic Church often incorporated modified versions of older religious traditions in order to win converts. For example, Pope Gregory IV sought to replace Samhain with All Saints’ Day in 835. All Souls’ Day, closer in spirit to Samhain and modern Halloween, was first instituted at a French monastery in 998 and quickly spread throughout Europe.”

And so, in an attempt to Christianize this pagan event with a church-sanctioned holiday, they moved the old Christian feast of All Saints’ Day (a day commemorating all the “saints” of the church) from May 13 to November 1. And November 2 was later made All Soul’s Day (a day to commemorate all the departed who are thought to be in purgatory). And so October 31 was set aside as a holy evening, known as All Hallows Eve (“hallows” speaking of the holy ones or saints—the evening before All Saints’ Day), which then became “Halloween.” And churches began staging pageants in which people dressed up as saints or demons—which seems to have added to the dressing up tradition.

Trick-or-treating most likely dates back to early All Souls’ Day parades in England. During the festivities, poor people would beg for food. Families would then give them pastries called “soul cakes” in return for their promise to pray for the family’s dead relatives. Children eventually took on this tradition, known as “going-a-souling” or “souling” and they would visit houses in their neighborhood for drinks, food, and money (a practice mentioned in Shakespear’s writings).

OK, what about jack o’ lanterns? Well, people have been making jack o’ lanterns at Halloween for centuries. The practice originated from an Irish folktale about a man nicknamed “Stingy Jack.” He was not allowed into either heaven or hell because of his trickery. So, according to the story, the devil gave Jack a glowing piece of coal placed inside a hollowed-out turnip to light his way at night as he roamed the face of the earth. He was later called “Jack of the Lantern” which was shortened to “Jack o’ Lantern.” So, in Ireland and Scotland, people began to make their own versions of Jack’s lanterns by carving scary faces into large turnips and placing them in windows or near doors to frighten away Stingy Jack and other wandering evil spirits. Immigrants from these countries brought the jack o’lantern tradition with them when they came to the United States, and they soon found that pumpkins made much better jack o’lanterns than large turnips.

It was pretty much rejected at first, but the holiday had a rebirth in America between the late 19th and early 20th centuries because of the influx of Irish immigrants (many fleeing Ireland’s potato famine) who came over and helped popularize Halloween traditions. They brought with them traditions that combined features of the Celtic and Christian holidays. But as belief in many of the old superstitions waned during the late 19th century, Halloween was increasingly regarded as a children’s holiday.

Lisa asks…

What should I give the football boys for Halloween?

My nephew plays for a Jr. Pee Wees football team and I wanted to give them each all a halloween sack. They’re in the process of practicing for the playoffs where they’re playing in our state Stadium. Some of the boys need to watch their weight. They can’t go over 105lbs or they won’t play. I had an idea of putting a 12oz gatorade and a trail mix bar in a halloween themed sack. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas that I can include in the pack?


Instead of any kind of food that may jeopedize their playing weight. Try something like wrist bands or Gloves. Or just tell them when this is all over you will take them on a candy shopping spree because they missed out on halloween
…Not saying they will lose but if they know there is candy involed at the end for the time they are picking out their candy
the football game will be forgotten about

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Your Questions About Halloween Lights To Music

Lisa asks…


a bit too old to trick or treat
i dont want a costume party
jsut a few friends hanging out watching scary movies..

any other idea????


No Lights .Candles
Scary Mood music
Good yukky looking food and snacks

Laura asks…

Halloween Bonfire, Any help?

Kso, Im throwing my first Bonfire the friday before halloween. Me and my friend are doing it at her house. We have all the Wood, its gonna be huge. But I have no idea what all I need to plan.. Help Me?


Bring some light blankets if it’s going to be cold out.

Marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey bars for S’mores.
Hot dogs and buns for roasting.

Something to drink.

Maybe a small portable radio, nothing too loud, just some subtle music in the background.


