Your Questions About Halloween Lights Show

Linda asks…

What products should I use to get an Alice Cullen look?

For halloween I’m going to be Alice Cullen, and I need a few things for that.
Really pale makeup, hair styling products ( temporary hair darkener, hairspray, and a straightener.), and a picture to show my hairdresser of the haircut, maybe color contacts,


Sounds like you’ve got it all planned. For her hairstyle, I would use a product like “Rewind” (by Redken) or “Afterparty” (I think this one is by Bed Head) It’s sort of a gooey styling paste that hold your hair, but still lets it move. Also, lots of hairspray.

The pale makeup, I’m sure you’ve got worked out. Remember, they sort of fit in at school, so they aren’t like white-makeup-kind-of-white. Just get really light pressed or loose powder and go from there. See if that is light enough.

I would love to get colored contacts. There are some fun places on the internet, but I don’t know if some eye places just have some in stock…try walmart optical or LensCrafters.

William asks…

can you temporarily dye black hair a lighter color?

i wanna dress up as ramona flowers for halloween and i have black hair.. im thinking of using temporary dye but im not sure if it would work on black hair or if it will even show at all. is there any dye that will? or does it really work on black hair?


You can always get a semi-permanent highlighting kit and do that, then take kool-aid and conditioner dye your hair that way!

Robert asks…

What are some things to talk about with someone you know, but have never met?

Like I said, we’ve talked but went to different schools and never met. He’s 20, I’m 17. What are some funny and light topics that keep a conversation going?


Talk about your hobbies, interests and sports you may like. If you like football or tennis or any sport, talk about that. Talk about who your favorite teams are but do your research first unless you know enough. Have a weird talent? Talk about that and have fun . Laugh at yourself! It shows a good sense of humor! Make fun of political figures . Talk about your favorite shows and ask what shows he likes. If you have one in common, talk about that. It would be so much easier if you both actually meet. It is then that you can get a better feel of what he is like and what he likes. Talk about music too and what songs or artists you like. It is almost fall and there is a big topic there on how beautiful the fall is and the colors of the leaves. Hayrides, pumpkins, costumes for Halloween , apple cider, etc, are a good source for conversation. Have a favorite comedian? Talk about that! There are really so many things if you think about it. Good luck!

Donald asks…

Why are white people so quick to adopt other cultures over their own?

Are they ashamed of their culture? Does their culture not offer them as much as other cultures seem to offer ? What is the deal here? A black man who adopts white culture is not cool in the mainstream spotlight. But adopting black culture as a white man is regarded as cool in the mainstream spotlight. Why?
To the person that everyone has adopted white culture?

You are wrong. McDonalds markets to urban America. Ipods, computers, playstations and phones are ran and created by the Japanese. The car market is heavily dominated by the Japanese. Your clothes are made in China. Just some examples.


Everyone has adopted white culture. Everyone eats at McDonalds, speaks English, uses white peoples technology cars, phones, ipods etc etc. Watch white movies and tv shows, Wears clothing brand that are made and owned by white etc. Also many are Christians and so on. Not to mention the obsession with lighter skin shades. Also most of the sports are created by whites and are part of white culture, soccer, football, etc etc etc.

You seem to be forgetting that White colonialism took place globally.

Edit: No you are wong. Asians copy white culture (just look at their anime all white blue eye blonde hair people) whites are the ones that invented phones, cars, airplanes, electricity, computers etc etc etc. Whites are the ones that made the hollydays like Halloween, St Nick, Christmas, Valentine day.
Whites are the ones that own all the major clothing brands. And even tho some things say “made in china” it does not mean it was made by chinese, it means that White companies ship overseas and make the products there cuz its cheaper to do so, but the companies are stilled owned by whites and the products are designed by whites

Also social network is white culture. Your myspace, facebook etc.
Governments like Democracy are white culture.
Olympics is white culture.
Everything that is now Global was white culture that was spread through colonialism

Sharon asks…

How can I decorate my bedroom so that it looks like an autumn forest?

I am redecorating my bedroom soon and I am hoping to style it so that it looks like an autumn forest.
What sort of colours/patterns would you suggest (any photos would be very helpful). It does not bother me if things are not completely coordinated and I’d like my room to have a more rustic, old-fashioned feel. How can I do this?
Thank you.


That sounds like an amazing idea..i love the fall aslo..well what you could do is stain alot of things..brown stained wood would look nice..brown is a good color to use for autumn..its the darker, less bold color to use..but you also want colors like red(not too bright of course, think of leaves), orange, yellow, and possibly just a little bit of a light, faded would just be a matter of choosing the colors to go in the right areas to balance it all could paint the walls brown(sounds bad i know but wait), with white trim on like windows, molding and floor paneling, and then maybe if you have anything wood in your room you can stain it brown, and then get things like red orange and yellow bed set/pillows, those colored lamps, night stands, curtains, pictures making the trim of different items be different colors..get a rug…the best colors to stick to tho besides the redish orangish and yellowish ones..are brown, tan, and dark red/maybe maroonish..i also like goes well with the other colors…but what you could do is buy stickers..they have these stickers that stick on your wall and there shaped as leaves..its pretty cool..ill leave a link to show u an could try to put leaves on other things too like the side/top of a desk or your headboard..think of halloween..pumpkins, hay, corn, black..goodluck..i think its a great idea..i might steal it :] lol

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Effects

John asks…

Where should I start selling my art work and advertising my special effects make up?

I have been doing art work all my life and special effects almost as long. I would love to start selling my pictures and doing make up for pay, but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone have any ideas? I do blood and gore make up as well as style make up, costume design, and hair. I also take landscape and scenery pictures I would like to sell as well. Thank you so much for your help!


Well, as I wander the streets, it is perhaps astonishing how little special effects makeup I see, especially blood and gore – so who do you want to advertise these skills to? Normally makeup artists are expected to spend most of their time doing ordinary makeup for photo shoots as there are not all that many Halloween parties or gore movies, but you say you can do that – so you have to make yourself known to the industry people that would hire you.
Since you “take … Pictures” apparently your art work is photography since you mention nothing else, which means you can sell on line via display sites or make prints to check out galleries and display areas around your town.

Ken asks…

How to use special fx makeup for community service?

To graduate senior year in my state you have to do a senior project that somehow assists the community. I need ideas of how special fx makeup could work into a community service project: for example, doing free fx makeup around Halloween, ect. I need a wide-ish variety to choose from, so if you think of anything, please let me know!


