Your Questions About Halloween Decorations Ideas

Lisa asks…

Halloween Party Ideas?

I am having a Halloween party with like 10 or 15 people, and I need some activities. The age range is like 14 and 15 year olds.

We are definitely having a costume contest (thats a given). But I need more! There will be music so we can dance and stuff, but I need more.

Also, any food ideas? Decorations?

Help much appreciated =). Thanks guys!


Here are a few ideas………….
Have every guest bring a can of pop, any flavor and pour it into a punch bowl with ice and pieces of fruit!
Decorate with anything from streamers and balloons to a full-scale haunted house.
Start a mixer as soon as teens begin arriving. Pin the name of a famous monster or Halloween character on each person’s back and have them ask yes/no questions until they guess their identity.
Play games, especially team games. Try a pumpkin relay with a small pumpkin tucked under each runner’s chin or a pumpkin seed necklace relay in which each team member gets a turn with a needle, thread and slippery pumpkin seeds. The team with the most pumpkin seeds on the string at the end wins. Give Halloween novelties or candy as prizes.
Consider games with a spooky Halloween flavor – bring out the Ouija board and the tarot cards.
Serve pizza, mixing 6 tbps. Of parmesan cheese with ten drops each red, green and yellow food coloring and put over pizza for a “moldy” look. Also serve punch in a witch’s cauldron with dry ice, and dessert, such as pumpkin pie or pumpkin ice cream with candy corn sprinkled on top.

Have fun

Laura asks…

halloween party ideas?

what are some good ideas for a Halloween party?
we are getting a DJ and decorating up a barn. what could we have for decorations, games, fun etc.?



Here’s some ideas for Halloween. I thrown a Halloween party for my kids nearly every year so far, alternate between the two of them as one is now 9 and the other 17 so their needs and what acceptable is a little different.

I’m just in the middle of building a web site on ‘Party themes’ and one of the sections is ‘Halloween party ideas for teenagers’ there’s also a page for younger kids.

Below is an example of a Halloween theme, Mad scientists Laboratory. Another one I really like is the zombie dinner party and Dolls house (that’s ones simple but creepy) There’s also some good ideas on creating a Zombie Graveyard.

Here’s an extract from the web site…. If you fancy visiting it the address is it’s a nonprofit site and still under construction on some pages but I hope it helps if you take a look. There’s food, invitation and games ideas to.

Halloween party ideas for teenagers – Zombie Graveyard

With just a little imagination and carefully placed zombie corpses a garden can quite easily become a ‘Zombie Graveyard’.

Create Headstones using sheets of cardboard you can really strong sheets of card from supermarkets, they’re always glad to get rid of some. You cut these into different grave shapes and paint grey and then write on names of the deceased. Place these at random throughout the garden or yard, up against fences or standing up free, a simple line cut a couple of inches down into the grass will allow the grave to stand up on its own. Details like blood and slime can also be added if you like.

If you live in a climate where it’s cold at Halloween, although originally from Britain, I now live in Australia so Halloween is in summer, then you can work wonders with a big pile of autumn leaves. So if you can get your hands on a great big pile of leaves then you can lay these out in front of the grave stones to resemble where the body would be.

If you can either create or acquire body parts, arms legs, hands then these can be placed in the leave so that it looks like the zombies are rising form the dead.

These kinds of really creative Halloween party ideas for teenagers will be real winners with all their friends. I’ll bet you have lots of help to once you tell them what your ideas are! Playing kids Halloween party games set in these fantastic settings will have teens really spooked.


A different direction for Zombies could be to add a music theme and host a Michael Jackson Thriller party with all the guests dressed as zombies…
Good luck and Happy Halloween

Lizzie asks…

Homemade Halloween decoration ideas?

so im having a birthday party next friday and i was really hoping for some scary easy to make homemade halloween decorations!any ideas?anything would be helpful!im actually trying to make my house looking SCARY not all cutesy scary!and i need some ideas on scary and easy halloween recipes!any ideas on that?well ill take any answer!thanks for helping me!



Here’s some ideas for Halloween. I thrown a Halloween party for my kids nearly every year so far, alternate between the two of them as one is now 9 and the other 17 so their needs and what acceptable is a little different.

I’m just in the middle of building a web site on ‘Party themes’ and one of the sections is ‘Halloween party ideas. I’m not sure how old you are so I’ve put an extract that more for adults but there’s definatley more scary and adventureous ideas on the site that kids and teens seem impressed with.

Here’s an extract form the web site of easier things you can do around the house.

Halloween party decorating ideas – Creating Atmosphere

With Halloween party’s it’s all about creating a mysterious creepy, dark atmosphere. An easy place to start is with lighting and this easily achieved by simply changing out your normal light bulbs for coloured ones. I’ve used Green and Red they seem to the colours that have the best colour, the blue is a bit washed out. You can buy these from any supermarket these days. Place some in the main room lights and some in table lamps. ‘Black light’ light bulbs are now available (there the ones where white shows up in the dark) You’ll be amazed at the difference it will create.

Halloween party decorating ideas – Going back in time

Now we have to try and transport your room or rooms back in time, let’s face it nobody ever really imagines Halloween being set in modern times.

Halloween party decorating ideas – Furniture

Some of the furniture may need moving out just to create more space, what’s left can be transformed by throwing over white sheet, dust covers like you see in all the movies.

Zombie Dining

Here we re-create a set dining table as if it’s just been left…all dusty and forgotten.

To help you along with your party decorating ideas, see if you or family and friends have any old and unwanted dining set or odd plates, cutlery and wine glasses . You can then either get a can of spray glue and spray the objects and then sprinkle over dust (you can get this from your vacuum cleaner) or you can buy textured spray which if used heavily creates a sandstone gritty finish but if used sparingly will look like dust. The vacuum cleaner option means that with a quick wash you can use the dishes again. Anyway sprinkle the dust over the dining sets and the table cloth.

Candle Light party decorating ideas

Add in candle holders or wine bottles with candles jammed in the top. Green Bottles seems to look best and the wax shows up better against the green glass. Make sure you let a good amount of wax flow down the bottles or holders, the wax looks really great and help’s set the scene.

If you fancy visiting the web site for more ideas for invitaitons, decoration and food and drinks the address is

Good luck with the party


Nancy asks…

Homemade Scary Halloween Decorations Ideas?