Jenny asks…

Halloween door talk?

my first time giving candy to kids and i just moved to a new neighborhood full of kids,i’m only 17 and i don’t know what to say to them when i answer the door, you know small talk like the adults do ,but what?
no it would be an akward silence


Ok well decorate your house and maybe if you have kids Halloween music.. And put LIGHTS UP SO IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR HOME!
Maybe wear like cat ears of something cute BUT NOT SEXY!!!
Maybe let the kids pick it out there candy
or say like HELLO and complement there costumes LIKE LUV THE WITCH hat and TALK TO THE LITTLE KIDS LIKE ooo i LOVE your lady bug costume.. Things like that
dont be waiting for them at the door … That’s kinda creepy but still be close so they dont have to wait long! If you have a BIG dog or really any dog make sure you dont let him outside
it might scare them
have good candy but if kids have braces to
O and like my brother have thighs like maybe pretzels or skittles for kids that cant eat peanut butter or chocolate
you dont have to talk to much.. You are young so you wont be as wierd as the old people
just rember when you were a kid and things like that
maybe tell jokes… :-)

Ken asks…

Halloween Party questions!!!?

Okay so i’m 16 and i want to have a halloween party with my boyfriend, my friends and their boyfriends. I really want everyone to dance and have fun cause i have a strobe light and i want to make a good impression so my friends boyfriends can trust me. I want people to have fun WITHOUT alcohol. So i need things to make people dance and other ideas from teenagers that can make my party fun. oh and also how do i get back into my house when my mom has the key and she is currently gone.


Fun music, great costumes, weird eyeball jello treats, tons of soda, black lights, smoke machines, or dry ice in beverages, test tubes for glasses, scary movies, have each wall/room have a theme of a scary “thing”, let people do what they do, because “making” someone do something isn’t always very fun. Be the example of what you would like to have happen i.e. First on the dance floor, conversation starter, keep it cool, have fun yourself. Have a guest weird guy, like a freaky clown or something that people can laugh at, gawk at, be freaked out at. Have a scary-food fight, Have do it yourself makeup set out for anyone who wants to use it. Scary story time. Balloons, pumpkins, plastic wrap. Bury a volunteer alive (safely). Karaoke. That’s a few ideas. Ask your neighbors if they have a key.

Sandra asks…

halloween party.?help pleasee?

give me some really cool, not cheesy ideas that i can do..
like :
a coldrin, or scary stuff.
thank you for all ur help=].


Get tons of plastic jack-o-lanterns that light up and fill them throughout the house….play music like the Monster Mash and look up some really cool Halloween recipes. Also, get lots of nic-nacs and make every corner of the house Halloween-like. Wooh I LOVE OCTOBER!!!! Happy Halloween :)

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup

Chris asks…

Halloween Gypsy Makeup?

I’m going as a gypsy for Halloween and I wanted to do dark dramatic eyes, but I also considered a red lip. Is there a way I can do both of these without overloading my face with makeup and looking…trampy? Or should I stick to one? :)


I think you CAN do both of those without looking “trampy”.. Its halloween! Your allowed to go all out girl! An I love the idea of dark dramatic eyes and red lip.. Here’s a pic of a beautiful combination of both with a sexy hint to it:

I love this:

She has the dramatic dark eyes with a hint of red eye shadow around it to accent the red on her lips which really makes her lips POP! And the two together doesn’t look trampy at all =)

I hope this can help you out! Good luck! =)

Susan asks…

Halloween makeup?

I dont have a costume or anything, but I was thinking of wearing a corset and jeans or something and doing my hair and makeup sexy, what can i do to pull this look together?


Well a couple of years ago I ran into the same problem. I actually put together an army fit and called it “sexy g.i. Jane” of course u put makeup too. Use ur imagination it’s Halloween.

Mandy asks…

How do you remove Halloween makeup?

I’m working in a haunted house for Halloween and in previous years I’ve never had a good way to remove the makeup quickly and without doing damage to my skin, and the makeup is usually very difficult to remove, any simple solutions?
What I really meant was good specific products, that won’t be harsh on my skin.


How to Remove Halloween Makeup

1. Faux Blood

Slather on a layer of shaving cream to remove dried faux blood quickly,” says Tracey. Rub thoroughly and rinse in the shower. Still left with a pink tint? “Before applying anything to the skin, prep the surface with Derma Shield,” Tracey suggest. “The foam will prevent dye from seeping into your skin.”

Beautylish recommends: Lather Almond Shave Cream.