Volunteering at a community theater.
Doing a special effects makeup demonstration to a children’s group

Maria asks…

How to make Elmer’s glue darker in color?

I want to do some special effects makeup for halloween this year and i need elmers glue, but elmers glue is pure white and i need a flesh color. If i add foundation to the glue would it still stick and whatnot or will it ruin the effectiveness of the glue. (ps i can’t get liquid latex so that’s why I’m using glue). Thanks!


If you are going to be using, right on top of the skin, you don’t need to paint it, because it’s translucid, but in case you want another tone.. Maybe you could try adding some eyeshadow, but the one that comes powdered.

Robert asks…

What is an easy, realistic way to make zombie fx for Halloween?

I hate to say it, but I do not have:

Liquid latex
unflavored gelatin
scar cream
corn syrup

I only have fake blood, many different makeup colors and powders, makeup brushes, flour, and various other things. Please help?


Oh, i did a great one a few years ago. Mine was a zombie look like a frozen mangled corpse.

First, i did a very light blue all over my face, then added slightly darker blue on the lips.
Then added gray shading under the eyes. And shading for sunken cheeks
then added red and black for bloody slashes across the face, and a few scrapes.
Then used red and black to add gunked up “blood” on the forehead and face, and in the hair. (really made sure it was chunky and rough)
then added stripes of blood from each wound to make a drip effect.

After a few good touch ups, i was looking real enough to really make people jump. Looked good enough for the movies.

Sandra asks…

Where can I get professional special effects Halloween makeup done in LA?

I want to get either a gash on my face/neck or vampire bite and face done to look dead or just a bunch of slashes and blood all over my body. What I’m looking for is high quality special effects makeup. Like what you see in movies.

Do you know any people or stores that can do this for me? I live in Santa Monica LA

Price range:$0-200
Im not trying to buy makeup! im looking for a place where I sit down and they do it for me


Call your local Halloween outlet stores for information.

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Your Questions About Halloween Masks Latex

Mandy asks…

How do you make good cosplay cat ears?

I would like a FREE pattern if possible, a pattern for a tail would also be nice! These have to be like… perfect, cause i don’t want to look like i was lazy and just threw a few pieces of felt together.
Preferably long tail and semi-big ears~ ^-^

{{[Do NOT send me patterns for flat un-realistic cat ears or
i do not like them D8 ]}}


Buy the best-looking CHEAP cat ears you could find and replace the felt with realistic-looking faux fur. You can either buy some cheap faux fur garments, cut them and glue them to your cat ears or buy some faux fur fabric and cut them and glue them in the cat ears. And for the inside, buy some latex halloween mask (halloween is almost near so that wouldn’t be a problem) with skin that closely resembles the inside of a cat ear. Before gluing them up, make sure to sew the latex and the faux fur together and hide the seam/stitches on the inside for them to look flawless.

Or you could make one

some cat ear patterns that i found:

(just the ears on the second one)

which i think would look better if you just make one on your own. Just make sure to use the right materials like faux fur fabric and latex.

If you want to make it animated, like this one

just attach some cord from the tip, going through the inside of the cat ears( of course), discreetly hidden in your hair and clothes to one of your hands. Just pull the cord to make it stand.

For the cat tail, just buy something from a halloween store and replace the felt with faux fur. If its just hanging limp, stuff it in with a metal cord/wire/coil. Just shake your booty to make it move. Or you could just make one, wrap, glue and sew faux fur in a metal wire.

Charles asks…

Would Barackula the blood sucking communist be a good halloween costume?


Here is the mask to get you started.

Betty asks…

what are Hollywood masks made out of?

I have a good Halloween costume for next year and i want to know how to make Hollywood masks like scream or Jason. It’s going to be a skeleton with a cloak like scream and leather driving gloves with black boots. I have no idea how to make the mask though


Plastic isn’t uncommon, but the good masks are made of latex.

In Hollywood movies, typically actors wear advanced makeup so that is out of the question.

Mary asks…

Remove the gloss from sunglasses?

I’m making a latex mask of a zombie (I work at a local haunt and auditions and training start soon) and want to have an empty eye socket. I’ve used a prosthetic before, but it really messed with my depth perception so I want to try using a cheap lens instead. Any one know a good way to remove the gloss on sunglasses with out painting it? (I need to be able to see through it) Any tips are appreciated.


I used cancer. Lol. (<— has no left eye) but, nail Polish remover should take the gloss off. Or pure acetone. :)

I've always thought about being a zombie for Halloween, but my eyelid droops too far without an eye in. :(

Paul asks…

How do you make a latex mask?


First step: decide what kind of latex mask, of your face? A monster/halloween mask, just a random mask? Does it need to fit your face?

Second step: research:

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Your Questions About Halloween Horror Nights

Linda asks…

Do you have to pay every night for Halloween Horror nights at universal even with unlimited park admission?

I am going to Universal at the end of October and am attending Halloween Horror nights at least one of the nights but if you have the unlimited park admission for the week, do you have to pay every night to stay past 6 pm?


You would have the purchase a HHN ticket the event is not included in your daytime park admission. Price each night vary if you go on a Fri or Sat it will be more than if you go on a Thurs or Sun.

They empty the park for morning guests then let HHN ticket holders in.

Ken asks…

How to get past the sacrifice level (halloween horror nights)?

Basically, I can’t do it, and I don’t know if I’m going something wrong, explain? You can only answer this if you’ve played the game, on halloween horror nights website.


Make sure at the beginning of the game you had the box checked to enable the microphone to go live on ur computer..then just hold a steady hum and keep the soundwave in the green until the end, and thats it. A low hum etc.. I know on HHNRUMORS he said he used a fan and just aimed it at the mic… Good luck hoped this helps

Lisa asks…

Can you show your school id to prove your a florida resident to get the discount for halloween horror nights?

im going to halloween horror nights on firday and i wanna know when you buy coke zero and they say you have to have be a florida resident to get the discount with the cupon does anyone know if i could show them my school id to prove that im a florida resident.


There’s Halloween discounts and promotions at Aunsoft ,Get the products 50% OFF, it is really the big discount and this offer is only available between the 21th of October till the 4th of November.

Free products giveaway- just join in them to share this discounts via Facebooke and win free converters

here we go

Nancy asks…

Does anyone know how to get discounted tickets for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights HOLLYWOOD?