Im having a halloween party and i want to decorate it really scary and acurately cool what are some ideas???



Homemade Scary Halloween Decorations

Betty asks…

Halloween party decoration?

My class is hosting a Halloween party very soon(yes i know we are late)
and last year it was our first Halloween Party and it went better than expected! but this year we want it to be bigger!
i need crazy ideas but nothing that costs too much!
Thank you!



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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes For Babies

Steven asks…

A cute Halloween costume for my best friend and me?

I really need a Halloween Costume for my best friend Olivia and me. We have ideas for B52′s and bumble bees, but need more ideas!

Please don’t give me these answers, people already have been them in past years:
fashion police
witch diva’s
excercise barbie’s

Thanks! Give me some good ideas!!


Cowboy and indian
50′s pink poodle skirt

Jenny asks…

When should I get professional pictures of my baby?

My son is almost four months old. I have a couple of coupons for JCPenny’s Studio but I don’t know a good age to take him. I thought it would be cute to get pictures of him in his Halloween costume but I’ve been told I should wait until he’s six months or sitting up on his own. What do you think?


If it isn’t a matter of money, go do it. They’re great. You’ll never see a better subject. I have awesome pictures from 4 months when the baby is on her belly and just lifting her head. So natural, not all propped up. Just don’t get sucked into buying 5 packages. Get the 1 and then go back again with your card.

Donna asks…

what are at least two ways you can wear everyday items of clothing and transform them into cute Halloween cost?

what are at least two ways you can wear everyday items of clothing and transform them into cute Halloween costumes?


Get creative. You’d be amazed at all the outfits you can assemble at home.
Impprovise and Have fun!!

Anyone can throw together these by raiding the closet, attic, or playroom. If you can’t find it there, a quick trip to the neighborhood thrift shop should be able to provide you with plenty of prize-winning material.

Get yourself into a suit and tie. Grab a globe or a map of the world and a blow dryer. Throw a medal around your neck. In an instant you are Nobel laureate and global-warming guru Al Gore.

Speaking of vice presidents, Dick Cheney will probably be a favorite costume this year. If you don’t have a hunting cap and a toy rifle, dot your face with a red marker and pour a bit of red food dye on a plaid shirt. Then tell people you’ve been hunting with the VP.

Then there’s that other easy target: Britney. Smear your face with makeup, don a midriff-baring top (this works well for guys with beer bellies), pull a white bathing cap over your hair (circa bald Britney), and tuck a stuffed dog in your purse. For maximum impact, strap on a baby pack and stuff a doll in it upside down.

Speaking of celebrities, you can make a large diaper out of a sheet and cover it with dollar bills. Voila! You’re Danielynn Smith, the million-dollar baby of the late Anna Nicole.

In other costumes ripped from the headlines: attach a few toy dinosaurs or monkeys to your shirt, grab a ruler and a calculator, and wear glasses – you are “Intelligent Design.” Got a gorilla mask? Put on a suit and tie and you’re evolution in action. Or make a microphone out of cardboard and attach an old lamp cord, write “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” on your T-shirt, and proclaim you are the First Amendment.

Disney is always a good option. Dig into the closet for a frilly dress, raid the fridge for a polished red apple, and be Snow White. Wear sweats and a vest, hang two black socks from your ears, and put on a stupid expression – you’re Goofy.

Or get out the clothes in the back of the closet you haven’t quite managed to take to Goodwill and go as your favorite decade. We are partial to the ’70s – who doesn’t like to disco? Or check in Mom’s or Grandma’s closet if your own closet doesn’t date back that far!
Have lots of fun!

Carol asks…

Where can I buy the fake pregnancy belly used in the movie Labor pains?

I need the prosthetic for a Halloween costume. It needs to look REALISTIC! Prefferably the exact type used in the movie. Thanks!


I just typed “fake baby bump” into a search engine, I got this, but I’m sure you could fish around for more.


Richard asks…

does anyone know where i can get a coast guard halloween costume for my baby who will be 9 months old in oct.?

I am looking for a coast guard halloween costume for my baby who will be nine months old in october. Does anyone know of any websites?


There are some 2 cute sailor costumes on this page.


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Your Questions About Halloween Fun Shop

Thomas asks…

cleopatra on halloween??

im being her for halloween. my hair is sortive like hers so i dont need a wig BUT i do want those beads. i cant find any just like the beaded headpieces without the wig part. can anybody find me one?


Something like this?


Or maybe you can search here, there is a lot of Cleopatra stuff.


Hope I helped and good luck.

Paul asks…

halloween shopping and crafts?

can i have links to cute Halloween crafts? cause im baby sitting on Monday and the kids wanna do Halloween stuff so i thought i might go buy some supplies. oh and what are good stores to find Halloween stuff like decorations for outdoors that have good prices. help appreciated (im 12)


How old are the kids? My ideas are kind of geared toward the toddler/preschooler age group.
- paint paper plate orange and then glue on a stem and jack o lantern features (you can also let them glue on orange squares instead of painting)
- squeeze glue onto construction paper in the shape of a spider web and then spread cotton balls thinly over it to create a web, glue on a plastic decorative spider or draw your own
- I read this and want to try it sometime but haven’t done it yet: using an egg carton section, turn it upside down and paint it black. Add 8 black pipe cleaner legs (use a hole puncher and thread them through) and glue on plastic googly eyes to make spiders
- Use the kids’ feet to make ghosts. Trace their foot on white paper- the heel will be the ghost’s “head” and you can glue on googly eyes or draw in eyes with a permanent marker. You can also do this with paint, detailed description here:

I would check local craft stores for cheap decorations, such as Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics. Have fun!!

Betty asks…

Help with Halloween costume?

Me and my friend are going to parties as wayne and garth from Wayne’s world. I’m Garth, the thing is..I have dark brown, nearly black hair. I really don’t want to wear a wig or die my hair. Is it possible to get like a white hair spray? I know they have cheap spray on colors, do you think I could find white somewhere??
Would it even show up on my hair since it’s so dark??


Yeah I remember seeing silver or whitish color fun spray in Halloween shops before. Along with other colors. A wig would be better though, they have some really funny mullet wigs out there, 80′s style too.

Lisa asks…

Creative and unique halloween costumes.?

I have no idea what to be for halloween! I need creative ideas that will help me win a costume contest. Can be couples ideas also…. anything really!