2. Face Paint

“Products containing a lot of oil will break down makeup and paint quickly without damaging the skin,” says Tracey. “Look for a face wash containing isopropyl myristate, which is a synthetic oil and will get rid of heavy makeup.” For sensitive skin, Tracey suggests trying classic baby oil, which will take longer to dissolve face paint but is a lot gentler on your complexion.

Beautylish Recommends: Burt’s Bees Nourishing Baby Oil.

3. Fake Tattoos and Body Pieces

When it comes to larger areas on the body, Tracey suggests getting hands-on, literally. “Using a set of scrub gloves is key,” she says. “It helps with fake tattoos a lot!” For other glues, Tracey warns against trying to peel them off. “It is dangerous to yank adhesives of any kind without first applying an oil,” she explains. “If you don’t have oil, some nail polish removers contain acetone, which is fine to use on your skin and will remove stains.”

Daniel asks…

Halloween Costume? Makeup?

I’m 13, and i don’t want a Halloween costume this year. All i want is like some layering of colorful tank tops and stuff. And some crazy makeup. Any ideas?
Ok, so i pretty much decided on my makeup. I’m gonna get feathery fake eye lashes, and put black eyeliner, not so sure about eyeshadow yet though… :P
Now i really need ideas on costumes. Preferbly with color like Black, Red/Pink.


There is a lady on you tube called misschievous she does really good makeup and she has been doing makeup for halloween she shows you how to do it all hope that helps

Linda asks…

Halloween costume makeup?

so i want to be a firefighter for halloween, and i want to like smear some black stuff on my face kinda like soot almost. does anyone know what i mean?

i don’t want to make it look weird/bad, but almost sexy in a way haha.
does anyone have any idea how i could do that??
pictures maybe?


Black shimmering makeup would do the trick…or apply BLACK and highlight with glitter, the sparkly sheen will give you the sexy look…aplly on eye lids and under eyes..small smudge on cheek and opposite side on chin

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Your Questions About Halloween Masks

John asks…

please rate these awesome halloween masks?

or this one

please rate both on a scale of 1-10 1 being not scary and 10 being extremely scary


The first one is just bizarre, which is always scary, and it would scare the crap out of me if I saw it in my house, so it gets a 9. The second is really creepy but it wouldn’t scare me immediately on Halloween, so it gets a 5.

Susan asks…

Halloween Mask Papers?

I am trying to look for Halloween‘s Evil clown or something that are more scarier than usual. It’s only print out the papers so I can make those masks… like this…

Yeah, where can I find those?


It’s hard to find cut out masks on the Internet that aren’t too small. I looked around, but all were either really corny, small, not scary, or unrealistic.

I think that you should go to Halloween stores in October or September, and then pick out a mask from there. That way, you will have a better variety. They aren’t expensive either.

If you really want to get a head start, try this website:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Best of luck!

Paul asks…

horror halloween masks help?

where can i find a store in or near warren michigan that sell horror halloween mask or just horror mask i think u guys get the point!! well just go to youtube and go to the search box and type this in taiwantimes, and he should come up he has a video of his collectibles i need help locating a store that will help me get them…i want to get them for my boyfriend for christmas


You can shop at this website instead of the store, but I’ve found in past experience this is the best store to get your Halloween costumes and other things. I found the ‘mask’ section, and heres what I came up with:

However, you may be interested in the ‘full head’ ones like this:

If your not interested with shopping online, then Target/Walmart has a few ideas for masks. There’s probably 1 small row of them per store. But they have limited ideas.

Best choice to take is Party City, or

Hope I helped, happy halloween!

William asks…

How can I see with my glasses under a halloween mask?

I want to be Jason Voorhees from the horror movie. But, I wear eyeglasses, and I don’t have contacts.

The problem is I can’t wear glasses under a mask.

How can I see? (I can see, just blurry when I want to see far away)

Please help?


Well you could wear them over the mask, but it might be hard. It’s hard to pick a costume without masks, I should know, I also have glasses! XD But I usually just face paint it on, I’m not sure about your problem, did you try putting your glasses over the mask?

Mandy asks…

were to get or how to make a scary halloween mask?

I really want something special as my mask.


Ebay and Amazon have a huge selection of masks but you may struggle to get delivery in time now.