I am trying to figure out what is the cheapest, good way to get discounted tickets for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights HOLLYWOOD. I know Orlando has a couple different options for discounted tickets, but I have yet to hear one for Hollywood. If anyone could tell me if there is such a thing, that would be great. Thanks a lot
How do you get the discount for 10+ people? Thanks


Call group sales at universal.

It’s a very popular event. Best way to get individual tux was to order early on less popular nights.

Chris asks…

What do you think of this idea for Halloween Horror Nights 2009?

I think Orlando Florida’s Halloween Horror Nights 2009 should have the following attractions.

1. A haunted mall based on Dawn Of The Dead with Ving Rhames
2. A haunted house based on House Of 1000 Corpses.
3. A haunted house based on Tales From The Crypt hosted by the Cryptkeeper himself.
4. A haunted house based on the Saw movie.
5. A haunted house based on Resident Evil.

What do you guys think of this idea, I think it’ll be awesome.


Sounds cool but I think a scarier situation would be if you were strapped to a chair and forced to listen to Celine Dion. (shudders)

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Your Questions About Halloween Decorations Outside

John asks…

How to build a spook-tackular haunted house for cheap?

this halloween me n my friends want to build a really scary haunted house. but i have to do it kinda cheap. can yall give me somw tips and tricks on how to make an outside haunted house for cheap? o and give some places to get props and decorations. Pleaze and Thanks!!! Love, Jamie


Put up tons of spiderwebs and cheap skeletons and that stuff. You know, cheap stuff that isn’t actually scary. Then just put a lot of fog. I mean, enough fog so you can’t even see a foot in front of you. Then, nobody will be scared, and when they think it isn’t scary, then jump out at them with a really scary costume.

Donna asks…

Is it possible to make a cool Pinata, inexpensively?

I know they are not much to buy one, but I am wondering if it’s possible to make a cool pinata for my son’s birthday/Halloween party.


I once paper mached a punching balloon. When it dried, I popped the balloon, painted the outside, and filled it with treats. This worked very well.

You could make a more interesting shape by using multiple balloons and adding more elaborate decorations. Add many layers so it is harder to break.

Remember to use extra paper and starch around the area where you will attach the strings (I reccomend using 3 or 4 strings)

Have fun!

Paul asks…

I Need some Halloween Party Ideas; Can you help please?

I am throwing my first Halloween Party at my home and I need some cool ideas that can help make this party a fun party. Can you help me with some ideas? Thanks! 10 points for the best answer!


*don’t make dancing your main topic. It gets boring.
*good decorations are a must!
*plenty of snacks and refreshments.
*halloween music and todays music.
*don’t be shy… Your the host! :]
*spin the ‘halloween decorated’ bottle.
*bobbing for apples is always fun!
*cake fight? ( [outside] non-expensive and no made from scratch cake)
*cake walk… Loser kisses winner. [girl/girl boy/boy hand or cheek.]
*volleyball (if you have a big backyard) is always a fun groupy game!
Hope this helps a little :]

William asks…

What can I do outside of school that will look good on a CV/Uni application?

I don’t play any instruments or do any clubs. I want to volunteer/get a job but I’m 15 and nowhere wants me.


Volunteer at community events, helping to set up Halloween decorations for various town events at this time of year would be perfect and they should take any age. Tutor younger students, that would look very good. Do you play sports? You can often volunteer to help coach a younger sports team. Volunteering at an elder’s home or at a children’s hospital should be fine at your age, and would look really excellent. You may need to be accompanied by an adult though.

A lot of volunteer work and jobs require you to be 16, so be patient until then. It’s awesome you’re already thinking about this stuff at 15 though, I’m very impressed! I barely thought about it at all even in my graduating year – way to go!!

Jenny asks…

How can I make my house super scary for halloween?

I’m not having a party or anything…but I want the outside of my house to be suppperrr scary!
The weird guy down the street from me always has the best decorations on the block!
So What can i do thats super scary that will scare even adults that come by? I already have friends that agreed to dress however and jump out at people from my bushes…so any other ideas? thanks(:


Anything that makes noise scares people so get somthing that is motion activated. Somthing thats really makes a house stand out are STROBE LIGHTS make the light shine on something scary light a zombie or somthing. Decorations can be found anywhere micheals or a party store.

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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes For Babies

Carol asks…

Cute older sister younger brother halloween costume ideas?

My baby brother is almost one year old and I want to match up our halloween costumes this year. We’re both mixed, and I’m 13 years old. Thanks in advance!


Here are a few suggestion off the top of my head: (Rather than buying a costume, why not make your own by using YT tut’s as a guide. Some DIY costume tut liks provided)

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and the cowardly Lion: (DIY Dorothy costume tut)

A wizard from Harry Potter and your brother as baby Harry (just draw on the mark thingy with an eyeliner pencil).

A vampire and her bat (your brother in a cute bat outfit).

Mad hatter and the white rabbit or Alice and the white rabbit, or Alice or the Mad Hatter and the Chesire cat.

Little bo peep and her sheep

A witch and her pumpkin or cat.

Wonder woman and baby superman (You can even make your own Wonder woman costume, tut link provided):

Minions and/or foodimals from Despicable Me (you can make your own costumes to with this tut):

Minnie and Mickey mouse (full costume for your brother and just ears and cute polka dot dress for you).

Matching mice costume (again, full costume for your brother and just ears and cute dress for you).

Matching kitten/cat costumes (again, full costume for your brother and just ears and cute dress for you for you).

Katniss Or Primrose Everdeen and Prim’s Goat.

Hope i helped =)

Michael asks…

Any links to a costume pattern for Baby’s first Halloween?

I want to make my 6-month-old’s Halloween costume! I’m not sure exactly what I want him to be, but I plan on making the costume.

I am fairly crafty, and have a sewing machine and all of that stuff.

Does anyone have links to costume patterns?

I keep finding stuff that is along the lines of “get a black onesie, and a hat…” But, that isn’t what I’m looking for.
I was kind of hoping to find a free pattern or tutorial.


Both Simplicity and McCall’s have websites and costume patterns. Check there. Then, go to and see if they have that pattern. You can sign up for their online flyer and get a coupon for 40% off any one item. That’d give you a good deal on your pattern. If you’re far from a fabric store, you could order that, too.

Donna asks…

Homemade halloween costumes for a two month old girl?

I am looking for ideas for a Halloween costume for my two month old daughter. something homemade. thanks for any ideas.