These articles have some unique and FUN ideas:

These are good too —


Ruth asks…

fun idea dates he will like!?

my boyfriend ALWAYS takes me out on dates and i want to take him out in return! what are some fun things he would appreciate and enjoy? something a little more than dinner and a movie would be nice!


101 fun romantic date ideas: not just good, but great!

A date at your favorite coffee shop
A date at the local park
A romantic picnic date
A date to a baseball game
A romantic afternoon walk together
A date to fly a kite together
A date at the beach on a sunny day
A putt-putt golf date
A horseback riding date
A canoing date
A date to a soccer game
A romantic camping trip date
A date to a classic car show
A date to the local spa to pamper each other
A date to the local zoo
A date running a marathon or jogging together
A date at a high-class cocktail lounge or restaurant
A date to test-drive new cars together
A date to a volleyball game
A date to learn to para-sail together
A date cooking a romantic meal together
A date to meet each other’s family members
A date at the local museum
A date to the county fair
A birdwatching date
A date to pick fruit together at a local orchard
A date to take your kids, nieces or nephews to the park
A roller-blading or rollerskating date
A date to a football game
A date to tour new homes together
A date to learn to scuba dive together
A date to carve pumpkins together for Halloween
A date to the local flea market
A date to ride a romantic ferris wheel together
A date to look at flowers at the local greenhouse
A date to watch a romantic DVD or video together at home
A date to go on a hiking trip together
A date to play a round at the local golf course
A romantic dinner date at a four-star restaurant
A whitewater rafting date
A date to window shop at a nice shopping center
A date to go fishing together
A date to a basketball game
A date to a local art gallery
A date to color eggs together for Easter
A romantic tour of local historic places
A date to build a snowman together
A date at the first place you ever went out together
A date to a local air-show
A rock-climbing date
A date at the local mall arcade to play games together
A date to buy ice-cream on a hot day
A date to go to your local comedy club for some laughs
A date to pick wildflowers together
A date to tour local college campuses
A date to a hockey game
A date to an aquarium
A date to go boating together on a nice, clear day
A date to learn surfing together at the beach
A date to a play or a live stage show
The classic “dinner and a movie” date
A romantic afternoon sharing old pictures from your childhood
A date to the planetarium or science center
A date to a carnival
An afternoon sightseeing drive on a nice day
A date to a batting cage
A romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage
A date to your local bookstore
A date to the pet store to pick out a pet together
A date to a boxing match
A date to the gym to exercise together
A date to a karaoke bar for some singing
A date to build a sandcastle together at the beach
A date to wash your cars together
A date to the horse-racing track
A date to your local pool or swimming hole
A go-cart riding date
A date to a romantic movie
A date to go shopping for new clothes together
A date to a downtown nightclub or dance club
A date to walk your dogs together
A date to a stock car race
A date to go target shooting or a shooting range together
A date to read to each other at the park on a nice day
An overnight date at a nearby bed-and-breakfast
A date to a local antique shop
A romantic sledding date on a snowy day
A date to a wishing well to make wishes together
A date to a wrestling match
A date to a local winery
A date to go bungee jumping together
A date to a friend or family member’s wedding
A date to local garage sales to go treasure hunting
A hunting date
A date to go skydiving together
A date to listen to the symphony together
A romantic hot air balloon ride
A date to play Frisbee together at the park
A date to a local amusement park to ride roller coasters
A date to a rock concert
A date to the casino to learn a new game together

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Your Questions About Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

Jenny asks…

What makes a halloween party great?

I’m helping my 14 year-old give a halloween party this year and I want to know what we can do to make it great. We have some really fun games planned, and some cool ideas for food/snacks, but we want this party to be more than the usual. Also, my daughter wants to give out first, second, and third place prizes for costumes and have the guests choose who wins. Do you think this is an OK idea? I don’t want anyone to feel left out becuase of what they can or cannot get for their costume.


I would recommend a scavenger hunt of some kind. Break people up into teams with different sets of hints things to look for and see who can get finished first. Maybe get some friends or neighbors or even some parents (without kids knowledge) to help out by dressing up and coming out of places to scare them. As for the costume contest, I dont see why it should be a problem. Maybe just make 3 ribbons for the top winners but give everyone a small goodie bag for having a creative costume!

Maria asks…

How can I make fake blood for a childs halloween party? I dont want it to be permenent or toxic.?

I want to pour it around and have it dripping. Ketsup stinks? Any good ideas to make large quantities of real looking blood? Thanks from a crazy mother whos throwing a crazy halloween party! NE other great tips I can use all the help I can get, aprox 50-100 kids of all ages from 4 to 64


Water, red food coloring, its great

Nancy asks…

How to throw a halloween party for teenagers?

i’m 15 (girl) & my mom said i can throw my first halloween party this year but she said i can only invite about 7-10 friends… What should i do forFood? Drinks? Movies? Decorations? Entertainment? Please help !!!! btw i live in a trailer park, so we don’t have much land for outdoors stuff !



Need Halloween Party Ideas??? Here are 9 links for party tips for teens – -


This is a link to a great list of Halloween music for your party::

Robert asks…

What are some things you want to do before you die?

I’m writing a list of 100 things I want to do before I die. So far I have 76 things to do but I’m running out of ideas so I need some inspiration. What are some things you would do before you die? Please only list things you’d actually do. I’ll choose best answer for the person with who lists the most answers. Please be serious with your answers and be creative.