You could try a local joke or costume hire shop.

Alternatively (if you’re really stuck) you can get printable masks like these:

I hope that helps.

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Your Questions About Halloween 2

Robert asks…

Halloween town in Kingdom Hearts 2?

so im playing Kingdom Hearts 2 but i have a problem. Im in halloween town and in chapter 2. I’m looking for the presents that were stolen from santa’s workshop where are they and how do i get them?


Halloween Town

Dr. Finkelstein is still toying around in his lab, when an unknown attacker steals his new invention. Jack is too busy collecting presents when you arrive. Jack will join you shortly. Leave Santa’s cozy home and go upstairs through the Toy Factory to Wrapping. Mischief!

Boss Battle – Lock, Shock, and Barrel
The 3 miscreants are messing up Santa’s workshop. They need to be taught a lesson. Chase them around the room, focusing on one evil child at a time. Take down their hit points, then use the Reaction Command on the boxes to trap them. Retaliation comes in the form of toys being tossed at your head and mini-tornado spins. The kids are so small and quick, they will probably never even touch you. Lock up all 3 to get some answers.

From Santa’s House, travel all the way back to Yuletide Hill and then through the Hinterlands to Halloween Town Square. On the way you will battle Neo Shadows, Toy Soldiers, and Trick Ghosts among others. There should be no new chests if you got them all on the first run. In the town square, you will have to defeat Wight Knights and some other Heartless to get back 4 presents. Just keep killing Heartless and picking up the boxes when they drop. Sora obtains the Present item here. After a short scene, you’ll be back in Santa’s shop. Return to where you fought Lock, Shock, and Barrel and talk to the elf. In this event, shoot the boxes with X as fast as you can. Reload with Triangle, and shoot the kids if they get in the way. No seriously. Once 100 presents are set, Sora receives the Decoy Presents item. Save your game here, and talk to Santa when readily equipped.

Boss Battle – The Experiment
The Experiment is a rather twisted design of a robot that can reform itself into different configurations. It will begin with simple attacks, including pounding the ground in front of itself to create damaging waves. It will also use its other hand to suck you towards it and then let loose a laser from its face. The best way to avoid this is to actually jump towards the robot and be above its head attack while it does this move. After doing enough damage, the arm will fall off and walk around like a slinky, creating shockwaves. Stay away from it and focus on the main body. Hurt the body some more, and The Experiment will split into 3 separate pieces. The skull and torso portion will spin at you, while the arm walks around and the head spits triple lasers at you. Run up to the torso and use Kick Spring.

This will reconfigure the robot into a new form. In this form, the robot will use the head on its hand to shoot that triple laser at you. Keep attacking it, and using the Reaction Command when it splits into 3 parts. Watch your health, the torso’s spin attacks can catch up with you quickly. Scrapping this failed experiment will give you the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade.


Sandra asks…

For those who have seen Halloween 2?

Does anybody know the name of the band that was playing on the television when Laurie woke up screaming?

I think they appeared more than once in the movie.
And the name of the song they were playing?


Halloween 2 2009? Or halloween 2 the real one 1981 ?

The trailer ive seen of the new one had nights in white satin / the moody blues. On the tv

Linda asks…

Halloween Survey #2?

1.Do you like Halloween? Why or why not?

2.What do you usually do for Halloween?

3.What are you going to be for Halloween?

4.Do you prefer candy corn or candy pumpkins?

I love halloween because you can dress up and be someone your not and hang out with your friends and go trick or treating.

I go trick or treating with a group of friends

Gangster with my friend in our victioria secret sweat pants

Eh candy corn … but neither/


1. Yep love Halloween =]
My fave holiday I think =]

2. Go out treick or treating or watch a scary movie with mates =]

3. A dead school girl.. Or a penguin

4. Candy Corn!!
Wooo =]

What are your answers?

Paul asks…

The Final Destination or Halloween 2?

What wll you watch?


Halloween 2…. Final destination is jus getting old… They’re just gonna find new and nasty ways to kill people….. All the same… Like the saw movies…. Its gets old after the second movie

David asks…

Poll: Final Destination 4 or Halloween 2???

which one will be a hit at the box office, both comes out on august 28th


Halloween 2 looks pretty good.

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