A baby scarecrow would be super cute. Brown yarn could be used for the hay as real straw is rough on delicate skin. Jeans with patches sewn on. A flannel shirt. Hat with elastic to help keep it on. Boots (may have to find a pair of boy boots – try good will for a cheaper version)

Black cat – dress all in black with black hoodie. Sew on some cat ears and a tail.

Mermaid – if you are a great with a machine – make a mermaid fin in shiny green (or any color – pink would be really cute!) material. Buy a nude/beige color shirt. Put a bikini top on top of the shirt.

Ghost – white material with a hoodie

Mark asks…

Halloween costume ideas for 13 year olds?

I’m 13 and I want to get started on thinking about a halloween costume early. I like girly outfits if it helps. I was a cute eskimo last year lol. Any ideas? I’m not into dressing up as something random like a taco or french fries etc.


All could be made sexy, goth, scary, girly, etc.
U can make yours unique!
I can give u specifics too

wonder woman
cat woman
paris hilton
50′s girl
rag doll
belly dancer
queen of hearts
hula girl
betty boop
marylin monroe
army girl
80′s girl
french maid
can-can dancer
red riding hood
playboy bunny
cotton candy
boxer chick
football player
rocker chick
school girl
power ranger
beauty queen
elle woods
dolly parton
snow white
Harley Quinn
baseball girl
Hannah Montana
pippy longstocking
hello kitty
red riding hood
injured person
harry potter
peter pan
drag queen
cruella de ville

Robert asks…

How to dry lipstick onto clothes for Halloween?

For my halloween costume I have used lipstick on a shirt to make fake blood. The lipstick has been on for a few days and is still able to smudge everywhere and is wet. Is there anyway to dry it? Like with hairspray or a hairdryer? I’d be ok with it, but I’m going to a theme park and will get lipstick all over the rides etc. :S


Don’t add heat, that will melt it. Brush it lightly with baby powder or translucent face powder.

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Your Questions About Halloween Fun Facts

Joseph asks…

What should I be for this Halloween party?

I’m not into the whole thing where girls use Halloween to dress like sluts in fact im really not into Halloween at all really. Normally i’ll do something sarcastic to make fun of halloween (last year i put a pot on my head…you can figure it out)
This year though i’m going to a party and I don’t want to look stupid. I know that the other girls are gonna be dressed in as little as possible and I really want to stand out in a GOOD way.
Any ideas?


You could be a queen. Braid your hair in a long braid to make it look like something from the Renaissance period. You can get crowns at Walmart. Pick the one you like the most and wear it. Wear high heels. When you pick a dress think about four things. Number 1- What looks cute. Number 2- What you feel comfy in. Number 3- If the colors stick out in a GOOD way.Number 4- Does it look like a queen dress.
Hope my idea was helpful. :)

Betty asks…

halloween is bad??????????????????????????

okay so i was talking with one my friends today. who’s a really strong religious believer. and when she was young her parents won’t let her go out on halloween. for some reason

and she also told me that around 300 kids in united states get abducted on halloween.

that creeped me out

do u guys think it’s true??
and what are some experiece u know or heard that happens to kids on halloween??

facts only please


I tried looking up some facts on halloween and i never came across anything that said children are likely to get abducted. I think your friends parents made that up to scare your friend.

Halloween is a lot of fun and there are many ways to be safe. Such as walking on the sidewalks, staying with your group of friends, having a cell phone in case you need to make a call, not talking to strangers or walking away from your group.

Iv been trick or treating all my life and never been abducted, im 23 now and still safe and sound. Its always best to check your candy when you get home because lets face it there are some bad people out there. Only once on a Halloween did my mother find a candy that was tampered with and she threw it away.

Halloween is NOT a bad holiday and i absolutely love it, its the one day of the yr that you can dress up as anybody or anything that you want! And get FREE candy and hang out with your friends.

Laura asks…

opinions on Halloweens?

I am part of a christian church, and I have always celebrated halloween, just for fun. Never dressed up as a devil or anything. But, I am feeling really guilty about the decorations my kids are putting up. I don’t want to take halloween away from them because I know that we are not partaking in evil. We just do it for fun. I was never held back from trick or treating as a kid, so I don’t want to take that away from the kids. Honestly, is it a little extreme to say that Halloween is a devils holiday?
Well, I prayed on it and ask God to show me if the halloween stuff was evil. I said God please show me in your way. Within an hour or two I got a call from the youth minister at church and he told me that the youth group is going to a Haunted Dungeons and Dragons thing this weekend. Well, I guess that answers my question. thanks to all for all your opinions.


Halloween is not an evil day or the “devils” holiday.
In fact, halloween started as a day to keep evil spirits away.
If you’re not doing anything bad–you have nothing to feel bad about.
Rock and roll used to be called the devils music—-think about that.

Ruth asks…

~10 Interesting fun facts about Bloody Mary? ?

This is part of my history assignment,I need 10 INTERESTING facts about Bloody Mary.



Paul asks…

Halloween: Fun or Satanic?


It started out as All Souls Day, a time to lovingly remember the dead.

However, that was long ago, and now it is a time for kids to have fun and get candy, at least here in the U.S. There is nothing satanic about it, despite some of the costumes trying to look scary.

There’s some psychology behind it of course. First, for kids, stuff that’s mildly scary is exciting. Roller coasters, spooky movies, etc. Trick or treat is done at night, so it makes it more fun and exciting when you and all your friends are dressed up. It’s fun. Another psychological aspect is that children are in the process of learning fact from fiction, reality from fantasy, truth from lies. This is an important skill for children to learn, and as children learn a concept, they like to make it into a game because that’s what they are excited about learning.

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Your Questions About Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

Donna asks…

Any ideas for decorating Halloween cupcakes?

All I got are mini marshmallows and halloween oreos and food coloring, oh and I also have a few tiny tootisie roll pops. I’m making cupcakes for 5 little kids ages 4-2. Any suggestions.


Make a batch of monster cupcakes.

After your frost the cupcakes, place one oreo on each cupcake. Set aside, then start shaping the tootsie rolls into the same of a mouth. (Just roll together with your hands and turn it upwards for a smiley face.) Then put the mouth on the oreo for a face. Attach mini marshmallows for eyes to the oreo.

William asks…

What are some unique birthday party ideas for turning 13?

I am turning 13 in Nov. and I want my b-day party, to soooo cool, and something I have NEVER done before. (i have done: spa party, Halloween party, sleepover(s), dinnermoviesleepover, etc.) It has to be not too expensive, but not too cheap! have any GOOD ideas?