Try Bungee Jumping
Go To Paris and See Eiffel Tower
Try a English Trifle
Go To a Buccaneers Football Game
learn French
learn to rollerblade
learn to snowboard
learn to skateboard
Fly First-Class on a Plane
Sit on a jury
Be a role model
See a real waterfall
Learn to play piano
see an eclipse
Stay at a beach-side hotel in the presidential suite
donate a “large” amount of money to a shelter
Sleep under the stars
Try a Pina Colada with the fun
Go in a hot air balloon
anonymously donate money to a charity
go to boot camp
Go to the Top of the statue of liberty
learn to ski
Go To hawaii
Go To Italy
try ouija board
visit all 50 states
slap someone across the face as hard as i can
learn to juggle
see CATS on broadway
save a life
donate blood
learn to do the splits
give 50 dollars to a homeless person (knowingly)
play in the rain like its my first time
ride a motorcycle
adopt or sponsor a kid
go to disneyland
go to six flags
go to sea world
try a vodka martini (shaken not stirred) with an olive (not a lemon twist)
learn to do sudoku
go to an alien museum
graduate from high school
Buy a Slug-Bug
be on the black line that separates two states
go rock climbing
wear my pajamas in public
get a favorite 80’s outfit and wear it in public
change someone’s perspective
sell something I made
take a picture in front of the leaning tower as if i was leaning on it
have a wish come true
make someone’s wish come true
watch all the nightmare on elm street movies on a halloween night with friends
hold a snake
stand at the roof of a very tall building
swing on a tire swing
ride in a glass elevator on the side of a building
learn to ice skate
meet someone on valentines day
dedicate myself to one person and always be there, no matter what
pull off a prank in high school
try strawberries and champagne
be in a food fight
have a snowball fight
fall in love with a close friend
sing karaoke
watch a movie in a drive-in theater
win in a costume contest
go river rafting
walk the golden gate bridge
pet a sting ray
break a bone
get a bruised eye
have something, other than my ears, pierced
hike more than 20 miles
eat sushi
Eat in a VERY VERY expensive restaurant
see a man in a kilt
Try Key-Lime Pie
go to New York
Go To Chicago
Go On a Plane
See Mount Rushmore
See Crazy Horse
Take a plane from tokyo at 7:00 am to honolulu and record time and date
Go through a haunted house on foot.
Go to the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village, manhattan
Go to a film premiere
Hang my art in a gallery
save up $1000
Milk a cow
Have my fortune told
Ride a horse again
See at least one of the “worlds largest”
Meet someone famous and get their autograph
Leave an inspirational letter for someone to find in a library book
Try paintball
Attend a comedy show
Attend a film festival
Kiss someone at midnight on new years eve

Mark asks…

I am looking for unique first birthday ideas. My son is turning one in September, and since it will be mostly?

I am looking for unique first birthday ideas. My son is turning one in September, and since it will be mostly adult friends at the party, i am looking for something that is not cutesy and cheesy! Any ideas or ideas of places to look for crafty ideas? thanks.


What about a camp theme? It isn’t too cutesy, and there are lots of fun ways to make it perfect for adults.

The color scheme is easy – green and brown for the woods. There are some new camping theme paper goods available as well –

Serve “camp food”, hot dogs, kool aid, granola/trail mix, smores (yum!) and popcorn.

Lanterns and small branches from trees in vases are fun decorations. Wildflowers are great too. Set out any forest themed stuffed animal you have…bears, owls, foxes. Throw a few pinecones around for good measure. Set up one of those fake flame torches (sold usually for Halloween) on the buffet and surround it with wood for a fake fire!

Have a fire if you can (September should be perfect weather for it).

Play good camp music. Almost anything by Bob Denver is great. Or get an audio recording of ghost stories!

Have a camping theme movie playing on the tv – Ernest Goes to Camp, Daddy Day Camp, The Great Outdoors, Meatballs are a few to choose from

Have everyone leave messages for your son to read when he is older by signing something with a camp theme… A canoe paddle, a camp t-shirt, a duffle bag.

Party favors are easy – inexpensive items like whistles, compasses, travel sized bug sprays or sunscreen, flashlights. They work for the theme and are useful too!

We have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Camp theme party. You’ll have to adapt some of the ideas but it has more decoration and favor ideas in it.

We have several more kid’s birthday themes here if you’d rather do something different, adults would probably enjoy bowling, circus, outerspace and cowboy too

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Your Questions About Halloween Lights This Is Halloween

Chris asks…

Halloween Party Decorations?

I have checked all the websites and consulted all of my magazines. We are having a halloween party geared for adults, and most of what I have found is for kiddo halloween parties. We have a fog machine, black lights, blacked out walls and such as that, but I need some ideas for really great looking props and such that won’t cost a fortune. While it’s my sister’s party, most of the decorating will be left up to my husband and brother b/c of her emergency surgery and my having to work most of the day, and they only have about six hours in which to transform this place. So any ideas would be great. I would prefer personal ideas and not websites.


First- for any type of Halloween party, you HAVE to have the spider web. :-) it wouldn’t be fun without it. Personal experience- my husband & I are doing a Halloween party & so far we dyed old sheets in black & cover all the walls with them. We have the fog machine, & black lights + the blinking light for effect. We covered the TV stand with a black curtain. We stand up 3 tombstones & a goblin hanged from the ceiling- something that’s affordable & can be done in minutes. We put leaves around the tombstones & candles on front- so when you lit them you can see the skeleton carved on the tombstone. We bought cheap decorations such as fake leaves, spiders, bats, caution tape, fake blood, etc. You can also make prints with the fake blood on the walls- that’s what I did & when you turn on the black light you can see the prints. Pick leaves from outside & do simple arrangements with them- I grabed two branches of leaves And I already had a skeleton decoration on the wall, and I cut the leaves off the branches- they were nice and colorful & glued around the border of the decoration. Looks real nice. We bought candles so we wont have to use that much light in the house the day of the party. You can buy big pumpkins & carve them & put candles inside of them, also make some popcorn hands with a glove and you can use candy corn as the nails.Other than that if you have the main things, “the black lights, black-out walls, spider web & music- the drinks, I don’t think anyone will care about the rest- as long as you guys have fun. Good luck- I hope this helped.

John asks…

Halloween Party?

I am trying to plan for my Halloween Party this year and I have nothing planned because I do not know what kind of Games or Activities I could have there or anything. I am 15, but the group that is coming ranges from like 5-15. So can you help me out?
1. What kind of games or activities could I have that would be fun for all ages?
2. Should I have certain games for certain ages?
3. What kind of prizes or toys should I give out? ( Halloween stuff )
***EXTRA QUESTION*** What are some good decortating tips? I want to have scary and happy decor.



those are some really good websites but my fav essentials are:

halloween music


costume party…winner gets a lot of candy and a 5 dollar gift card

Halloween lights

tons of food

scary movies for older ones who will probably stay later…or just have a sleepover :)

have a feeling contest:::

get 5 or 6 paper bags and put slimy things like spaghetti, grapes, etc. In each one and have a blindfolded person guess whats in it

get tiny and safe fireworks like sparklers or poppers

get a pinata filled with halloween candys

wrap houses with toilet paper, prank call, play ding dong ditch, truth or dare, and twister or clue but>>>> (only with older girls)


Donna asks…

Halloween Superstitions?

I am having a Halloween party at my house on October 31st. What is good to do on Halloween day for good luck and Good fortune?


It is believed that if a person lights a new orange colored candle at midnight on Halloween and lets it burn until sunrise, he or she will be the recipient of good luck.

If you hear footsteps trailing close behind you on Halloween night, do not to turn around to see who it is, for it may be Death himself! To look Death in the eye, according to ancient folklore, is a sure way to hasten your own demise.

To cast a headless shadow or no shadow at all is still believed by many folks in the United States and Europe to be an omen of death in the course of the next year.

A person born on Halloween can both see and talk to spirits.

If you see a spider on Halloween, it could be the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching you.

Put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night to meet a witch.

You should walk around your home three times backwards and counterclockwise before sunset on Halloween to ward off evil spirits.

Always burn new candles on Halloween to ensure the best of luck. It is not a good idea to burn Halloween candles at any other time of the year. It may bring bad luck or strange things will happen to you, over which you will have no control.

Gazing into a flame of a candle on Halloween night will enable you to peer into the future.

Daniel asks…


Hi! My family just moved into a new community and halloween is coming up (sort of). We want to make a good impression on the neighbors and have the best trick or treating house. I would like some ideas for a great halloween house. What candy? What decorations? Should my dad hide in the bushes and scare people with a chainsaw? ;)


I’d advise against your father hiding in the bushes. It might be too much for the littlest ones in your neighborhood, especially since you’re new to the community and your want to make a good impression. Still, I’m up for a good scare. Care to join me?

I have to tell you that I don’t dress up for Halloween, but I am proud to say that I have the best-dressed house on the block when it comes to All Hallows Eve. I try to balance the effects between the macabre and the not so frightening. As my display has grown each year, I’ve begun setting up earlier and earlier in the season. This year I plan to start placing fall figures near the house on the Autumn Solstice. I will begin building my actual Halloween display on October 1.

Here’s some of what people have come to expect from me. I place four large inflatables around the front yard to draw the attention of passing motorists, as I live adjacent to a busy thoroughfare, including the Homer I use as my avatar, a vampire Bart sitting atop a stack of jack-o’-lanterns, an enormous spider and another huge jack-o’-lantern. I’ll transform the yard into a cemetery using very expensive and very realistic looking tombstones–not the cheap ones you see some people display. I place two other large static figures near the front door, one a mummy and the other a “Gjenganger.” I’ll create mad scientist tables filled with the gruesome, like hundreds–and I mean hundreds–of realistic spiders and insects crawling everywhere, including some gigantic ones touched by radiation, boiling cauldrons, disintegrating hearts and brains, percolating blood and maggots, an alien autopsy, and life-size reptiles ready to pounce on the meek. I set up a glow-in-the-dark tent over the driveway last year that guests had to pass through to reach the front door. Within they heard haunting music and eerie sounds. Glow sticks hung from the ceiling. I laid out a Ouija board for people to play–but no one did. I plan on doing something slightly different this year. I will build an even larger jack-o’-lantern wall, filled with dozens of intricately carved “fun-kins” that I can reuse year after year. Last year I carved 24 jack-o’-lanterns, this year I plan to add an equal amount to the wall and yard. Skeletons and ghouls will again hang from the trees. Ghosts will roam the yard. Adjacent to the house I will place fun Halloween figures so as not to scare the wee ones completely. Crows and ravens will sit on the haystacks I will place near the stoop. I’ll light torches and lanterns to guide my guests to the entrance. I’ll decorate the large spruce tree with Halloween lights–it’s my Halloween Tree. I have placed eerie faces on the other deciduous trees and they remain there all year long. I’ll personally march out bloody steps a half-block from my house again to the front door. I’ll lay out paper jack-o’-lantern luminaries along the sidewalk. I’ll also place many skulls on posts to deter trespassers. I’ll encircle the yard with crime tape. Finally, I will give out gobs of candy and trinkets, including skull and body parts key chains and skeleton key rings. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on my Halloween display over the years and I expect to spend hundreds if not thousands this year.

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween!

Michael asks…

what is Halloween ?!?

i live in a country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween …actually most of us doesn’t know what’s Halloween!! i need to know what to you do ,what day is it and why do you celebrate it ?!


Since I live in the USA I will give you info on how we celebrate Halloween and its origins.

Halloween October 31 -Modern Times- Is mostly a secular holiday that has been mostly removed of its religious overtones. Children dress up in costumes going door to door (some places inside malls or at other community centers) “TRICK OR TREATING” for candy and other treats. Some areas the town will also have a Halloween parade in which the children will dress up in their costumes and there is usually a prize for the best costume and the most scary. When I was a child our school had a costume parade and a party that included candy egg corns, cookies (shape of pumpkins, ghosts, and pumpkins), caramel apples, and apple cider.

Why do we celebrate Halloween? Celebrate just for fun and have a party and for kids it’s about the candy. Chance to dress up for the young and the old just be somebody else for the day. Some people go all out decorating their homes lights, fog machines, witches, ghosts, fake grave stones. And lots of other decorations

Teenagers, college students, and adults like to have a party in which they still dress up and some of these Halloween parties will be at nightclubs 21 over. “Trick or Treating” is for kids so teens and college students still like to have fun so they have a party.

It’s also very popular to go to a “Haunted House” people dress up and make the house look haunted as some of these are very elaborate like a movie set especially at the amusement parks.

Symbols of Halloween-Carved pumpkin- “Jack O Lantern”- with a lit candle inside is a tradition that started in Ireland brought over by Irish immigrants that started arriving in the mid to late 1800′s. Except it was originally a turnip.Since pumpkins are available in America this as what the people use.


Black and Orange are the traditional colors of Halloween. The use of these colors go back to at least a century as a result of advertising.

Apples- Popular game at a Halloween party is “bobbing” for apples. Tradition goes all the way back to Pomona , the Roman Goddess of fruit and trees, her symbol was the apple.

Trick or Treating- Probally dates back to the early All Souls parades in England. During the festivities , poor citizens would beg for food, families would give them pastries called “soul cakes” in return for praying for their dead relatives.

This practice known as “going a-souling” ws encouraged by the church as a replacement of the ancient practice of leaving food and wine for dead spirits.