I suggested this before:
Movie party theme for hall or at home. Have a movie themed party. They sell decoration kit and lots of decorations for this at oriental trading. Com. If at home watch a cool movie, have popcorn and all kids of candy and junk food. Make or buy pizza and have sundaes. Have a sleep over with the girls if you want. Have a dance in a hall with this theme. Have everhyone wear a movie star costume. Favors: black gold metallic beads from oriental, directors clapboard photo keychain from oriental, sunglasses from oriental or windy city novelities (make sure to buy adult ones).

Luau, beach Hawaii: Orientaltrading has the coolest decorations and favors for this theme and the cutest tropical invitation in the bottle. Give your guests leis as they come in. Play Limbo, Hula hoop, and have a few grass skirts and everyone (including the guys) have to give hulaing a try. Again if you have room to do this at home or you can rent a small room. Tropical pinata. Twister. Hawaii site including games: Cool invite: Flower lei and attach a printed invitation card.

Neon/Glow in the dark This is a cool theme!
For the invites oriental trading has neon badges. They are neon nylon necklaces that have a clear plastic case. You need to make the cards on your computer using the business card maker on your computer or just use the MS Word. You might want to put a really big VIP in color and on the back at the top Nicole’s Neon Bash in cool color and font and then the party info, who what when.

Oriental trading sells Neon gangster hats.

Oriental sells neon sunglasses.
Oriental also sells neon jelly bracelets
Glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces, lot of sites have these.
Neon Twist and Glow lollipops.
Neon nail polish u.s. Toy company
Neon lazer candy (just like pixie sticks but in neon)
Neon slap bracelet at u.s. Toy company
More neon themes go along with Glow in the dark.

Windy city novelties has neon tablecloths, cups, napkins. Just type neon in their search bar.

Shindigz has black light sensitive neon latex balloons. Again put neon in their search bar.

Shindigz also sells a neon lights personalized banner.

Oriental trading sells a neon fringe banner

Oriental trading sells neon balloon weights for the balloons you buy.

Party cheap has neon party horns and garland.

Glow in the dark sites:
glow source Lots of games here.
Light God

U.S. Toy company sells neon body glitter.
Windy city novelties sell lumi balloons that are balloon with lights in them.

Large neon party pack (kinda expensive) at windy city novelties.

So to search for neon and glow items go to all the party sites ands put that in the search bar:

These appetizers were great at our sweegt 16:

Taco Dip:
2 softened cream cheese.
1 16oz sour cream
1 packet taco seasoning.

Mix with mixer. Put in bottom of a cookie sheet. Top with shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and green onions. Use the cheese but you can altered the rest to your taste, maybe add black olives. Make 2 of these. Serve with tostitos scoops.

6 cups Crispix cereal
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup butter
12 ounce chocolate chips
2 cups powdered sugar
Melt peanut butter, butter and chocolate chips together in the microwave or on the stove. Stir into cereal. Put powdered sugar in a paper sack. Put cereal mixture in and shake until well coated.
Silver Dollar Sandwiches:
These are silver dollar rolls made by your bakery in the grocery store. We have them in our store just ready to grab, for large orders call ahead for some. Anyway they are perfect for parties, hand size, neat. You buy shaved ham, beef and turkey. You put lettuce on if you want and some cut cheese into triagles and put on. Also put real butter on on side of the bun inside of course. And have mustard and mayo packets on ice in case anyone wants that.

get a pinata that matches a theme if you choose a theme.

Put a certain number of candies in a pie plate, fill with cool whip or whip cream and guests have to hold their hands behind their back and find the candies to win a prize.

Buy poster of a cute actor or singer (get one of a girl and one of a boy if you are having a coed party). Anyway, put lipstick on the guest, blind fold them and then spin them a couple times and put them in front of the poster and they have to kiss it. Whoever comes the closest to the actor or singers mouth wins a prize. This can be funny, especially if boys come and they have to put on lipstick.

Police/Jail: Isheriffs badges at shindigz. Costumes and handcuffs at oriental trading.
Police line up board at oriental trading.
Police red flashing light at shindigz.
Police car cardboard standee at shindigz.
Wanted posters at buycostumes.
Get some brick wall backgrounds to make a jail room or use for the walls at the stumps p

Michael asks…

What are some fun family games to play at a Halloween Party?

The ones I came up with are “Bobbing for Apples”, a Pinata Pumpkin filled with candy, and maybe a “Best Costume”. But what else would be a good idea? Something safe and fun for the kids and even the parents. Thanks!


Pumpkin carving contest, best scary noise, decorate carmel apples, scary stories, pumpkin bowling (small pumpkins take the stems off, empty 2 litter bottles (with small rocks in the bottom to keep them from blowing over), pin a bone on the skeleton, scavenger hunt (find pumpkins, candy, masks), Decorate masks

Gross food guess:
You will need 5 or more paper bags that are made so that you can’t see through them. You will want to line the bags with plastic. You will be placing food in the plastic bags.

Items to place in bags: Modify as needed
First cut up bananas and mash them up. Then put them in bag #1. (Mashed Brains)
Then take grapes and peel the skin off of them and place them in bag #2. (Eyes)
Take stick pretzels and let them soak in water until they are still hard but a little bit soggy. Place them in bag #3. (Wet Bones)
Take spaghetti sticks and cook them so that they are soft and bendy. Place them in bag #4. (Intestines cut up)
Place dried orange peels in bag #5. (Dried Skin)

Now have the kid’s line up to take turns trying to discover what is in each bag. Before they put their hand in bag one, tell them that they will need to remember which bag had what in it. After the first person is done give him or her a pencil and paper to write down what he or she thought was in bag 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.The person who gets the most right or the closest to the right answer can receive a prize.

You may want to give each kid a few paper towels or wet naps so they can clean their hands. Also consider moving the yuckiest item last so consider moving the bananas to last and the dried orange peels to first.

Hope this helps, good luck! :)

Steven asks…

Does anyone have any ideas on activities for a 1st birthday for the older kids?

I know my daughter can’t do much but how can I keep the bigger kids entertained? They range from 18 months to 5 years old. Any inexpensive ideas?
My daughter’s B-day is December 22nd and the party is on the 18th so The bouncy house is out due to weather. And we are doing an at home party for the first few years because it seems to work better when they are so young.