Traditionof Dreesing up- Has both European and Celtic roots. 100′s of years ago winter was a time of worry , due to low food supplies, and scary , as the nights grew longer,. People felt the dead spirits would roam the earth on October 31 would encounter them if they left the home and to avoid being reconised and tricking them into thinking they where fellow spirits they wore masks at night.

Origins of Haloween- Date back 2,000 years ago to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhein (pronounced sow-in) in the area that’s know Ireland, UK, and northern France as they celebrated the New Year NOV 1ST. Celts believed the night before the New Year (October 31), the boundries between the living and the dead became blured. The ghosts of the dead returned to earth. The Druids would build huge sacred bonfires burning crops and sacrifing animal to their Druid gods.

Celts also dressed up in costumes , typically animal heads and skins, and attempted to tell each other their fortunes. Also kept lit turnip lanterns in order to keep them safe from the spirits who could cause trouble as food and drink was also left outside the house in a bowl so they would move and not enter the house.

Romans- Conquer most of the Celtic territory 43 A.D. Brough with them 2 festivals that was combined with Samhain.

#1 Feralia- A day in late October when the Romans tradittionaly commemorated the passing of the dead.

#2- Day to honor Pomono ” Roman godess of fruit and trees” her symbol was the apple.

800′s influence of Christianity into Celtic Lands- Pope Boniface IV wanted to replace the Celtic Holiday of the dead with a church sanctioned holiday. Moved All Saints Day NOVEMBER 1 day to honor all the saints and martyrs. Night before ALL SAINTS DAy was called All-Hallows Eve or All-hallowmass (from Middle English Alholowmesse meaning All Saints Day) and eventually became Halloween.

Later on in 1000 A.D. THE CHURCH made November 2 “All Souls Day” a day to honor the dead. It was celebrated very simaler to Samhain with parades, bonfires, and dressing up in costumes as saints, angels, and devils. Together the 3 celebrations the eve of All Saints, All Saints, and All Souls where called Hallowmass.

For the full story of how Halloween came to America from early colonial times to Irish immigarnts mid 1800′s read the link below.

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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Ideas

Betty asks…

Any ideas for makeup for my halloween costume?

Im being Alice from alice in wonderland. I was wondering who has ideas for makeup. I already have my costume. I have green eyes, fair skin, and blonde hair if that helps anyone. Thanks you guys!


We had a musical version of Alice in Wonderland at our school, and when the makeup artists came in, they gave her, a thin line of liquid eyeliner on the top lid with a very small kick on the side, soft one or two coats of mascara, lots of pink blush, and simple red lips. :)
Unless you want a trashy version, stick to very simple makeup.
Hope this helps.

Michael asks…

How to dress up like a panda on halloween?

I need some ideas… If you could also give me some suggestions on how to dress up like a ninja, that would be great, too. Thank you! :)
All the panda costumes I’ve seen are butt-ugly. It was a strapless black and white felt dress and had black arm sleeve things, fugly leg warmers, and cheap looking ears. That was the only one I’ve seen. Either that, or a full panda suit…. I don’t want to wear those.


Little fluffy bear ears on a headband (I think I have seen them :p)

Black and white Halloween makeup (Put a black filled in circle around one of your eyes and maybe make your face white :D)

Maybe gloves with little claws attached to them ? Idk, just an idea xD

Black and white clothes (maybe fluffy clothes if you have some xD)

You could buy a bamboo plant and take one of the stalks and hold it x3

It doesn’t have to be complicated :D

Susan asks…

Halloween makeup ideas?

I’m going to be a cat for Halloween and I need help figuring out what to do for my eye makeup. I want bold eye makeup but not too bold. I plan on using black eye shadow and an orange tinted sparkly eye shadow. If you could give me links to a photo that would be helpful. I don’t want to watch a YouTube tutorial. Thanks for your help!


THEre is this really really good makeup tutorial for that on YouTube ~ type in ~ last minute Halloween party make up ~ the channel is called fashionista804. Hope it helps ps I love the makeup in the video

Helen asks…

Makeup Ideas for halloween!?

my crush invited me to his halloween party i am sooooo nervous i have no idea what i should do? can i have some makeup tortorials to make me look hot/pretty i am being a strawberry girl but it a tight short dress its really hard to explain anyway i need makeup ideas thanks!


So are you going for the ironic Halloween look where you look cute instead of scary like when people go as pink bunnys? If you are you could try and do you makeup the complet oppsite and make that look scary. But sexy. Black lips are really hot! And red blood like eyes can look very sexy if done correct. Good luck’

Steven asks…

Where’s Waldo Halloween makeup ideas?

I’m going as where’s waldo for Halloween I’m wearing a white striped Tshirt blue jeans a beanie and glasses what are some good makeup Ideas to go along ?!


Where’s Waldo Halloween Makeup – Video Results

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Your Questions About Halloween Masks Pictures

Sharon asks…

Poll: Do you own a Halloween mask? If so, of what?



I have you as a contact… Why? O_O

Edit: ohhhhh, you’re Liam :D

..your picture scared the hell out of me D:

Chris asks…

What website sells Tom Cruise and/or Katie Holmes halloween masks?

thinking of dressing up as these two for halloween!



Go to Tom Cruise picture and click “subscriber download”.
It will download if you aren’t a subscriber. The file is in PDF format and should fit ‘an average-sized face’.

Perhaps you’d prefer to find the celebrity in you.


Maria asks…

Adult halloween party ideas?

We are hosting our first Halloween party this year for our friends 25-30 yrs old. And I was seeking advice on games to play, food to eat, things to do in general. Do we give our prizes for costumes? Any advice would be helpful, thank you.


Adult Halloween parties can be so much fun! I think adults have the most fun acting like kids, but I have very “fun loving” not afraid to make a fool of themselves friends. I have been doing some research for my own party plans, so here is my hand full of change.

1.There are some great resources on the web. Check out,, and a great source for recipes and ideas is… What a hostess! She goes all out and pays extreme attention to detail.

2.If you don’t think your guests will be too keen on attending in costume. Consider taking the some of the pressure off by making it a masks, hats, or faces painted only requirement.

3.You could host a murder mystery party… the setting of the story would determine the party theme and the costumes of the guests. It could be a western, or 20’s gangster, Hollywood, etc. Many boxed sets include invitations with character assignments, recipes, party tips, and directions on how to host.

4.Besides a costume contest here are some activity or game ideas are:
*have lots of prizes on hand for winners and participants

Find or create a “Mad Lib.” Have your guests fill in the blanks and have fun reading the results. Depending on the creativity of your friends, these can be hilarious and naughty *grin*. Give out a prize for the best.

For a more traditional activity you could carve pumpkins… you could have small teams and make it a race. You could also do small groups- give each group a “pattern” that they can only look at one at a time. See who can come closest to their actual picture.

Have a scavenger hunt. There are some great “themed” hunts that your whole party can revolve around. Check out
Or for an easier version you could hide a number of specific things around the party space (i.e. Cut out paper pumpkins, skeletons or ghosts). The person that finds the most gets a prize. Variations could be hiding one specific item. I know this seems a little juvenile, but I have seen adults get really competitive over this game.

Scary movie, television, etc. Trivia and name that tune (spooky TV shows, or movie theme songs, etc), or a mini mystery with puzzles to be solved on paper (there are some great books with many mini-mysteries to choose from). For a more personalized trivia game, make the questions about the guests!

If you have a group of friends with a flair for the theatrics or just a handful of drama queens in the bunch consider karaoke, an improvised reading of a scary story/poem, or a few skits. These could be great entertainment.

For a paranormal theme you could hold a mock seance, have a fortune teller with a crystal ball, a tarot card reader, palm readings, or an ouija board, etc. Available
*Consider your guests sensitivities; these activities are potentially offensive.

Make “Ghosting Bags,” a.ka. Boo-ing Bags, and distribute through out your neighborhood. Or give them out as guests leave as party favors. Attach this poem to each bag.
You’ve Been Ghosted!
Late last night, we left you a treat. The tradition is fun, one we hope you’ll repeat. Take the ghost and pin it on your door, to let others know, you need ghosted no more. Now it’s your duty to pass on the surprise, to two more families, we must advise. Gather some treats and deliver them soon, within two nights, under the light of the moon. Include a ghost with each package you give, along with this poem for the tradition to live.

I have other ideas… but your probably overwhelmed with these already. Hope they help.


John asks…

Latin halloween card project?

Okay, so i have to do A project, i have to make a Latin halloween card with a roman theme, any ideas? I already wrote Happy Halloween in Latin and i cant think of any other ideas….


What about a picture of a roman tragedy mask and a caption along the lines of “Little known fact: The romans all died of fright.”

Or you could use a picture of an old statue and say “Halloween: So scary your arms will drop off.” or something.

Daniel asks…

Which mask should i get for halloween?

Which mask should i get for halloween?

Thanks. please comment below on which one i should get? i really like all of them.. i want something thatll scare the crap out of all my friends


They are all pretty awesome but I think you should go with a Jigsaw mask from the SAW movies. Here is a link to a PICTURE; you can not purchase the item from the picture that is linked, Sorry
Here it is:

I hope I help too.

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Your Questions About Halloween

Richard asks…

How and when did Halloween become an holiday?

I was wondering on what created the idea of Halloween, and what lead it to becoming an commercial holiday.


Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.

Historian Nicholas Rogers, exploring the origins of Halloween, notes that while “some folklorists have detected its origins in the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or in the festival of the dead called Parentalia, it is more typically linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain, whose original spelling was Samuin (pronounced sow-an or sow-in)”. The name of the festival historically kept by the Gaels in the British isles is derived from Old Irish and means roughly “summer’s end”.

The word Halloween is first attested in the 16th century and represents a Scottish variant of the fuller All-Hallows-Even (“evening”), that is, the night before All Hallows Day. Although the phrase All Hallows is found in Old English (ealra hālgena mæssedæg, mass-day of all saints), All-Hallows-Even is itself not attested until 1556.

Chris asks…

How can I make a good catwoman mask for halloween?

I am creating my own catwoman costume for halloween, but I am having some trouble making the mask. Does anyone know where I could maybe find a good priced mask, or a pattern to make a mask? I am looking for one that covers most of the upper half of my face….any help?



Lisa asks…

What are some good Halloween tunes to learn?

It getting close to Halloween and I wanted to know if there any good tunes associated with the holiday. And please don’t give any spoofs of Christmas carols.


This is Halloween:


Mark asks…

What are some easy Halloween decorating ideas?

This is the first Halloween party I have ever thrown so I want it to be great. I already have the usual ideas and am looking for something unique and interesting.

Don’t have a very big budget so preferably something easy and fairly inexpensive. All help is appreciated.


-Monster Footprints
With a magic marker, draw a footprint in a big sponge. Cut out the footprint. Pour washable paint in an 1/8 inch aluminum pan. Press the sponge in the paint and sponge footsteps up your sidewalk to your front door for trick-or-treaters to follow, or around the side of your dark, spooky house. Flip the sponge upside down to stamp the other foot.

-Icky Cobwebs
Cut some string into 4 foot lengths and tape them to the ceiling. You should have a very dim room for this. Just before the victim arrives you can hold a bowl of water up to the string and get it wet. When people walk in the wet, slimy string will brush across their foreheads and scare them!

-Crunching Bones Underfoot
Spread some dried bread and pretzels under a rug. When your guests walk across the rug it will sound like crunching bones underfoot!

Sound Effects
You can record several scary sounds and play it back during the festivities. A very large sheet of poster board or sheet metal makes great thunder. Uncooked rice poured onto a cookie sheet sounds like rain. Crinkle a handful of cellophane for a roaring fire. To get a good scream you can, well — scream. Snap carrots in half for the sound of breaking bones. Flap a plastic bag in front of the microphone for the
sound of bats. Slowly blow bubbles with a straw into a bowl for that bog sound. Hunt around your house and the garden to find a squeaky hinge somewhere and tape it before someone gets to it with a can of oil. (or you can buy some CD’s at spirit haloween)

-play some haloween themed music, a good one are the monster mash

Ruth asks…

What exactly happened to Laurie Strode in Halloween 4 & 5 and whatever happened to Jamie?

I’m watching Halloween 4 and it never really explained whatever happened to Laurie Strode. I know she is (the little girl) Jamie’s mother. But somewhere in the series, they never reunite. In Halloween H20, Laurie has her son and she’s a headmistress of a private school. Whatever happened to Jamie? I know she apparently went crazy in the 5th one but that’s the last you see of her. Laurie never mentioned Jamie in the later movies. This is something that’s always confused me about Halloween.