We did a scavenger hunt. The parents/older kids can help out younger ones that can’t read.
We did things like find something (color), say your name really loud, give the birthday girl a hug, find (someone) and get them to give you a (something cheap from dollar store – we used shiny rocks), go give your mom a hug, ask so and so what their favorite color is, ask (someone who doesn’t know the kids ages) to guess how old you are, how many (color) balloons are there in the house, what is your daughters favorite (toy?) and so on – and at the end, they get a little treat bag! We gave out two tubs of playdoh to each younger kid ($10 for a pack of 10 or 12 I believe) and the older kids got something from the dollar store that suited their ages (little hockey sticks or whatever).

It’s not about who does it first or the fastest, but keeping them occupied and having fun.
By the time they all finished up, the food was ready and they were ready to eat too!

All I did was get the little treat bags and write up the hunt in Word to print out – and had some crayons for them to mark off what was done. I paired up the youngest ones with either their parent or the oldest kids – and they were more than happy to help out.

Other ideas:
Crafts – have them decorate something that they take home. There are little wooden treasure boxes you can get from the dollar store, or even the first letter of their name. (Depends on how many kids are showing up – and what your budget is) They can use paints, glitter etc.
You can also use paper plates or other paper shapes for them to decorate if the wooden stuff is too pricey. If you don’t want glitter/glue then you can use stickers, markers/crayons.
You can have them decorate cardboard paper crowns for themselves, just have them cut out and strings attached before they arrive.

Dress up – have larger clothing, halloween costumes or something else up and have them play with them.

Seeing as the oldest are 5 years old, you can just leave out random toys in groups for them to play with as they please too. Blocks, dress up, animals/people, coloring books, play kitchen stuff etc.

Good luck!

Sharon asks…

Any ideas for games at a boy/girl Halloween party for 11 and 12 year olds?

The party will be three hours. A parent will be there the whole time. It is a costume party. I know they are all pretty awkward at this age and they don’t want to be treated like babies, but they are not ready to act like adults do at a party (dance, talk, eat). I would like any advice on games kids this age would think are cool or fun. No video game ideas please, the party is being set up outside and there will be 15-18 kids there. Thanks!
hey steve-o: I didn’t say they wouldn’t be “allowed” to dance, only that I was concerned they would not want to.


Eye bobbing in blood (paint apples to look like eyes and put them in cranberry juice
a pumpkin carving/decorating contest

a boys vs girls scavenger hunt (use ghost, pumpkin, bat, etc paper cut outs to write the clues on)

a best costume contest (with first, second, and 3 place) and give them an award (1st: 3 pieces of candie, 2nd: 2 pieces of candie, 3, 1 piece of candie

assuming that they will be served some sort of food for lunch, you could make a menu. Example:

main dish
serve bread with blood sauce and melted flesh (pizza)
fried fingers (chicken fingers)

salted skin peelings (potato chips)
soft bone sticks with blood (frech fries and ketchup)

human parts (cake decorated as a person)
chocolate dipped dog legs (chocolate dipped pretzels)

eyeball soup (ice tea with grapes)
bubbling witches brew (any type of soda)

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Your Questions About Halloween Lights To Music

Paul asks…

What are some good songs to play at a Party?

I’m having a Halloween Party, and I need to make a playlist on my iPod with some good songs to drink, socialize and dance to!(:
Help would be nice, so list your answers below!(:
English or Spanish music will be good!(:


1. Nο Sleep – Wiz Khalifa
2. Lights Turned On – Childish Gambino
3. One Day – LMFAO
4. Whο’s Thаt Chick – David Guetta Feat Rihanna
5. BеаυtіfυƖ People – Chris Brown Feat Benny Benassi
6. Eνеrу Teardrop Iѕ a Waterfall – Coldplay
7. Ready Tο Gο – Martin Solveig Feat Kele
8. Give Mе Everything – Pitbull Feat Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
9. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO Feat Lauren Bennett & Goonrock
10. Yeah 3x – Chris Brown
11. Champagne Showers – LMFAO Feat Natalia KіƖƖѕ
12. Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa
13. Whеrе Dem Girls At – David Guetta Feat Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj
14. Hello – Martin Solveig & Dragonette
15. Super Bass – Nicki Minaj
16. Black Anԁ Yellow – Wiz Khalifa
17. Jυѕt Cаn’t Gеt Enough – Thе Black Eyed Peas
18. Thеѕе Days – Foo Fighters
19. Lighters – Eminem feat. Bruno Mars & Royce Da 5’9
20. All Of Thе Lights – Kanye West Feat Drake & Rihanna

And some more….
1.Party rock anthem. -byLMFAO ft.Lauren Bennet & GoonRock
2.Bіɡ Night. -bу Bіɡ time rυѕh
3.Thе Time (Dirty Bit) -Thе Black Eyed Peas
4.I Gotta Feeling. -Thе Black Eyed Peas
5.Runaway Baby.-Bruno Mars
6.Forget Yου. -Cee Lo Green
7.Yeah 3x. -Chris Brown
8.Bass Down Low. -Dev аnԁ thе Cataracs
9.Tonight(I’m Lovin’ Yου).-Enrique Iglesias Feat. DJ Frank E аnԁ Ludacris
10.Sugar. -Flo Rida Ft. Wynter
11.Misery(Glee Cast Version)
12.Teenage Dream (Glee Cast Version)
13.Gonna Gеt Thіѕ. Hannah Montana Ft. Iyaz
14.Tonight Tonight. Hot Chelle Rae
15.On Thе Floor. Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull
16.Never Sау Never. Justin Bieber Ft. Jaden Smith
17.E.T. Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West
18.Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) Katy Perry
19.Firework. Katy Perry
20.Sleazy. Ke$ha
21.Blow. Ke$ha
22.Crazy BеаυtіfυƖ Life. Ke$ha
23.Wе R Whο Wе R. Ke$ha
24.Pretty Girl Rock. Keri Gilson
25.Thе Shοw Goes On. Lupe Fiasco
26.Shake It. Metro Station
27.Super Bass. Nicki Minaj
28.Good Life. OneRepublic
29.Give Mе Everything. Pitbull Feat. Ne Yo, Afrojack, Anԁ Nayer
30.Hey Baby(Drop іt tο thе floor) Pitfull Ft. T-Pain
31.Counsins. Vampire Weekend
32.Nο Hands. Waka Flocka Flame
33.Whip Mу Hair. Willow Smith
34.Black аnԁ Yellow. Wiz Khalifa

Sandra asks…

What to do when your bored at home with nothing to do and your 12?