Ok let me try to explain this.. H4- Both of Jamie’s parents (Laurie and whatever her husbands name is, I don’t think they say) both die in a car accident. Jamie was adopted by that other family. Michael was being transferred to a different mental hospital or something like that. He was supposedly in a coma, but when he hears the ambulance crew say that Laurie is dead but her daughter Jamie is a live in Haddonfield, he all of a sudden wakes up them kills everyone.
H5- Basically same drama, Michael is trying to kill Jamie, and Jamie for some damn reason kind of becomes possessed by Michael and she can see what he’s going to do or that he’s killing something/someone. Of course Michael escapes in the end, yadda yadda yadda.
H6- This is about what ever religion/cult Michael is in/belongs to, wants to kill Jamie’s baby. It’s kind of stupid, but an interesting addition to the movies. Jamie dies in this one.
Now, in Halloween H20 (and Halloween Resurrection), they completely ignore H4, H5, and H6. The people who wrote/directed it and what not decided to just pretend like those 3 movies didn’t even come out. So it was as if Laurie never had a daughter or anything like that. But in H20, it’s said that she fakes her death, gets married, and has a kid, (and obviously got divorced). Then Michael finds her and tries to kill her.

So that’s basically it, the reason why Jamie isn’t mentioned in H20, is because they pretended as if H4, H5, and H6 was never made, and H20 is supposed to be a sequel to Halloween 2.

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Your Questions About Halloween Decorations Ideas

Chris asks…

Halloween decoration ideas?

Any fun, cool, original and creative Halloween decoration ideas would be appreciated. (outdoor decorations)


Halloween decoration ideas

Steven asks…

Ideas for cheap Halloween decorations?

What are some cheap, cool Halloween decoration ideas? Preferably DIY.

I don’t like any of the animatronics junk, I think that looks tacky. A real haunted house wouldn’t have little plastic dolls with light-up eyes.

I’m in Australia, so pumpkins are hard to find and the big orange ones are SUPER expensive.

I’m going to use a beach ball and a soccer ball to make a giant paper mache spider to go on my roof, and use clothesline as a web.

I also have some styrofoam tombstones(7) from previous years.

I’ve got a big bag of that stretchy cobweb stuff and a skull door hanger.

I’m going to use black felt and white sheets to create silhouette curtains and use party coloured light globes to backlight them.

I also have some “Caution” tape in the mail and some dripping blood decorations.

Lastly, I’ll be using thin, wispy cloth to decorate the interior of my house and I’ll have my UV globes plugged in.

I’m having a Halloween party, and decorating for the day itself.

Can you think of any other “big” decorations I could make? I have a cream coloured gate on one side of my house that I don’t know what to do with. It’s 160cm high and the width of a driveway. How could I decorate it?

What could I put on my lawn to make a crunching or gloopy sound as people walk over it?

Oh and I already have a halloween sound effects CD that I’ll have playing by the door.


Here are a whole bunch of easy Halloween Craft ideas, decorations and recipes
Most are very easy to do!
Best of Luck.

Charles asks…

Looking for Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas?

I love to decorate for Halloween. We used to live in duplex so had a very little yard. I used to string up webs on a Juniper bush and put a big spider in it. I made ghosts standing in the yard out of sheets and bamboo poles.

We moved this summer and our front yard is much bigger! Yea!! So I’m looking for idea of how to decorate the front yard. The cheaper the ideas the better. If you have links you want to share, that would be great too.

Thank you!


Two of my favorite Halloween How-To sites:

They’ll keep you occupied for months! The are various links to different tombstone manufacturing processes from carving to casting, and loads of other ideas.

I’d suggest starting small, with maybe an area set up, then expanding on that each year. I’ve got a HUGE front yard and gave up buying or making tombstones because I had so many!

Maria asks…

I need party decoration halloween ideas?!?

I’m helping my friend, so can you just give me some advice or some links with the best halloween ideas?


Hi Ammy! Here are some bling Halloween decoration ideas. Good luck! :)

Lisa asks…

Help with Halloween decorations?

I want to make the walkway leading up to my door really really cool and spooky kind of like a mini haunted house please give ideas on how to do it


Halloween decorations

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Your Questions About Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Helen asks…

What can I dress my dog up as for Halloween?

I need to dress my dog up for a pet halloween costume contest, with a big grand prize so I need it to be really good, something not bought at a store like the typical dog elvis costume. My dog is an English Bulldog (male) and my Mom’s entering her dog which is a female Boxer. Please suggest a couples costume for them both and a single one for each of them!! Thanks in advance for your help.
To the person that said my pets don’t want to be paraded around in Halloween get up to win me money, some of that money will be buying there food and treats and If I win lot’s of toys, as my dogs are VERY spoiled.


Pirates, astronauts ?

Carol asks…

What’s a good halloween costume for a white siberian husky pup?

I have a siberian husky puppy that will be 14 weeks old on halloween. I want a really good dog costume for him but I’m not sure what I should get. Any ideas?


Target stores have lots of premade, affordable dog costumes.

Betty asks…

What gets you in the mood for Halloween?

I love rewatching The Nightmare Before Christmas, (This Is Halloween is the perfect song, of course) and shopping for your Halloween costume too. :D And seeing candy bowls everywhere like at the doctor’s office. And the cool weather… So what do you guys do to get in the mood of Halloween?


Putting a pumpkin on my dogs head and watching him run around in confusion.

Joseph asks…

What is the best halloween costume for a dog?

has to be really really cute or funny. my dog is 35 pounds and is a pugbeagle mix. he has kinda a wrinkly face. he is brown


I have a bulldog a with a huge overbite. He dresses up as a caveman and my female boston terrier dresses up as a cave woman.

Daniel asks…

Where can I find a Hogwarts costume for dogs?

Please don’t say something like “dogs shouldn’t wear costumes” or “how stupid” or anything that won’t help me. My family is going as a Harry Potter themed family. I want to know if there is some costume for dogs to wear LIKE A HOGWARTS OUTFIT. Not just any old witch or wizard costume. My dog is a girl. Please help!
Thank you!


Let’s check halloween costume for dogs at Amazon.


Hope this help.

Good Luck.

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