I’m bored at home and have nothing to do. Please any activites that could keep a 12 year old amused for a while. I’m a girl.


Top 20 things to do when bored:

1. Draw or write stories. And before you say, “I hate drawing and I’m really bad at writing!” think about all the wonderful things you can come up in your imaaaginaaaaation. Okay, forget the cheesy stuff. Really, you could go to YouTube and listen to your favorite songs, and you can watch a couple of movies as well on there.

2. Annoy your parents. Run around them, ask what time is it when you’re standing next to the clock, ruin your bedroom beyond repair, change your outfit every five minutes, then beg your mom to take you to the mall to get new clothes, make your little sister do your homework, shave the family cat, talk on the phone to your friends really loudly, or be really, REALLY quiet. It actually works.

3. Go watch TV. There are lots of channels you haven’t viewed yet.

4. Go to Google and type in, ‘Gross Facts’ ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ ‘Quizilla’ and one of my favorites ‘Yahoo Answers’.

5. Make a fort. Take a bunch of chairs into the living room and put them around the place. Get a sheet and spread it over them, and get inside. Grab a book or two and a bag of Doritos and call your BFFs to come over for a slumber party.

6. Make weird goo. Grab a pan and fill it with corn starch and water. Add green food coloring. The strange thing about it is that the goo looks and feels like sand in the pan, but it turns to liquid when you pick it up. Weird!

7. Organize your sock drawer. Go to

8. Make a strange chain mail. Maybe on the best things about somebody in your class categories.
Example: Best Smile:

Most likely to become famous:

(Or it could just be a private list)

9. Build a pinata. Get a shoe box and some toilet paper rolls and make some sort of animal. Glue or tape bits of paper over it. Put your leftover Halloween candy inside and then terminate it. But not before taking a few pictures!

10. This is something I used to love to do with my little sister. We’d take a bunch of shoes (bad idea, I know) and go into our room and close all the windows and turn the lights off. Then we’d take an equal share of shoes and spin around with our eyes closed, flinging the shoes in random directions. When we didn’t know were any of them were, we got down on our hands and knees (eyes still closed) and crawled around the floor searching for the shoes. Whoever found the most shoes won. You can just try this by yourself if your brother or sister is too ‘busy’ surfing the internet.

11. Do a funny prank. Get some toothpaste and spread it all over the toilet seat until it doesn’t look like there is any there. Then when somebody decides to go to the bathroom…well…you get the idea.

12. Blink wildely for a minute or two and then close your eyes really tightly for an interesting light show. You will see bright flashes of light, stars, blobs, and other weird things. See if some of the shapes seem to be trying to tell you something.

13. Go into a room without to many things to trip over (except for a nice chair ready for you to crash onto) and start spinning around, looking up at the ceiling the whole time. After a few minutes, you’ll be so dizzy you won’t be able to stand up.

14. Burn things with a magnifying glass. Ants are always fun to use for this, but burning the face of someone you don’t like, under some circumstances, can be just as entertaining.

15. Turn on the TV and put in on mute. Then put on your favorite song on YouTube and watch the show. This could be your best music video yet! Or, you could turn on a show on TV, but here’s the catch: KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED THE WHOLE TIME. Listening to the show, imagine what the characters must look like and what’s happening. When the shows over, rewind and watch it with your eyes open. Say, “OHMIGOSH, OHMIGOSH!!!! I KNEW he looked like that!”

16. Pull out everything in your closet and stand in front of the mirror, trying on all kinds of outfits, even if some of them seem really dumb. Do the same thing with hairstyles.

17. Get your dolls (look, I know you have some) and set them up somewhere in the house. Get your camera and make a movie. Put in funny sound effects and weird voices. Maybe it could be a dramatic love story when Barbie meets Mr. Potato.

18. Watch a really scary movie, whether it’s the movie Prom Night or The Care Bears. Afterward, go into your closet and turn off all the lights, and stand in the darkness for as long as possible. Hey, did you hear that? Oh my god, it’s a ghost! AHHHHHH!!!!

19. Find an unused domino and turn it into a necklace. Get a bunch of magazines from around the house and cut out neat designs and small pictures to glue onto the blank side of the domino. When you’re finished, spread a thin coating of varnish over the magazine clippings and let it dry. Then ask your dad to drill a hole through it and stick some yarn through and tadaaa! You have a necklace!

20. Clean your room already!

Sorry if some of this stuff is too boring for you. I’m twelve too, and I still get bored all the time! :)

Robert asks…

When is the best time to decorate for Christmas?

If it were up to me I would’ve decorated already.Where I came from the “ber months” starts the Christmas season.The decorations come out as early as September and the radio stations play Christmas music.But out of respect for Thanksgiving I wait the day after to decorate.Thanksgiving is being upstaged by Christmas.Thanksgiving should be it’s own holiday.It would’ve been better if it fell on September or October before Halloween or even early November.So,how about you?When do you start decking the halls?


I usually have my thanksgiving decs up at my thanksgiving party…but after we’re all done eating, i literally just change my tablecloth and plug in my lights…and im officially in xmas mode! Lol

Donald asks…

Okay I know I asked two question’s already, but I have another question about throwing a halloween party?

Well I’ve never really thrown a halloween party before so maybe I should ask. How do you throw a halloween party? It’s going to be in the garage by the way a never used garage.

Any help would be great.


Are you going for fun, spooky, or a scary house? For kids or adults?

I would make sure to sweep (if the garage has cement floors) really well, and then decorate with typical things: fake webs, spiders, bats, pumpkins, jack-O-lanterns, ghosts, colored streamers (purple, black, and orange seem to match most themes), etc. You can even do red or black light bulbs to cast an muted, erie glow on the party. Remember to give out small prizes or ribbons if you play games and people win. Costume judging is fun too.

Music is great, you can buy premixed Halloween cd’s or make your own. Try classic music, like movie themes (Halloween) or tv show themes (Adam’s Family, the Munsters). Songs like Black Magic, Marie Laveau, I’ve Put a Spell On You, Witchy Woman, Magic, Witch Doctor, They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Moster Mash, etc. We always use Casper’s ChaCha Slide as a fun, new version of the electric slide at Halloween Party’s. It isn’t really spooky, but the Casper thing ties in, and most people don’t separate it in the middle of the other music. Plus it has a really good beat to it and it can be a great laugh.

You can make realistic ghost decorations by using white trash bags, and balloons. Blow the balloons up to a decent size; use a dark marker (black, blue) to draw various faces on the balloons, with the tied side down; place one balloon inside each trash bag so it fits into one bottom corner snugly (you will have a point above the balloon); tie (with string, twine, or fish line) the trash bag tightly around the balloon, being careful to keep the knot of the balloon below the knot around the trash bag ghost’s neck. To hang in trees, from porches, etc., use fish line tied to a paperclip ‘pierced’ through the point at the top of the ghost’s head.

We also do paper bag pumpkins too. These are relatively simple, inexpensive, and a fun craft to get involved in with your kids. They also make great fall decorations that you can use year after year. You’ll Need paper bags, for smaller pumpkins use lunch bags with flat bottoms, for larger pumpkins use grocery bags; green string or yarn; markers, crayons or paints, and newspaper. Stuff the bag 3/4 full with scrunched up newspaper. Gather the top of the bag and tie with string or yarn to form the stem of your pumpkin. Shape the bag to look like a pumpkin, using your hands. Decorate your pumpkin with paints, markers or crayons, as you desire.

I usually do something cool and new each year with the cake too; various things like gravestones, dirt, bubbling cauldrons, etc.

Party games:
PUMPKIN BOWLING: You can purchase a children’s plastic bowling set, complete with ball. Then use a plastic, or various fake pumpkin, as the ball instead. Have participants stand a few feet away and throw the pumpkin, just like in real bowling, trying to knock down the pins.

PUMPKIN TOSS: Use a plastic pumpkin, like kids use to collect candy on Halloween, or another Halloween style container with a large top opening. Have participants stand a few feet away and toss various items into the pumpkin. We started with pumpkin beanbags, but when we lost or ruined those we moved on to plastic spiders, small plastic pumpkins, even pennies work in a pinch.

HALLOWEEN CONCENTRATION/MEMORY: Prepare 12 post-it notes or 3 x 5 index cards, etc., using a crayon or marker. Number each post-it note from one to twelve on the front, non-sticky side. On the other side, on two cards for each, put the words or pictures: Ghost, Pumpkin, Witches, Goblins, Treats and Scarecrows. Or whatever you decide to use. Make sure each pair is not in numerical order and then place the post-it notes on a wall in two or three rows in numerical order. Each player takes a turn asking for two numbers to be turned over. Game play goes on to the next player whether or not a match is made.

WAVY WANDS (kids parties): You’ll need music that you can pause

Ken asks…

cool Halloween lights.?

I have an arduino uno rev 3 smd. And I was thinking about making a light music sync deal with it. What would I need to buy? Relays, speakers, music, storage, what song would be good? Nightmare before Christmas song? Ideas please.


Halloween is OVER

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Daniel asks…

how to dress like a barbie for a halloween party?

how to dress like a barbie for a halloween party?
its tonight and its going to be cold. it will be both in and outside. any ideas for what to wear as a barbie?


Wear hot pink, light pink, and white clothing/ accessories. Wear a straight white-blonde wig ( unless you already have white-blonde hair color, then just straighten your hair ).

As for makeup, a youtube user called “MichellePhan” made a great barbie makeup tutorial. Here’s the link:

Ps: Remember to try to look as flawless as possible, being that barbie is suppose to be perfect. Make sure your hair is very straight, your skin is clear ( use foundation to cover blemishes) , your nail polish isn’t chipped, etc.

Sharon asks…

What should I wear for the Halloween dance?

I am going to a school Halloween Dance/Masquerade Ball. I can either wear a costume or just dress nice. First answer if I should wear a costume or just dress nice. Then, tell me what I should wear in specifics. Here are two example answers: Costume. Wear a princess costume. OR Dress nice. Wear a purple dress with flats. And remember, if it is a costume no scary costumes, only ones that will look good for my date. Also say what makeup I should wear.


You should totally wear a costume… When your dressed nice it’s not as fun. The costume you should wear is completely up to you and could depend on what your date is wearing you guys could go with corresponding costumes like your the beautiful mystery girl in the mask and hes the masked and caped hottie. Or you could dress up as a gypsy, vampire, or a fairy. Personally I think dressing up as fairytale characters is cool like little red riding hood or alice in wonderland. I mean you could always go as a pirate too. Your makeup depends on what costume. I think you should just go on youtube and look at a tutorial on how to do your makeup. They usually have some sweet looks on there. Hope it helped! :)

William asks…

Is eyeliner for both the eye and the brow and how do I apply eye shadow?

I am going to be a vampire for halloween

Also, can I use the eyeliner around my lips that will be filled in with a very dark red. Or should I go with a lip liner that is close to my lipstick color. AND what do I do to keep the lipstick on without having to keep going to the bathroom and put lipstick on?


Eyeliner, it lines your eyes. Crazy, right? There are many different ways to put on eyeshadow, check out a makeup tutorial on youtube. And no, dont put eyeliner on your lips, you use lip liner for your lips, eyeliner for your eyes, shocking and revolutionary i know. As far as lipstick goes, try using a lipstain, they last longer

David asks…

How can I do a tinkerbell bun?

I have shortish hair to my shoulders and I’m being Tinkerbell for halloween. I’ve been looking for a good tutorial on just a simple bun but I can’t find anything and my mother is no help at all hahaha. Any suggestions or tips?


He he! I know just the solution!
From ‘dulcecandy87′ on youtube

hope it helps you out!!! :)

p.s. If you want a makeup tutorial here is tinker bell makeup:

have fun tink!! :D

Mary asks…

How and where do you apply eyeliner?

I’m wondering cuz last year my mom helped me cuz I was clueless and it wasn’t even on my eyelid it was everywhere else! Then for Halloween I was a fairy (not one with a short costume and heels) and my x-BFF’s mom put glittery blue eyeliner on me and my friend and I washed it off and some was left on but it was still on and it looked kinda pretty!

My question is:
How and where do you apply eyeliner?
Do you wear liquid or the kind on a stick?


You put eyeliner close to the lashline and if you want a thicker, more dramatic look, you smudge it out (pencil only). Liquid liner goes on the top lash line only and can be more difficult to apply, so stick with a pencil if you are a beginner. Here are some video tutorial I have created for eyeliner:

I am working on a liquid eyeliner tutorial today. You can also line the inner rim of your eye, called your waterline, but you have more risk of infection. Get an eye makeup remover and there won’t be any left over liner in the morning. Practice and have fun with it!

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